According to The Quran, The Holy Prophet(P.B..U.H) has not been commissioned to create regiments of Muslims trained to implement the Islamic rule. One small phase from The Quran fully describes the commission and mission of Prophet(P.B.U.H) which says, "You are to convey and We are to Judge". Unfortunately, after the Prophet(P.B.U.H), many people assumed the role of conveying what Islam is and have also started judging who stands the test of being perfect Muslim or not. During this malpractice of centuries by the pseudo Islamists have become custodians and interpreters of Islam and simultaneously, the judges of people's performance. Still more unfortunately, they have fixed standards of Islam to be certain personalities and not The Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet. This misadventure has divided Muslims into sects who rather make persons of their choice to be the personification of Islam and in this adventure their Islam becomes the performance of such personalities. This personality cult further made them stick to their heroes and become facists. This is the main reason of all tragic events embodied in the annals of Muslims. However, there were, if not more, a number of devotees of Islam from Saad bin Ubaidah in Saqifah to Hussain (A.S) in Karbala. I'm sure you have gone through the biographies of these great personalities. Saad bin Ubaidah, an ansari owned a sword called "Azb" and under this name and style we have recently launched "Zarb e Azb" to curb terrorism of pseudo, whose own view is Islam. Recently there has been an effort to define and distinguish Muhammad(P.B.U.H)'s Islam from Islam of Abu Sufiyan. The Quran itself draws distinguish between Genuine Islam and their Islam (Islam-o-Humm). Please don't feel shy of saying what Islam is which Muhammad(P.B.U.H) brought and how it has been distorted by Abu Sufyan.

In continuation of religion and science:

Islam gives man status of vicegerent of God and makes a abreast of Ilm-ul-Asma. It means that Islam contradicts the concept of anthropologist that man is born with a clean slate. Ilm ul Asma is the ultimate state of knowledge about the universe, its constituents and the part each constituent performs in the existence and maintenance of the universe. Imam Jafar Sadiq, the great grandson of Imam Ali(A.S) is reported to have said, “Each human being is gifted with capacities and capabilities of becoming master is ever vocation and pursuit. It depends on his effort and the environment wherein he is born or he exists. The wisdom and truth in this statement is a sterling truth because but for the qualities of a Prophet, every person male or female, may become authority in any branch of science and art. Having equipped man with this capacity and knowledge, Allah demands of man to adopt virtue and avoid vice, in whatever stage or state he is. For this goal to achieve, Allah has gifted man with His final communication through His last and final of prophet. The Quran is Al-Kitaab i.e. The Book and not A book which means that it is a complete guide and code of conduct for man. Man is required to act in accordance with the command of Allah, here too Allah has not left man in wilderness. He has provided a practical personality to implement Allah’s command to all around him and provide to and lead for standard of performance to humanity. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (P.B.U.H), has left an everlasting record of his performance as pubic property. The Prophet also educated, trained and instructed the members of his house and his companions to perform as administrators, scholars, soldiers, teachers and scientists as well to transmit precedents to posterity for guidance till the end of human race. Note: After a pause of a fortnight, awaiting input by our worthy friends and putting our own efforts to contribute from the earliest sources of Islam about what we can collect in this context. Thanks.

In continuation of religion and science:

It is both informative and interesting to borrow from “History of mankind” volume 1 by Jacquetta Hawkes and Sir Leonard Wooley page 676. “Any people whose economy is based on agriculture must needs observe the seasons, and since the farmer must plan ahead, he requires something in the nature of a calendar which will give him due warning of the year’s changes. Again, religion demands that certain festivals should be celebrated at fixed times; these are seasonal, generally related to agricultural happenings, and they too have to be planned in advance, and that with more accuracy than in called for by field work, for here it is a matter of special days and not merely of seasons. The drawing up of a formal calendar involves more prolonged and concentrated observation than the farmer himself can afford, and demands a record best kept in writing, which is beyond the farmer’s power; it is a task which would naturally be allotted to the leisured and the educated, i.e. to the priests or priestly scribes”. The renowned Muslim historian and a great jurist who was member of his majesty’s privy council, Syed Ameer Ali, in his famous book “Spirit of Islam”, in one phrase sums up what religion is. “Religion is the most sublime experience of mankind”. In the same stance, one could say that science is net result of man’s strenuous experiments. There are numerous religions and one cannot authoritatively the numbers. However, we need not innumerate them. Mostly, the people of Europe, Asia, Africa and America are mainly believers of one of two categories of religion.
  1. Religions of House of Ibrahim i.e. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  2. Religion of Aliens i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrians.
These religions have followers in India while Buddhists are in Burma, Tibet, China, Japan etc.  Zoroastrians religion which has almost reached extinction, yet because of literary contribution of its scholars in Sassanid period in Iran, information about this religion is available to a research scholar. In all these religions, concept of Khayr o Shar is a common factor though their teachings about the supreme authority i.e. Creator of Universe is distinct and often are found at bay against each other. This debate is not relevant for our thesis. The religions of Ibrahim’s house basically believe in a Single Supreme Lord and are Iconoclast. Of these 3 religions, Islam is the latest and the last of the 3. Therefore; when we write about Islam, we seek information from these 3 religions even about the requirement of our thesis, therefore; hereafter we will mainly concentrate on the Quran and the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) and people of his house, mainly Imam Ali(A.S) and his distinguished companions. In these circumstances, we expect from our friends, guidance and material in this context.  

Religion and science.

According to anthropologists and sociologists, the present state of civilization is a halting station in man’s journey to expose the Truth about his own and his environments including all other species that live there. In the course of this journey, the man started from myth. The second step in this course was magic, the third religion and now the age of science. According to E.O James, in his Myth and Ritual in the near east, myth is ‘not aetiological but fidejussive’. Its business is not to satisfy curiosity but to confirm faith. It is there to cater, not for the speculative man with his ‘why?’ but for the practical man with his ‘How if not thus?’ From age of myth man entered into age of magic to which even the Holy Quran bears witness. In the story of Musa (A.S) and Samry for example Samry would throw his rope which would become a serpent and Musa would throw his rod which would become a cobra and devour the serpent. Musa was also an heir to school of Ibrahim (The ancestor of prophets). In that story of Ibrahim being thrown into pyre and the pyre becoming golden for Ibrahim is also reckoned as a stage of maturity of intellect of mankind when the concept of one man being supreme lord of all others is disproved and the supreme authority of God, the Creator and the Master of entire universe, is introduced. Even though man successfully travelled from myth to magic and from magic to religion, yet the imprints of myth and magic did not leave traces on human intellect. It is also reflected in the Quran when it requires man to seek Divine protection against sorcery in last but one Surah of Quran (Surah Falak). The Quran which is the last word of Creator for guidance of mankind always invites man to ponder about natural phenomena and to conquer the same. It does not, like other religions, intimidates mankind from natural phenomena like Sun, moon and galaxies or winds storms and delude. The Quran also encourages man to explore oceans and what lies in their bottoms and to expose the power and mystery of mountains. In such circumstances when we look into niceties of our religion and requirements of our religion, we cannot say that there is any inconsistency or rivalry between religion and science. However, being cognizant of man’s desire and craze to become supreme, he does have a tendency to be licentious, therefore; it commands man to remain within limits and not to be detrimental to other species. Islam requires man to work for virtue and abhor vice. It draws a line between Khayr(Virtue) and Shar(Vice), thus if the modern scientists would not have crossed such limits, the threat posed to humanity and other species and the hand of modern scientific progress would not have happened.

Judicial review of performance of federal and provincial governments in meeting the corona virus challenge:

We, here, do not recapitulate what has been contribution of judiciary in challenges faced by the Nation. Today during authority or no force in country takes responsibility of this, God forbid it may result in a disaster. Such politics is far worse than undesirable corrupt practice of a person with authority. The direction of the Court to federation and provinces to formulate a giant SOP for meeting the crisis is of course the need of the time. Had this controversy been allowed, it would have definitely irreparable harm and damage to the state. The suo motto corona virus case hearing, their lordships have amply taken the government to account for their mal performance to combat corona virus crisis. It has been unfortunate, that from Prime Minister, down to ordinary political worker on both sides remained even more busy in blame game against their rivals, whereas they were required to combat the odds. More regrettable it is that the prime Minister came up with a gulf of difference between the center in province of Sindh. If one views his posture objectively, one is reminded of Mujeeb ur Rehman and his associates propagating against the unity of Pakistan and preparing ground for disintegration of country. Moreover, the Prime Minister performed in these days as left-wing revolutionary fighting against status-co. He has been behaving just like a fool who was cutting the same offshoot of a tree which was his seed. If such practice goes unchecked and low.

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The mismanagement of state by politicians whether in government or in opposition, the clerics and the forces that be have brought the country to a very dangerous brink. What has necessitated to say 'Balochistan is inseparable part of Pakistan'? While the fact is Balochistan is Pakistan as the remaining units of federation. Who has emboldened a segment of disgruntled Sardars to make expressions in bold letter In Switzerland portraying their nasty desires to replay 1970/ 71 debacle. While our foreign ministry has failed to create an impression that solidarity of Pakistan is not vulnerable by any country including Switzerland, the politicians are more worried about 'Do Panama' or 'Avoid Panama' and so is judiciary. Moreover, Article 184-C has not been invoked to adjudicate upon the factors who are responsible for having brought Pakistan to this juncture. Where is the intelligence Shah of Pakistan? The self styled Plato and Socrates of media who would paint the true picture and expose the factors responsible for this malady. The fact is, the pigmies, the self seekers, the reckless looters, the feud mongers in society in robes of clerics are mainly responsible for keeping the people misinformed about real problems of the country. The nation which is unfortunately an addict to personality cult has been thrown into quagmire of debate about Sharifs, Zardris, IK and sectarian troublemakers.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

A high court judge who retires from service cannot practice within the territorial jurisdiction of the court he last presided, and in case of Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan he cannot practice as an advocate in any court within the Republic. But how strange it is that ex-army chiefs are free to engage themselves in identical services of foreign countries for benefits larger than they were getting in their own country. These incumbents used to be repository of very sensitive secrets of the Republic but when they are in the hands of new employers in consideration of larger benefits who can guarantee that they will keep the secrets within their chests? Why does not media and nation take notice of this danger and make public aware of the consequences everybody’s bonfides apart. How regrettable it is that our retired chiefs of Army also get their shelters in alms from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (refer Pervaiz Musharraf’s interview).

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

Sehwan Sharif too targetted. Has not state lost it's writ and the govt including all it's organs lost justification tn rule. Then what is visible in future? Anarchy where people armless and helpless and anarchist lethally armed with ruthlessly coutenanced.and NS and other like him in govts will be seen enjoying in Dubai and Riaz. SAUDI dogma is motive force for today's carnage. NS may get a clearance letter in panama from Riaz in reward.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

Can physical force alone solve menace of terrorism ? The honest answer is in loud NO. Pakistan cotinues to be in grip of (initially Zia's pro-Saudi anti-Iran terrorism) . In it's earliest form it's centers were pro-Saudi seminaries whose organisors were given prize posts in govt services and sole available electronic media i.e. PTV was handed over to fire brand extremist clerics one of whom every morning would float distorted stories from early history as gospel aimed at undermining centuries old sectarian harmony and ushering in sectarian feuds. By the passage of time Zia's political scion has been in power through the external forces who had brought zia .(to continue)

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Soon after zia's impious adventure Iranian Revolution fructified with it's leader's plan to export his philosophy to muslim states. US who were friendly to Imam Khomeini's anti-shah campaign became hostile to new Iran apprending Iran's may become a power rival to its status in muslim world. It was here that necessity for sunni shia arose which was considered to be and really proved tobe effective with saudi accomplice available.. For evil end intimidating sheias was found to be inevitable. ( to continue)

Sauds and Yahoods

Saudi and Yahoodi, now a joint butcher venture to kill Muslims every one and any where found agitating against Israel. Let it be a "jinaza" in Yeman or a group of ladies travelling in a bus in Quetta - as if royal decree ordains. "All anti Israel brand them Shias kill them and KSA stands guarantee for killers immunity."