Contribution of Altaf Hussain to crisis in Pakistan.

He was the first to sharply divide peaceful society of Karachi into Muhajireen and local residents when it was the third generation of Muhajireen enjoying unprecedented hospitality of the local population. He introduced a mafia of assassins who will eliminate those who did not agree with him. Later on his mafia was divided into two. One led by Affak Ahmed and the other by himself. This intra-muhajir strife tool toll of many lives. He opened fronts with Pathans and Punjabis living in Karachi and Sindh. The ethnic divisions created by him and his philosophy are now yielding fruits where precious lives are being taken. The society has been disintegrated by him into number of groups with interse blood feuds. His politics is the politics of vacillation and arrogance. Like a conventional pro he would eat filth and shake his beak. Whatever is now happening to him is not worry of the people maybe. It is a worry of his own mafia. He is one of the harm full factors creating and worsening crisis in Pakistan.

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