In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

There will be no real democracy in this country until and unless term electorate is defined to mean the total number of voters listed after due process. The majority of such electorate shall mean mandate of the nation. Democracy does not mean that the party which gets maximum vote among contestants of polled votes maybe the party like PML-N gets only 32% of 54% votes from the electorate defined above. Without this compulsory provision in the constitution and electoral laws only privileged minority who can manipulate maximum of the polling votes will continue to rule this country as in 2013 elections. As PML-N did not get even majority of polled votes claims to have won mandate of 80,040,000 voters and one may conceded that there was no rigging so far as polled votes are concerned however by no mathematics or arithmetic 16 mean 51. If the political parties who were 21 in number are sincere and honest to themselves and to Allah they must strive to amend the constitution to provide that majority of electorate shall mean at least 51% of the electorate so defined. But they will not do it because none of them or all of them taken together command confidence of 51% of electorate. The political stability which the PM means is dictatorship of privileged minority. We may remind ourselves that in by-elections on the seat vacated by Javed Hashmi during the heated environment of Dharnas the candidates and parties supporting them could not attract the majority of voters to the polling booth. What is a fraud and fallacy in the name of democracy cannot bring stability in the country because in this country not only the afore-mentioned position is disappointing we see that for an MNA seat constituency whereof embraces 200,000 votes, a person getting only 3200 votes is MNA in our National Assembly. How such people deficient in there status can bring about stability in the country and can command confidence in the people. This causes trust deficit between the government and the people and breeds instability.

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