In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

The crisis which virtually ensued in the very early days of independence, as given by us from time to time as our blog, has by now become unfathomably deep. What are its dimensions and what are its root causes can be summed up as under: - 1. The Radcliffe award which vivisected Pakistan and part of Gurdasspur district went to India as its result and we could not remedy the evil. This award virtually created Kashmir issue for Pakistan. The response to Pakistan Government’s directive for the armed forces to launch an attack against aggressive Indian forces was rebuffed by the CAC on the ground that he was not subordinate to Governor General of Pakistan and it was rather Field Marshall Auckenly who was the authority to make such commands. 2. While Kashmir issue was budding Indian Forces unlawfully usurped Hyderabad Deccan thereafter Bhopal, Manawar and other principalities which were to join Pakistan. There were multiple reasons for Pakistani navigators to be helpless in these storms. 3. The Pakhtunistan craze demonstrated by Abdur Ghaffar Khan and supported by India had its origin in Durand line issue which was not permanently settled between British Government and Kabul. 4. Language issue raised by East Bengal students led by Mujeeb ur Rehman was another flash point in Pakistan’s difficulties and troubles. Inter-alia among these difficulties and troubles the parent political party Muslim League - after demise of Quaid-e-Azam on 19th September 1948, after about a year of 14th August 1947 – proved to be a combination of selfish and incompetent leaders including Liaquat Ali Khan, Ayub Khorro, Mumtaz Doltana etc. each of whom was busy in consolidating himself as inevitable hero than to look after the people of Pakistan. This palace politics of Muslim League made mockery of the Nation and there only argument was that they were among the compatriots of Quaid-e-Azam whose mission they had betrayed. Their narrative could not remedy their evils which the Nation is paying today. The infight among the politicians encouraged Commander in Chief of Pakistan army to impose Martial Law to abrogate constitution of 1956 which was enacted after a long struggle and was based on compromises between East Pakistan and West Pakistan. The anchor rock of 1956 constitution was principal of Parity instead of equality whereby 56% East Pakistani citizens were reduced to be equal of 44% of newly constituted West Pakistan province. To add to the confusion so created the clerics came up with their divergent plead of Islam as believed by each of them to be made system of the state and it was said that Pakistan must be a theo-democracy. (Refer Maulana Maududi’s writing and speeches on Islamic State) This call of the clergy instigated Shia minority to avoid violation on their dogma and to snub them to be silent so far as their version of Islam was concerned. Ayub Khan anticipating the clergy’s designs to make Pakistan a theatre of sectarian strife promulgated his one-man constitution and gave it a secular color when he instead of Islamic republic of Pakistan enacted that Pakistan shall be Republic of Pakistan. The other aspect nature and number of crises shall follow. If learned readers have any corrective suggestions to the above, that will be entertained without any grumble.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

Pakistan is in whirlpool of crisis these days:- 1- Panama Leaks 2- Mullah Akhtar Mansour 3- Angoor Adda Nawaz Sharif is knee deep involved in Panama Leaks, Chaudary Nisar is impatient to accept the death of Taliban Leader and Angoor Adda, no one knows why authorities in Pakistan were forced to surrender this strategic 'adda' to Kabul. For solution of these problems the three musketeers namely Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Mullah Fazl-ur-Rehman have joined their heads in London. But unfortunately their heads are full of greed for Dollars, Pounds, Riyals e.t.c. Nation cannot expect any patriotic output from this unholy trinity.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

People in Muslim world do not, as sharply, react to their rulers amassing wealth as do the nations elsewhere. For instance, the noise and clamor raised in context of Panama Leaks by media and politicians could not muster mass against Sharifs despite their ceaseless efforts. The leaders could not bring the people to streets. It is because of the reason that those taking exception to Sharifs money making could not convince the masses that their pursuit was haram. Muslims believe that acquiring wealth and property through lawful means is not limited by bounds or volume. If the person possessing wealth and property has acquired it through lawful efforts and has paid on it Quranic levy’s like Ushr, Zakkar and Khums he is not culpable for his possessions and state has no authority to question it. Whereas in nations other than Muslims, state has stiff control and far reaching authority to appropriate specified portion of wealth of its citizen for the services rendered by state to its citizens. The present agitation against Sharifs wealth is for its volume and not against the means whereby they amassed it. Let the critics of Sharifs wealth make efforts and bring it in the category of haram. Only then Muslims will rise to take them to account. From the earliest history of Islam there have been people with riches which look astonishing but their wealth was halal therefore there was never any agitation even by the companions of the Holy Prophet against some of them possessing wealth far more than the deposits in Bait-ul-Maal. It is certain that Sharifs cannot justify their wealth being halal but unfortunately even the clerics who are among their critics have not said a word on this score.

Removal of Musharraf's name from Ecl is no big fault, however keeping it hanging on his head like a sword for years together with malafides has been a tortuous act on part of NS. Was it not similar to the evasive convict of old story who had to eat 1oo onions as well as suffer 1oo shoe beats if so credit goes Kh Asif, Ahsan Iqbal etc. Also including khadim-e-ala.

Nawaz Sharif as I said had to eat 100 onions in 10 installments with equal number of 1oo shoe beats in 1o installment yet the original punishment of 1oo onions in one go or 100 shoe beats without recess remains to be satisfied If this happens there will be a full stop to procreation of his' and Zardaris' likes

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

On this subject what has been flashed by NAT News is as under “Interior Minister Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan said that Pakistan military is winning the war on militancy but we are losing the psychological war against terror”. What does he mean by ‘we’? The question is with himself he includes whom and they are how many? Because the listener may presume that by ‘we’ he means that the whole of Nawaz Sharif cabinet or the whole of the nation. If he means the former, he may be right and more than 100%. However, if he means the nation he may be thinking in which wishful terms of the terrorist. ‘Psychological war’? Psychological warfare as defined by the Oxford Dictionary means action or propaganda designed to weaken an enemy’s morale. What does morale mean? The state of a person’s or group’s spirits and confidence. This statement of the Interior Minister portrays that he and his ‘we’ have lost morale. Is he the Interior Minister of Pakistan or a spokesman of terrorists commissioned to create the situation he has described? Military and the people of Pakistan but for the ‘we’ of Chaudary Nisar are at one and the same page against terrorist and terrorism. To the extent of his view about his ‘we’ (which includes only his colleagues) are to be condemned by the nation.

“Pakistan did-not mediate in Saudi-Iran row” – Saudi Foreign Minister

Pakistan is not in a position to play the role of an impartial mediator. Pakistan's prime minister for all his family relations and his business interests in Saudi Arabia is nose deep indebted to the kingdom. There is Pushto word 'Mashroet" which means a pigmy who pretends to be a stalwart. Nawaz Sharif is just a Mashrote he has least recognition in the international community, nor he has the wisdom and credibility of a mediator. The Saudi Foreign Minister has told the truth without mincing words because a hasty action at the part of Nawaz Sharif has put a dent in the self-presumed prestige of Kingdom as it gives an impression that Saudi Arabia has to depend on him both for defense and political solution of its problems. When such impressions got currency in the comity of nations the Kingdom hastened to dispel the impression by above quoted statement.

Iran and international diplomacy.

There are going to be big changes in South Asia and certainly towards peace in the region and welfare of the people. Iran has its own stature and it does not depend on negative forces as long as Iran had effective role in the sub-continent there were no sectarian feuds only because Iran whether democratic or imperial never depended on any religious sect for its good will. I have had opportunity of close association with Iranian diplomats in Pakistan even in Shah's days. I always heard from them speak in terms of good neighbors and not promoters of any sectarian dogmas. Even after Shah, although the helm of affair in Iran was in the hands of clerics, yet they always honestly and with sincerity of purpose preach Muslim unity and recognizing existence of Sectarian differences. They preach unity among Shias and Sunnis. Unfortunately, after the fall of Kingdom in Iran when the void was filled by Saudi Arabia, a homogeneous society in Pakistan has been divided into internecine sectarian groups. One will be surprised to know that Saudis have gone to this extent that they compel people even in countries beyond Saudi soil to change their names if they have an impression that the person maybe a Shia or a Sunni of liberal sect. For example, they compelled a Minister of Afghanistan in Mujahideen reign, Abdul Rasul Sayaf, which means slave of the prophet to change his name to Abdur-Rab Rasul, that is slave of the Creator. This is because they do not honor the name where the Prophet is glorified. In these days they have expelled many Pakistanis whose names bore alliance with the prophet or the members of his family like Ali, Hussain, Raza etc. People in need of Jobs have been compelled to adopt Wahabi Dogma in their daily religious practice if they want to continue in Saudi Arabia. All the sectarian killing of non-wahabi Muslims in Pakistan is through Saudi outfits let there be some rest in such killings and let Iranians be wise enough to promote peaceful co-existence among Muslims belonging to different sects, only then the change in stance of Iranian regime will be a blessing for the people.

“Pakistan is among countries that will remain in turmoil for decades” – Obama

Not only Pakistan but entire Muslim World is treading a perilous path which has been the choice of their self-seeking rulers who either per force or because of their treacherous designs assume capture the position of authority that is either by defrauding the people or putting them in fear. The history of Muslims shows that since after assassination of third and fourth caliph they have never been party to the choice of their rulers. In the earlier history dagger or poison and bribery or treason would be the factors that brought them to the throne. To assume power sons have been killing father’s brothers have been extracting eye balls of brothers midst the claim of their piety and codification of edicts. We do not have the courage to critically appreciate our do not judge the conduct of our rulers mentioned hear-to-above. Since the decline of Muslim's rule - which cannot be called rule based on Islam - we have been enslaved intellectually, morally and politically by the West and later on by the gangsters of the West who settled in the 'New World' and are now dominantly found in form of United States of America. Since this later phase of Muslim decline, the differences of juristic or political views have been exploited by the Western and American power groups. The predecessor of US, that is Great Britain, planted cancerous agents in Muslim body in form of Saudi Arab and pretentious prophets. These 2 agents served their masters tremendously well because since they are implanted the historical juristic and political differences of Muslims have been aggravated into sectarian conflicts and feuds. In the meanwhile, when Muslim countries became source of oil and gas the Western Powers and the United States became desperate to occupy the same zones not ostensibly by themselves but by their trusted agents, particularly Saudi Arabia. To achieve these vicious ends these powers had 2 mutually conflicting options. One, to strengthen these agents in authority and to please masses also in those regions. But as one cannot negotiate iron and glass without loss of the later therefore they had to choose either the people or the usurpers. People could not be their option as they want minimum number to please. Therefore, their choice is the cancerous agents imposed on Muslim World by them. To achieve this evil objectives, they have two maladies to perform. One to keep the people under deterrence and if it is not possible by their own force to create deterrence for Muslims from among themselves or to give up their tendency to usurped Muslim wealth. The second could not be their choice hence the first is the only choice for them. To achieve these objectives, the deterrence has been created by United States in the entire Muslim World. Therefore, from East to West and North to South wherein Muslims are a sizable populace or form majority of a country, human blood is being shed by US agents in those regions. One can say without contradiction that Mujahideen in Kabul later on transformed into Taliban, subsequently some of them elevated to Al-Qaeda and now find manifestation in ISIS. No one else but Hillary Clinton bears witness to this fact that ISIS is baby of America created for disintegration of Syria and Iraq and by expanding Saudi rule in those regions yet the resistance in Syria could not be foreseen and it now re-bounces. US has now distanced from ISIS because of its failure in Syria. Cold shoulders them and it now, in reaction, bounce upon the master. For their brain washing by Saudis they take every other believer in Islam to be heretic and liable to be eliminated prior to taking up arms against the non-believers in Islam. It is said that it is difficult for a teacher to make a pupil learn what he has taught but more difficult is for the teacher to make the pupil unlearn what he has been taught. For this reason, ISIS does not forget what it has been taught and carries out its barbaric pursuits in the Muslim World. In view of the facts that Obama is creator of these cancerous elements and Saudi Arabia their teacher therefore they very well know how ISIS would behave. Pervaiz Rasheed or his master Nawaz Sharif are too small or insignificant to productively contribute in this disastrous situation. Since Nawaz Sharif himself is, has been and tires to remain the beneficiary of misdeeds of these cancerous agents.

Has Kashmir not been brokered at Jatti Umrah on Indian terms?

Such visits are never surprised ones. This visit was sponsored by United States because Obama and John Kerry repeatedly 'demanded' both Modi and Nawaz Sharif to come to terms. And the 'terms' as history proves means submission to Indian demands. Whenever a weaker party has to submit to the demand of the strong one it demands that the latter must come to its place so he could show that the stronger one has accepted his superiority and now the courtesy demands that the stronger one should be reciprocated in an honorable way. Hence it was a modality whereby Nawaz Sharif could boast later on that he was strong because Modi has come to his place and furthermore he was a civilized person that he honored his guest by showing him concession. India does not mince words on Kashmir which is the core issue between two parties. Indian foreign minister soon after her recent visit to Pakistan, stated, that whenever there is dialogue between Kashimir, India and Pakistan, India will stand by his claim that part of Jammu Kashmir in control of Pakistan is also part of Kashmir and property of India. Nawaz Sharif for his family friendship with Modi is the best reliable person to serve Indian demand. It is in this context that this so called surprise visit is being projected as an event without previous meditation, negotiation or arrangement between the parties.

Don’t be too fool to throw country into an Abyss for Saudis.

Pakistan is a country which by its leaders, since 1948, has been so mismanaged that by now it has been reduced to the status of a beggar. To add to this anomaly, the present regime is financially so corrupt and intellectually so bankrupt that it looks that the Nation is being dragged, driven and pushed into flames of other's fire. To start with Liaquat Ali Khan, to win British Crown's pleasure preferred to annoy Moscow and fly to Washington in spite of earlier having accepted the former's invitation. Throughout the years to follow successive government in Pakistan was so helpless that it could not remain in office until and unless it was so blessed by United States. The most effective instrument in the hands of US to mold the Governments to serve its ends was the Establishment of the country. There were frequent rapid and unforeseen changes of government in Pakistan from Khwaja Nazimuddin's downfall to Ayub Khan's taking over that Nehru had to say I do not change my dhoti with that frequency at which governments are changed in Pakistan. Ayub's installation in government by the power that mattered further nurtured seeds of disintegration in Pakistan which could not be withheld by himself or his successors and ultimately Pakistan disintegrated when it was being ruled by Army which was in office since October 1957. Overtly though Army's manipulation in government was earlier to that when Ayub Khan as C-in-C was Interior Minister of Pakistan with a civilian PM who had the cabinet. The effect of this misrule in the country created a healthy genuine movement to replace the government through elections. To this end Maulana Maududi and Chaudary Muhammad Ali had great contribution. When the fruits were about to become mature, United States through its CIA managed to launch Ayub Khan's favorite child, Bhutto with revolutionary slogans. Borrowed from Mao-za-tung and other leftist revolutionaries. People who wanted to get rid of repressive government were exploited by Bhutto with his emotional rhetoric. This unpredictability of the masses scared away patriotic leadership from political arena and now the field was monopoly of the leftists. Bhutto's regime for all the laurels given to him ushered in Pakistan the culture of indiscipline and disrespect for the seniors, as students would fight against teachers, employees against employers and children against parents. The society with such a shattered fabric was further made susceptible to any malady. Bhutto was made to go and Zia-ul-Haq came in. Earlier to it Army had ruled Pakistan for 13 years even if Bhutto's two-year rule of civilian Marshal Law is excluded. Zial-ul-Haq's demise created a sensitive position for the C-in-C to takeover. Therefore, Ishaq Khan was permitted to continue as stopgap arrangement obviously the reins were in the hands of the C-in-C. General Elections were held, People's Party came into power with fragile majority. Which was ultimately made to go by a decree of President under constitution’s article 58-2(b). Now it was designed to block the way of PPP to power for good. For this purpose, with the active patronization of Saudi Arabia, IJI was created. At that time Osama Bin Laden was a blue eyed boy of Saudi regime. He actively engaged himself in formation of IJI as per Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Osama was taken to Nawaz Sharif for confidence building. Earlier to fabrication of IJI, during crisis between National Alliance of Pakistan against ZA Bhutto, Saudi Ambassador Riaz-ul-Khatib was openly engaged in internal political affairs of Pakistan. After fall of Shah of Iran, Saudi Arabia became the sole Muslim country to have dominant role in internal affairs of Pakistan. So much so that it would seek respite for political convicts and give them asylum in Saudi Arabia for example Nawaz Sharif’s fate, when Musharraf took over, was in the hands of Saudi Arabia, who came to his rescue. With this background Sharifs are personally indebted to Saudis and have been openly saying that they can sacrifice Pakistan for Saudi sake as said in public by Khwaja Asif the Defense Minister of Pakistan during early days of Saudi-Yemen crisis. By this time because of their controversial dogma the Saudis are probably like US, the regime most disliked by Pakistanis, because it is rightly believed by Muslims that all trouble made by outfits like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Muslim countries is making of Saudis. Having created unrest and destruction in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Muslim countries and for animosity with Iran it has made every Muslim nation apprehensive of its nefarious designs. This is the picture which reflects what is reality in the Muslim world. Forging of a unity by Saudis is certainly raising a gang against those Muslim states who do not see eye to eye with Saudis. Pakistani ruler’s personal indebtedness to Saudis should not be repaid at the cost of people of Pakistan. The alms so far receive by Sharif’s are not equivalent of sovereignty of Pakistan and peace and dignity of people of Pakistan. Therefore, Sharif government must refrain from throwing the nation into this irreversible default in an abyss.

Why US, Russia or UN did not come to the rescue of victims of terrorism in Pakistan and why did the governments here took no notice of the casualties?

It was on 27 February 1977 that Reichstag (German Parliament Building) got put to fire and rendered into ashes by Hitler himself. But he put the blame on Poland and for that matter a Polish underdog was made scapegoat to make people believe that it was doing of Poland by the suspect. This excuse was coined by Hitler to commit aggression against Poland, which heralded World War II (1st September 1939). Later after about two years United States jumped into World War II on December 7th 1941 but prior to that it had to engineer Pearl Harbor excuse. German propaganda machine headed by Goebbels made the world believe that it was Allied countries which have made life worst for Germans on globe. Roosevelt floated his clamor that the axis forces are ruthless enemy of mankind and as long as they are not crushed no peace shall ever be the fate of humanity. On 13th November 2015, Paris experienced a carnage perpetrated by ISI, a baby of United States and Saudi Arab in second degree of the pedigree of marauder outfits produced, the first being Al-Qaeda as ideological father of ISIS. God knows at whose asking ISIS enacted these horrible scenes in Paris and who is responsible of Turkey downing Russian warplane. Which of the two tragic incidents can be called “Reichstag of Hitler” or “Pearl Harbor of Roosevelt”? However, it came out from horse mouth that it is a prelude to World War III. But against whom? Obviously, the banner shall say War on ISIS but in fact it will be a war on Muslims. This blame Muslims will have to bear because of docility of their governments or greed of the rulers of Muslim World who could not dare tell US and Saudi Arabia that they are the real mischief makers as they were expecting huge aids from these two countries either as loans or as alms. In today’s Muslim World there is no stalwart who could rally the Ummah against them. Turkey in what circumstances and for what outcome downed Russian warplane, this act maybe either result of some mistake or illegitimate effort to protect its air space and punish the violator. Be as it may it is certainly a grave lapse on their part. Putin being adamant in this situation maybe playing Hitler in Reichstag Arson. What should henceforth Turkey do is awaiting a stalwart like Muhammad Ali Johar who wrote an editorial in his comrade under the title, ‘Choice of Turks’ but the Ottoman Turkey could not heed to his advice. Misfortune is that today Muslim World does not have a single soul which could be of that courage or Wisdom as Muhammad Ali Johar was. We see in Pakistan; people weather in government or in opposition are selfish coward or sans-vision yet claiming to be visionaries outmatching anyone else in the World. How can we expect Nawaz Sharif to be so wise and so daring as to analyze the situation and have some views to contribute? Iran has already been cowed down by US, Saudis as everyone knows are camp bearers of US because recently their Foreign Minister had said that if the Palestinians make trouble for Israel and there is a war Saudis will stand by Israel. It is being propagated that wherever ISIS and its prototypes are found the US will reach them with full might. There is no doubt that these outfits produced by US-Saudi efforts and investment are or can be easily stated to be present in any Muslim country and it will be an excuse for aggression upon that country by America while Saudis will be there to give Fatwa (Decree) of legitimacy to such aggression. Holy Pope has already given his verdict about the World War he provokes.

How ostensibly anti-Iran outfits launched by Anglo-US block degenerated into ISIS and its prototypes?

Huntington’s Clash of Civilization, though a controversial thesis, yet it exposes mind of west, after ostensible defeat of communism, against Islam. Particularly when he says “to ignore the impact of Islamic resurgence on eastern hemisphere politics in late 20th Century is equivalent to ignoring the impact of Protestant Reformation on European Politics in the late 16th Century.” To arrest the Islamic resurgence movements West under intellectual leadership of England and material power of United States resolved to exploit sectarian differences among Muslims to a pitch equivalent to the horrible internecine conflicts of Muslims in the past. To achieve this objective, the evil offices of Saudi dynasty were already available and were trusted comrades. The Khomeini Revolution in Iran further enhanced the fears inhibiting West about Islamic resurgence. This revolution was rightly feared by West when Imam Khomeini kept no secret of his intentions to export the ideology of his revolution particularly to the Muslim world. To restrain the expansion of revolution to the Muslim World sectarian division of Muslims was most effective weapon and the agent was well-experienced to exploit it. It was in this background that on the one hand Saddam was prompted to invade Iran on the pretext that Iranian revolution was an ‘Ajmi’ conspiracy against Arbs and this propaganda was further supplemented by Saudis that success of Khomeini’s revolution meant domination of Shiites and subjugation of Sunnis by Iran. To achieve these objectives Saudi funds and propaganda resources of Anglo-American block were also put into action against Iran. The bordering countries of Iran, particularly, Pakistan and Afghanistan were felt amenable to Iranian influence. Therefore, political turmoil was introduced in Pakistan and the civilian government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was overthrown by priestly devil Zia-ul-Haq on 5th July, 1977. In Afghanistan likewise conditions were made volatile for any government in field. Thereto Shia-Sunni controversy was made ablaze. These objectives were achieved by Saudis, first by Saudi outfit Al-Qaeda, and later on by movements like Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba, etc. These organizations were made to carry out formidable and licentious to kill as many of pro-Iran communities as possible. The fact remains that the carnage and genocide committed by these outfits served the purpose of their masters to a great extent. This was not the age of World War I or World War II when information mediums were too poor and ordnance was a monopoly of West. This time these technologies were not a monopoly of any one country in the World. Originally these outfits were trained by US client governments probably with a bait that if they succeed in overpowering or eliminating the irritants which robbed West of its peace of mind they will be installed in power. By and by it came clear that after the success of these outfits not they but their secular rivals who are camp bearers of West would come to power as a reaction. The hawks of these outfits took revolt against their parent organization and now after having cause great damage to Islamic Resurgence have come up straight against the Western civilization, of course with a wish to have foothold in Islamic countries first. The cry of the Western Leadership and the Holy Pope that ISIS is an in-human movement seems to be too late. They created it for one purpose, which was aimed to be fatal to Islam, is now rebounding on the West. Maybe on a pretext like that of Bay of Pigs or Pearl Harbor, they conspire to wage war on the entire Muslim World. It is further more unfortunate that in the Muslim World there is no visionary commanding confidence of Ummah who may be able to put the Muslims to alert.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Terrorism in Pakistan is a product of US-Saudi mal-adventure and not need of Muslims or Pakistanis. If Obama knows what Tony Blair has said about heinous crime of Great Britain and United States for fabricating hoax of WMDs possessed by Saddam and made it an excuse for gaining their own malafidi objectives resulting in loss of 1.5 Million lives in anti-Saddam war. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan were created by United States with blessings and monetary support from Saudi Arabia in a bid to arrest USSRs influence in this part of Asia. These Mujahideen further degenerated into Taliban, thereafter Al-Qaeda and now ISIS. Terrorism in Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif are, each, the other face of the same coin. Who can believe US State Dept when they make the captioned statement? So far all the efforts made in Pakistan have fully secured Nawaz Sharif while the Pakistanis are still soft targets of the terrorists as is evidenced by the performance of terrorists in Bolan in Baluchistan and Jacobabad of Sindh.

Nawaz Sharif with golden belt around his waist in presence of Obama while Pakistan is bleeding.

Today like a proverbial attendant in Royal Presence, Nawaz Sharif along with his family is enjoying his slave role in Obama's presence while terrorists are let loose in Bolan to give output to him in form of dozens of victims of sectarian terrorism and there family's bleeding eyes are shedding tears while the the custodian of their lives who does not refrain from repeating that he will play his role like Hazrat Omar who made himself responsible for killing of even an animal along bank of Euphrates but it is strange that when the country is in the grip of terrorists, he is busy licking the shoes of Obama another term of lease as a serf in his estate. It is time for the Nation to ask him the question that why it is so that his tours abroad are so scheduled as to show him absent from the country when a major tragedy is to be enacted by the terrorists. Another question maybe asked from him that why the victims of terrorism in Pakistan are similar to those who are being targeted in Saudi Arabia while offering prayers in their mosques. It is a fact that more than forty thousand Shias have been made victim of terrorism as a result of US-Saudi policy against Shias and it is Nawaz Sharif and his defense minister who have publicly said that they can sacrifice Pakistan to save Saudi dynasty.

Saudi Prince’s convoy triggered Haj stampede.

This is the hard fact that but for themselves they consider human lives of price and not of value and this is also a fact that his once a Bedouin tribe of Najad now take themselves superhuman, no Muslim on earth has that worth which a Saudi camel or horse may have. There Shurtas torture and abuse Hajis who perform Haj rituals according to a Muslim discipline other than their dogma. They don't care how they are pushing aside a pilgrim busy in offering Salat at Makam-e-Ibrahim in Kaaba or pays veneration to the holy prophet by touching or kissing the walls of his sacred shrine. They frown at and snub pilgrims paying homage at Jannat-ul-Baqi, the principal graveyards in Medina housing the demolished graves of many a companion of the Holy Prophet, his daughter, his grandsons and majority of his wives. These graves were once distinguished by fascinating structures having tombs and other decorative additions. These structures were desecrated by the founders of Saudi Kingdom and render to dust. To the sycophants who are mostly in pay of Saudis, a Saudi prince in such a joy ride is not objectionable. The Saudi princes can play with the lives of the pilgrims as wanton boys to with flies. This is high time for Muslim governments and other opinion makers to come to the rescue of pilgrims to in order to save them from disgrace, humiliation and death at the hands of the Saudi joy riders and form a committee oversee and monitor the Haj proceedings in Mecca and should not leave the pilgrims at the mercy of such Saudi Princes.

Saudi minister blames

Today was the first day of Eid-ul-Azha in Saudi Arabia, there were only 2.5 Million pilgrims in Mecca but the negligence of Saudi authorities to handle a part of these pilgrims to perform Rummy Jammarat (Targeting the principal devil) in Mina. This number is not a huge number, people have seen more than 10 million visitors to the shrines of Imam Hussain on the 10th of Muharram last year in Iraq. Iraq is no doubt a country reaching the bottom line of statehood and is infested with acute sectarian feuds. Yet the visit to Imam Hussain's shrine was so disciplined that it was being controlled by a feeble old man Seestani. There were no Shurtas man handling the pilgrims nor there were any abuses of (bidat) innovators to this mammoth assembly of humans.
Saudis recklessly issue visas to pilgrims as if it is their tourism industry yet they fail to perform there duties of a host. There negligence has taken lives of hundreds of Muslims and injured twice the dead so far collected. If they were incapable of handling the affairs of the pilgrims they must have not been reckless in issuing visas. They must have first measured there own capacity and ability to accommodate the pilgrims in this huge number and thereafter they should have issued visas to them. On this very first auspicious day the other performance of Saudi government is bombardment from air on oppressed Yemenis only to stabilize their suzerainty in this once strong but by now a poor country whose oil resources have been usurped by Saudis. Yesterday Mufti-e-Azam in sermon at Mount Arafat and today's performance of Saudi Government exposes the 'sincerity' which they have for the cause of Islam.
The Saudi minister has put the blame on a calf as a bear did. This proverbial blame game of an accomplice with a victim is not new in countries which maybe ruled by ruthless despots as Saudis are.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

The crisis in Pakistan is deepening with every click of clock. All arrangements up till now have now have not delivered as expected. Today leave aside terrorist, the politicians have drawn there daggers against one another. The main accusation by each side against others is allegation of corruption and in this respect all of them are right because none of them is immune from this cancer but the cancer has been injected by them to the whole of the nation. The process of taking the corrupt to the task is not against each and every perpetrator of the crime. The process is one sided and the thief is blaming the dacoit while there is none to check. It is claimed that the process is all embracing but the people know that it is not a fact. Of course those hauled up are no angels but those occupying the steering are no better than the earlier. This discriminatory treatment has generated a sense of feeling among Sindhis that they are being victimized by Punjabis. This feeling can be remedied only when those who are ruling Punjab are also taken to same course to which Sindhis have been or are being dealt with. Of course the bickering by the Sindhi corrupt and corruptive agents is more audible against their Punjabi counterparts yet the history shows that this is “Noora-Kushti” and not a real dual. Maybe this view is not acceptable to the parties to the “Noora-kushti” yet we cannot forget the 70 courses dinner by one corrupt to the other. The same is the situation with regard to facilitators of terrorists. The known facilitators and rather the open patrons of terrorist are important figures in government in Punjab. Central minister Abid Sher Ali Khan has made open allegations against the minister, Rana Sana Ullah, who has been made the custodian of law in the province, saying that he has been privy to 20 murders. It is regrettable that no one in authority in any department or division of government has taken any action on these allegations. The inalienable impression gathered by the people is that the country is being run by the gangsters in form of ministers. Until and unless a convincing measure is adopted to do away with this discriminatory handling the results will not be welcome. The verdict of a high court judge in model town massacre of yesteryear has gone in the wind and those found liable are ruling Punjab.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. In context of Saudi influence in Pakistan.

1) There is a common question floating everywhere in Pakistan that while Punjab is not being addressed to in spite of alarming law and order situation in the province. 2) While Sharifs are going unchecked for their known and recorded corruption which has made them industrial emperors with a start of a blacksmith preparing or repairing agricultural instruments like ploughs etc. Why they are enjoying 100% impunity in-spite of where financial terrorism and political ruthlessness. The simple answer to these questions is that as long as Saudis control our policies both domestic and foreign Sharifs will remain unchecked and no forum will take steps to redress complaints against them. Let it be Supreme Court in Asghar Khan’s case or elsewhere.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. Muslim League and Judiciary.

Soon after the demise of Quaid-e-Azam Muslim League felt free of all legal norms, political morality and fairness. The track record of Muslim League in this respect is certainly deplorable. Central Muslim League and Provincial Muslim Leagues in the erstwhile united Pakistan were at daggers drawn resulting in disintegration of Muslim League in various parts. In Punjab there was Jinnah Muslim League under Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot with horns locked with Mumtaz Doltana, In NWFP it was Muslim League under Qayum Khan fighting with the Central Muslim League, in East Pakistan (East Bengal) Awami Muslim League under Hussain Shaheed Soharwardhy was in direct conflict with Liaquat Ali Khan. There were many more still born babies with different versions of Muslim League coming down to council Muslim League led by Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah and conventional Muslim League headed by Field Martial Ayub Khan. These divisions were not for the good of people of Pakistan but for selfish goals determined by each segments leaders to achieve by misusing the name of Muslim League. We come down to recent decades when we come across Junejo Muslim League, Pagara Muslim league and Muslim Leagues with ridiculous names like Jatki Muslim League. Etc. Later on a Muslim League was produced by Zia-ul-Haq legitimate successor whereto by its own claim is Muslim League Nawaz. All these Muslim Leagues including Muslim League Q of Gujrat origin; All Pakistan Muslim League, the product of Pervez Musharraf’s adventure and one man Muslim League called again Awami Muslim League headed by Sheikh Rasheed do not claim their affinity with All India Muslim League which under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah had exclusive credit of establishment of largest Muslim State, Pakistan. What these Muslim Leagues have been doing with Judiciary can be codified in a voluminous record. The recent achievements of Muslim League with whatever denomination visavi with Judiciary is also worthy of condemnation. Since certain events are fresh in memory of People of Pakistan therefore the same maynot be reiterated here. However the glory of Muslim League, major factor of which is now Muslim League Nawaz, is available in assault on Supreme Court on 28 November 1997. In this ugly event role of Mr. Raffique Tarar, who is blamed to have bribed his colleagues against Sajjad Ali Shah, is the most ignoble deed of Nawaz Sharif. He repaid Raffique Tarar by foisting him as titular president of Pakistan who was later kicked out by Pervaiz Musharraf. People have seen him dragging himself behind Nawaz Sharif seeking alms in form of ticket to one of his close relatives. It was such a shameful scene that I cannot forget it although about half a decade ago I witnessed the scene on TV. In assault on Supreme Court the notorious Tariq Aziz actor was leading those busy desecrating Supreme Court building. Today if Rana Sanaulla, Pervaiz Rasheed and the like are vomiting abuses to a judge it is nothing strange because they have to follow their gang master.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan?

It is a good device to keep people busy on none-issue because all that is being done is pre planned drama. Their remains little doubt about it when Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman is the mediating actor because he believes in Hippocratic and practices the same. Always wearing an hypocritical smile on his face. At one moment Altaf is a traitor and at the other he is the only person on whom hopes can be pinned for bringing about continuity if system which harbors dacoits like those sitting in our parliament.

In continuation of Crisis of Pakistan.

This is with reference to Saudi Arabia's role particularly in Pakistan.
Prior to Iranian Revolution, Saudi Arabia was a back bencher in Muslim Politics while Shah was dominating Mideast and South Asian political theater. The agenda of Imam Khomeini to export his revolution to Muslim World put America and Saudis to alert. Earlier western block had successively tried to create there favorite as leader of Muslim World but repeatedly failed in their project. For this purpose Jammal Abdul Nasir, Moammar Qadafi and Ayub Khan had been tried but finally not approved. Ultimately Shah of Iran was virtually built up into a Western constable for Middle East and South Asia so far as Muslims were concerned. Shah who was intoxicated with his superiority complex of a 2400 years old imperial heritage became an irritant for the West and ultimately he was thrown out by Khomeini revolution in the second attempt, the first one being Dr. Musaddaq's temporary overthrow of the Shah.
To fill the void so created it was necessary that Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan must receive concentration of Western Politics and diplomacy. In this context, Saudi Arabia alone was the choice for the reason that it was Western creation and exclusively depended on West for the existence of royal family. In Pakistan Saudis were resented by common Muslims for the unacceptable religious dogma of Saudis to about 90% of Muslims in Pakistan.
To cut short in this background, Pakistan after its disintegration and crisis created in Iran due to revolution was pessimist about source to fund its poor economy. This is because earlier Iran provided major cushion in form of oil support at a price as low as less than half a rupee per gallon (4.5 litter). Iran had also at the very initial stage rather became the first to recognize Pakistan as an independence stage. And there is an irrefutable evidence that it footed domestic and foreign bills of Pakistan Government, later on in 1965 War to quote Air Marshall Asghar Khan, Iran put all its air force facilities and sources at the disposal of Pakistan. The secular approach of Shah in matter of his domestic and foreign policy had made Iran extremely popular among Pakistanis because Shah was never found to patronize any Muslim denomination either in Iran or elsewhere particularly in Pakistan.
In its designs to destabilize Muslims in the World, United States had on its agenda to engineer a war between Iraq and Iran and the excuse was to be Algerian treaty about Shatt-ul-Arab. In this situation United States allured Saudis to rise into a leader of Muslim World to frustrate Khomeini's designs to export his revolution. For that matter it was thought by the contenders to leadership that Shias in the world in general and in Pakistan in particular will resist the imposition of Saudi domination. The lifeblood of Saudi Empire is there religious dogma disputed among Muslims and tribal affinity of Ahle-Saud and its allies. After the disintegration as stated above Pakistan has become a fully needy nation seeking support from anywhere it could get finances. In this situation Saudis came with there alms and loan in abundance and also at lucrative jobs for Pakistanis in there own country. When hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Labor force got into hands of Saudi Waqeels, they taught them there own religious dogma and made them a lobby of Saudis. Within Pakistan Saudis funded seminaries and the sectarian outfits as stated earlier through Zia-ul-Haq. The exile of Sharifs to Saudi Arabia for a decade inter-alia resulted in family ties between Saudis and Sharifs. Thus in Pakistan they had a tribal affiliate. There religious dogma has now infested Pakistan with Sectarian controversy resulting in bloodshed and ultimately terrorism. The net-result of Saudi 'benevolence' is that Pakistan is now virtually a colony of Saudi Arabia and it is apprehended that their family affiliates will become a royal dynasty in Pakistan.

Historicity of Sectarian Problems in Pakistan since Zia’s unlawful imposition of Martial Law that is from July 5th 1977 till date.

Zia was imposed on Pakistan by United States anticipating Iran-Iraq controversy which United States had initiated and promoted through Saddam and Saudi Arabia, and conspired to convert it into a war which had continued for more than a decade. America believe that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, was too shrewd to fall into American inhuman project. Therefore a person as callous as a person without conscience like Zia could be a stooge to serve its evil designs. According to late Maulana Mufti Mehmood, a celebrated religious scholar, Zia’s sincerity of belief in Islam was doubtful. The Maulana in his own seminary at Multan in a public meeting had responded to an anti-Qadiani slogan, wherein Zia being a Qadiani was protested, had almost confirmed that Zia was a Qadiani. Muslims throughout the word in general and in Pakistan in particular hate Qadianis. Shias in Pakistan are known for their deepest hatred for Qadianis. Saudi Arabia whose religious dogma is little acceptable to majority of Muslims, also holds Shias as “despicable”. Iran-Iraq war which was so initiated by Untied States, it had allured Saudi Arabia to become leader of Muslims in the world and fill the void created by overthrow of Shah of Iran and finance sectarian hate movement against Shias by its affiliate clergy. The object was twisting of Shia arms so that they may not be left to support Iran in the war imposed on it.

Zia-ul-Haq for this purpose created Anjuman-e-Sipah-e-Sahaba which was generously funded by Saudi Arabia and they launched a movement in the country with the slogan that Shias are heretics and not Muslims and they be declared a minority. For this purpose he also handed over the only media namely Radio Pakistan and PTV in the control of the representatives of the anti-Shia belief. He encouraged them to publish venomous literature against Shia and there creed which created a sectarian controversy that resulted in bloodshed of which the main sufferers were Shia community.

In those days Nawaz Sharif was Chief Minister of Punjab, he and his prominent associates had close ties with anti-Shia clergy and would often play host to such element when they had to address or organize public gatherings to promote their demand of getting Shias declared a minority. In Attock and its suburbs the sitting MPA of Nawaz Sharif was directly involved in instigating sectarian riots. This MPA was a regular host of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi and once smuggled him in a “daig” which could accommodate him because of his physical figure.

It is not being stated off the record, the Chief Minister’s office files might be having the volume of complaints against the MPA, mostly posted by me. If not available there, I have record to support the existence of the complaints. Whatever I have stated about Zia-ul-Haq is not the gossip of a man in the street. I have served as spokesman of Islamic International Tribunal which conducted an Inquiry into War Crimes of Iran-Iraq war and had visited war-zones in Iran. Of course we were not allowed to visit Iraq as Visa was declined by Iraq authority. At the end of inquiry the tribunal announced its findings in a press conference held at London School of Economics. It is known to everyone that Nawaz Sharif had pledged alongside grave of Zia-ul-Haq that he will promote, Zia’s mission throughout his life.

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In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

It is extremely painful to learn that Shuja Khanzada is no more in this world and he has been martyred for his only fault that he wanted to bring an end to terrorism at least in the Punjab. His uncle late Khanzada Taj Muhammad Khan to whom he was a successor in politics was a great personality of Attock district. I had fast relations with him and he was my client too. In every respect he was a person to be loved and for many to be followed. Terrorism which has now assumed alarming proportion in the country is the poisonous and venomous fruit of the tree planted by Zia-ul-Haq as a state policy to endure his regime. Nawaz Sharif rightly claims to be successor of Zia-ul-Haq in politics and executant of his mission. Unless he denounces his obsession for Zia-ul-Haq and declares with honesty, his complete severance from Zia ideology no effort to eliminate terrorism from Pakistan will fuctify as long as he remains an active player in politics.

Crime rate in Punjab and nature of the crimes.

Sexually abused children and Law Minister of Punjab. It was Harun-ur-Rasheed who had appointed an idiot as Governor of Egypt. The Nile surged in flood and washed away cotton fields, taking the crop to the high seas. Farmers went to the governor and asked for relief. His reply was why did you plant cotton, you should have better planted wool. The protestors organized a deputation to Baghdad. The deputation registered their complaint with Harun-ur-Rashid and asked for the removal of an idiot who did not know that wool is not planted on land but it grows on sheep. Hearing their complaint Harun-ur-Rashid said that he knew the worth of the governor, yet I appointed him as a punishment on your soil where Pharaoh became as haughty and insolent as to assign himself Divinity. I wanted to convey to Pharaoh that the land which had made you so haughty that you dared to called yourself The God, here is your Egypt which is being ruled by an idiot and this is the punishment of god for the Egyptians who acknowledge you as deity. We are afraid that for some grave sin of ours Allah has imposed on us the rulers particularly in Punjab where crimes of heinous natures are being committed by the offenders under the umbrella of legislatures belonging to ruling party. Moreover the Law Minister of Punjab becomes an officious defense witness of these criminals.Rana Sana-Ullah, who is custodian of Law has tried to exonerate the criminals. He is a gift of Sharifs to the largest province of Pakistan, which province they say mandate to rule whole of Pakistan. Crimes in Punjab are most abominable nature which defy the crimes being committed in Karachi. Allah knows how long is going to be this rope to hang the devil ruling our country particularly Punjab.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Are MQM and JUI justified to have PTI out of National Assembly? The demand of the two parties mentioned above are practically two poles apart in there posture in national politics. What is the common factor for them to join? Here one is reminded of the story from Maulana Rumi's Masnavi. It is narrated there that a crow and a pigeon were in dialogue along a rivulet. Maulana Rumi was astonished to see them together. He narrates the differences which are otherwise peculiar to one against the other. He could not find any reason for the two birds of mutually variant species and culture and therefore in his wilderness he threw a pebble towards them and saw that both were lame. Maulana Rumi concludes that sometimes being lame is also a common factor in otherwise variant species of birds. Here one would have to throw a pebble to see that what is a common factor between MQM and  JUI and maybe that a researcher locates the common deficiency which has brought them together. Otherwise they have never agreed on something positive and beneficial to the people of Pakistan. Some of the people think that in final analysis JUI and MQM are either terrorist or pro-terrorist groups

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

It is a good game to keep people busy about murder of a person in London and forget about 60000 innocent citizens of Pakistan massacred by terrorists. What a past time for our government. Imran Farooq's murder is not a problem of 2carore people who have lost 60000 souls and the governments could not or did not trace the culprits. Either because of there incompetence or for their soft corner for the terrorist. Let Imran Farooq go to heaven, there are so many other problems for this poor nation to suffer at the hands of there rulers.

The interior minister should better devote his attention to those slain in mode town for political motives of the butchers.

English translation of articles from AL-Hilal.

Article translated by SM Ayub Bukhari Advocate Supreme Court from The Al-Hilal dated 1st Muharram ul Haram, 1332 AH (i.e. Dec 10, 1913) I request English speaking friends, ladies and gentlemen, to critically look into the linguistic standard of this translations and be generous enough to advise me according to their views about it, because this is a subject of paramount importance for the Muslim today. Whosoever of the esteemed readers wants to make any comments, the same will be welcomed and awaited for a week from today, because I have decided to get published this translation of the original article. The comments and suggestions as provided, will be included in the article. Tuesday, 10th of Muharram, 1436 A.H./November 4th, 2014. Introduction: The hero of Battle of Karbala in-spite of his physical defeat has become eternally invincible and his triumph remains, without parallel in human annals. Billions of pages have been written by hundreds of thousands of writers domiciled in different climates, believing in different religions, speaking different languages and hailing from different countries yet the charm of the Personality has not been reduced to the least, nor has his message lost its charm. He is certainly an immortal and whosoever wrote or spoke, sang or lamented, for him has also attained a life which was never expected by the speaker, the writer, the lamenter or the poet. However, there is a debate, in these days, about Hussain and his mission and the powers who venture to rule the world, take Muslim unity as an obstacle in their way, thus, they resort to exploiting Muslims on the basis of their historical differences and exploit sectarian feuds among them by their own agents available in the Ummah and issues of the controversy get heightened. Tonight I have before me an article of Imam-ul-Hind-Abul-Kalam-Azad appearing in weekly Al-Hilal issue, with dateline1st Muharram ul Haram, 1332 AH (i.e. Dec 10, 1918). The authenticity of the author and his objectivity and his courage to say all that he believes to be truth, is acknowledged by all those who knew him, in-spite of their political differences with him. In-sha Allah, I will venture to render this article into English and post it to all my friends and place it on wall for public - to carry the message of the author to those who have interest in knowing the reality. The style of the author is so beautiful that it can be described only as poetic-prose. However, he is precise and always to the point. He enriches his discourses and writings with verses from the poets of highest caliber in both Persian and Arabic. It is our scheme to put into brackets the sense of the poetry embedded by the learned author. The author during the period he contributed the subject Article had been at pain wrenching his heart, because he was the champion of Khilafat cause and Muslim unity, while the Khilafat was victim of the world powers of the day viz. the Great Britain, Italy and France. Within its own folds it was being eaten by its own termites like Aale Saud and Faisal of Hijaz. This chaotic period was the harbinger of what we are experiencing today in form of terrorism; sectarian strives and blood shedding of Muslims by Muslims. It is in this background that writings and discourses of the author in that period are full of painful references to events of his time. Although a few sentences as a prelude to this article may seem out of place, yet I could not dare to bypass the same. To start with in this article the author makes reference to the painful events of his own days in context of Muslim society’s collapse and fall of its Republic. The valor, the dignity and the self-respect which were hallmarks of Muslim rule had almost diminished and Muslim world had been rendered into theatre of conspiracy and internecine strives. To briskly come to the text of the article:- “I have taken candles with sincerity to the graves of the martyrs, It is for this that they have blessed me with a heart and soul shedding tears.” Let us, first of all, recollect a mourning ceremony which we have forgotten, how many days have passed that we have become ignorant of culture of mourning and lamentation. We do not hear a cry of wail nor a mourning gathering, nor shedding of tears. The charm of worries is forgotten and the Bazar of anguish is deserted. No recent injury irritates nor does an old wound erupt. Oh Allah, give me a throbbing heart I don’t want the life-less one in my bosom. We have forgotten the desert of Tripoli; the people have brushed away from their memory, the painful stories of holy Mashhad, Macedonia and Albania which are very recent tragedies. Nothing to worry if same are forgotten, but there is a tragedy which has been dominating pages of history and shall continue to do so, and even if some people try to forget it, there remain multitude to commemorate it for refreshing their injury. It is a grave tragedy which took place one thousand, two hundred and fifty years ago. This time so happened that issue of Al Hilal was to be out exactly during Ashra-E-Moharram. I mean that great tragedy i.e. martyrdom of the Prince of martyrs, Hussain A.S. may Allah bless him, his ancestors and give us a share of His bounty as a seeker from among those who seek salvation through him!” “This is the time, when in zigzag of lamentation, the soul of the lamenter burns with the fire of his lament. This is time, when the parda observers on whose threshold, angels would prostrate; they are rushing out of their tents to avoid being rendered into ashes. As their shelters have been torched and it is the smoke of the flames which would serve as their veils. Along with the souls having threats of incarceration; all the hearts became blood with the pessimistic gloom about their release.” It is only Hussain son of Ali, who while confronting thousands of hoard of mercenaries of enemy, calling (Akbar where art thou. Abbas where to find thee).The fact is the dead hearts, who are in want of life, and seek pains and fire of anguish and the souls who find solace, in beating their breasts and those tongues whom wail and cry is choicest charm and whose eyes are fond of shedding blood for the perpetuation and ornament of their mourning sessions, this subject alone suffices. If huge floods of blood assume current of an ocean, and the earth starts trembling with the shivering of those buried in graves, even then the shocks and noise (so produced) will not equal the one produced by a single phrase gushing out from lamentations sung in honor of Hussain. But Alas! How many hearts are there who have appreciated this tragedy, its lessons and implications? How many eyes are there who while shedding their tears and crying their wails? Do realize the par-excellence role performed by Hussain, which remains hidden in this great tragedy. What was needed was contributing a comprehensive introductory article captioned ‘Role of Prince of the martyrs’. This article would have covered many an issue with complete details of this frightful tragedy and it would have served as a review. First of all its historical importance would have been highlighted and thereafter all the lessons and the resultant effects, of the same would have been described one by one, which remain hidden in this great sacrifice. These lessons are still loud in human parlance in the same manner as on the banks of Euphrates the sands were pronouncing lesson from the blood of the martyrs and it was, “the Truth, the Reality.” In this world everything is perishable but the blood of martyrdom which has divine life therein never dies. “Those slain with daggers for their fidelity always find from divine a new life.” But Alas! At this moment I have not the necessary preparedness to do so. The precise hints may be felt as sufficient. “Thou thyself read the detail version as spelt out from this précis.” The first model which this great tragedy presents is “for call to Truth and Reality and Liberty one should sacrifice oneself.” The government of Umayyad was an ultravires Sharia government. It was based on oppression and personality cult. Therefore it could never be an Islamic government. They robbed Islam of its spirit of Liberty and Freedom and did away with consultancy and consensus of the Ummah and founded an autocratic government based on oppression, fraud and deception. Their system of government was not divine Shariah. It was rather personal greed, lust and political dishonesty. In these circumstances it was essential that a precedent of resistance be set by Truth and Liberty against rule of Oppression and Tyranny. This was a Jihad. The Prince of martyrs set an example by his own sacrifice against the tyranny of Umayyad’s by waging a pious Jihad against the government which was based on injustice and oppression. He refused to obey it or express fealty, to it. Hence this model instructs us that every tyrannical and oppressive government must be openly opposed and such government must not be obeyed nor fidelity be expressed to it, the government which is robber of human liberty and human rights granted by Allah almighty and which is based one rule of oppression and injustice instead of Truthfulness and Justice. For confronting such a government no amount of manpower and no material strength nor military equipment which is possessed by the government is necessary, because Hussain son of Ali had a few down trodden weaklings with him and nothing more. For defense of Truth and Reality, he did not care for the consequences. To set results is not your duty, it is the job of the Almighty Allah Who makes triumphant the Truth despite its weakness and paucity of devotees and defeats the multitude and the material massive power. On such occasions those fond of conciliation remain worried as their wisdom suggests that defeat will be the consequence. Wisdom which is a divine bounty sometimes assumes the role of devil and provides excuses to the cowards, who say it is suicidal to confront such a might possessed of guns and fire power. And they say, “Who has opposed the crown and the government that we should do.” The last question can be answered by me: there are hundreds of such instances in human history irrespective of the divine nature of a Jihad when the oppressed rose against the oppressor. Here is an instance of the oppressed of Karbala. You say “when had only a few men rose against the might and material of a government that it should be done?” My reply is Hussain son of Ali with seventy two or sixty two hungry and thirsty people confronted the mighty, powerful and tyrannical government whose frontiers extended from Multan to the borders of France, yet, the truth is that he saw his beloved writhing because of thirst and hunger and later on each one of those pious souls sacrificed himself in dust and blood for the sake of Truth. This is also a fact that he never begged the enemy for water nor for food to live. There is no doubt to this fact also that soaked in blood from top to toe and in this position he adorned himself with the cloak of martyrdom and reached the proximity of the Creator. He lets his friends writhe in blood and dust and also gives time to his enemies to reform themselves. Despite this, victory was for him and the crown of success and excellence was on his head which was replete with injuries. He staggered and writhed in dust and blood, but each drop of his blood which he shed from his injuries on pebble and dust invented floods of flames of revolution and renaissance which could not be suppressed by the blood thirsty Muslim bin Akba nor licentious barbarism of Hajaj and Abdul Malik. These flames magnified and remained dynamic and the soldiers of oppression and tyranny served as petrol to them. The pride of government and oppression was put to air and each spark from this flood became a burning pyre for them. So much so the end came of all that was done in Karbala when in year 132 Hijri, when Damascus and all the zones of the government were demolished and those wearing the crowns and assuming the thrones squirmed in dust and their own blood. Their deads were trampled by horses. The graves of the erstwhile conquerors were demolished. The deads were exhumed and even their bones were not spared of insult and hatred and thus the revenge of Allah almighty on the tyrants was affected. Was this all result of only Ibrahim Abbasi’s efforts or conspiracies of Muslim Khurasani? Was it not the miracle of the blood which was shed on the banks of Euphrates? This is the material expression of the victory and it took only a century to accomplish it. Otherwise the fact is when the first drop of blood of the oppressed fell on the ground contemporaneously with it started the victory of Reality. Be that as it may, the fact remains that the sacrifices made for the sake of Justice and Truth do not remain hidden. But the role of Prince of martyrs tells us not to worry about the consequences. If there is cruelty and oppression, then it is inevitable that Truth should not hesitate to make sacrifice and that must be, irrespective of the abundance or scarcity of numbers or the means and materials. The oppressors being possessed of might and multitude is not a certificate of his legitimacy from Allah so that he should be obeyed. Oppression, whether weak or strong in all events must be put to test and Truth and Justice in all circumstances are consistent and resolute. The tests which come in association with Truth and Justice are exacting and test patience. And at each and every step self-defense, honor, the love of family and sons become thorny obstacles. But this role model teaches the believers and the reformers, that prior to adopting this course "test your demands and the power of your resistance, so that, it may not happen, that just after a few steps retreat becomes the course." “In this realm, the default is to be punished and no room for repentance.” In this deadly course of Truth and Justice whatever was all around, need not be repeated, because everyone knows it. Allah Almighty has described tests of numerous degrees. He says, "Allah Almighty will put you to tests, the test to be in form of horror, hunger and thirst, loss of person and property, the assassination of progeny and nears ones, He will test your patience and resolve and then there will be a tiding from Allah for those whose resolve and steadfastness were such that when they were put to test they handed over all their affairs to Allah saying from Allah we came and to Allah we will return." Fear and horror, hunger and thirst, loss of valuables and property, assassination of kith and kin, these are the afflictions which affect men worse in this world. It is for this reason, the same are counted as trials and ordeals. But for the oppressed of Karbala, all these stages came one by one. He could within a second avoid all this and could have comfort, peace, grandeur and dignity, if he could offer allegiance to the government and became obedient to it. If he could promise fidelity and obedience to the government and for disobeying Truth and Justice, he could claim excuses of reconciliation, yet to win God's pleasure, he preferred Divine Will to his own life. Obsession with Truth overpowered life and its charms. He sacrificed his head for Truth and it is the last of belongings one has. He did not give handoff obedience and fidelity which could only be offered to Justice and Truth. These were the people who purchased God's will with the medium of their lives and Allah is most compassionate to His slaves. The greatest moral lesson from this great tragedy which is audible in reverberation even today is in course of trial and jihad for the Truth, patience, resolve, courage and steadfastness are required. The Quran says those who say Allah is our Lord and then stand fast and at another place it says stand fast as commanded “The cheeks be vulnerable and the forehead be sans frowns for sustaining sallies of divine hand.” In fact in this greatest of martyrdom the charm and specialty is that he was stranded along with his near and dear ones, his families and his progeny and friends in the wilderness of desert and amidst anguish; He saw his dear ones suffering and crying from severity of thirst, hunger and all of them one by one were being slaughtered and he had to lift their dead so much so that he had witnessed his own suckling son hit by arrow of barbarism and cruelty, yet in spite of this all in the course of Love and Fidelity for the covenant made with patience and resolve he did not tremble for a moment or a nanosecond. Rather all those miseries, pains and anguish that he had to experience he bore them with grace and gratitude. He was happy with his fate as determined by Allah and became patient to the hardships he had to bear. “I am purchaser of thy arrow in consideration of my life. I do not beg healing from the stranger.” A cup full of poison from the hands of a friend for thirsty of water, they prefer to a cup of honey and sweets from the hands of the rival. If the ears fond of hearing the Reality are open they will hear from each atom of the desert of Karbala, the behest of patience and resolve. “We have been turned to dust but from our grave, the fragrance issues. You can identify that seeds of chivalry, emerge from here.” Alas! It is not intended to go into details of the significance and the time and capacity requires brevity and precision. If you want to see the role model of patience and resolve then ramble in the storylands of history and for me suffice it to narrate a single event which will bring to the notice of claimants of love with the family of Prophet so that they consider that claim of love without obedience is of no use. Imam Ali bin Hussain famous for his epithet Zain-ul-Abideensays the one who claims to be lover he must be the one who offers obedience. After quoting in entirety a passage from one of his long discourses the author sums up the passage as under: “The night preceding the morning wherein theatre of war was to assume its heat an incident happened I was lying sick in bed, my aunt Zainab was busy attending me when Imam Hussain entered our tent. He was reciting some verses, listening to them, I could realize what his intentions are. Tears frankly flew out of my eyes and I was convinced that divine trial is to devolve on us and we would not escape from it. Zainab could not resist because ladies are naturally of tender heart. She got up wailing and crying. ‘wa hasrata wa museebata’. Today, Fatima, Ali and Hassan bin Ali all are no more. But when Imam Hussain saw this all he reverted to Zainab and said ‘O my sister why this impatience and how this face beating and crying. Beware of God death is certainly to come and there is no escape from it.’ However she was in deep anguish and pains, therefore, impatient. She was visualizing that the next morning the day will dawn with gory events. In deep pains she started beating her face, tore off her shirt and started crying ‘O bad fate, O misfortune’ She fell senseless in the arms of her brother, seeing this Imam Hussain sprinkled water on her face and when she regained sense he said ‘O my sister what type of remorse and anguish is being expressed. You must adopt the manner of expression of grief and sorrow as prescribed by Allah and His Prophets because the Prophet’s example for every Muslim is the best course to follow.' Allah O Akbar! Look to the high degree and great standard of family of Prophet who follow his glorious examples even in grief and anguish because the best model to follow for the believers is that of the Prophet of Allah and to his command they make even their wishes and emotions subservient. In these times of anguish and grief they did not like to adopt that course of lamentation which was not consistent with the command of the Prophet. Yet today how many claimants of love with the family of the Holy Prophet are there who could prove by their deeds that they follow this sublime role model.



In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

There will be no real democracy in this country until and unless term electorate is defined to mean the total number of voters listed after due process. The majority of such electorate shall mean mandate of the nation. Democracy does not mean that the party which gets maximum vote among contestants of polled votes maybe the party like PML-N gets only 32% of 54% votes from the electorate defined above. Without this compulsory provision in the constitution and electoral laws only privileged minority who can manipulate maximum of the polling votes will continue to rule this country as in 2013 elections. As PML-N did not get even majority of polled votes claims to have won mandate of 80,040,000 voters and one may conceded that there was no rigging so far as polled votes are concerned however by no mathematics or arithmetic 16 mean 51. If the political parties who were 21 in number are sincere and honest to themselves and to Allah they must strive to amend the constitution to provide that majority of electorate shall mean at least 51% of the electorate so defined. But they will not do it because none of them or all of them taken together command confidence of 51% of electorate. The political stability which the PM means is dictatorship of privileged minority. We may remind ourselves that in by-elections on the seat vacated by Javed Hashmi during the heated environment of Dharnas the candidates and parties supporting them could not attract the majority of voters to the polling booth. What is a fraud and fallacy in the name of democracy cannot bring stability in the country because in this country not only the afore-mentioned position is disappointing we see that for an MNA seat constituency whereof embraces 200,000 votes, a person getting only 3200 votes is MNA in our National Assembly. How such people deficient in there status can bring about stability in the country and can command confidence in the people. This causes trust deficit between the government and the people and breeds instability.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Visualizing rapid growth and expansion of Lahore Pitras Bukhari had written, if one wants to know where Lahore is so he will find it to the north of Punjab, to the south of Punjab, to the west of Punjab and the Punjab in Lahore. Today one feels that Bahria Town is so expanding as to be to be equivalent of Pitras Bukhari’s Lahore and Pakistan will be found in Bahria Town. There can be no expansion of this size without blessings from those who have a duty to check such expansions and fail to perform their duty and stoop in favor of the expansionist. These days some retired military officers and Malik Riaz are trading allegations against each other which shows how deep poison of corruption has gone in the society. A society consisting of Sharifs, Zardaris, Malik Riaz and his adversaries can hardly get rid of poverty indebtedness and ultimate bankruptcy. If the allegations of Malik Riaz and his critics/ accused are true than except for miserable failure and culpable involvement of those who have been ruling this country for decades. We are just now listening to Rtd Colnel Khalid who boasts himself to be as great as to be protector of AQ Khan who claims to be protector of Pakistan. If this retired soldier is telling truth than Pakistan remains at whose mercy? One is reminded of Pervaiz Musharraf’s farewell address as President wherein his concluding remarks were “Ab Pakistan ka Allah hi Hafiz”.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Leaving aside the acceptability or other wise of the judicial commission report by the parties to the moot. The basic deficiency in terms of reference was:- The term electorate was not defined nor at that time the parties to the dispute were probably cognizant of this essential fact. In Pakistan the listed voters qualified to vote in elections are almost 84.2 million and the polled votes are 45.3 million which make about 54% of the total number of qualified listed voters. A party or a person having majority of 84.2 million can claim to have mandate of electorates. Results of the elections showed that among others there were four political parties having sizable number of polled votes. These include PML-N: 14,874,104 votes. PTI: 7,679,954 votes. PPP: 6,911,218 votes. MQM: 2,456,153 votes. Most probably it was for this reason that the parties to the dispute did not insist to get or to have term electorate defined. Certainly electorate would mean the total number of qualified voters as listed by Election Commission. If this fact is admitted than there is no cavil to this assertion that out of all the contesting parties none got mandate of electorate. If PTI would have been better advised it must have insisted on definition of term electorate. Unless this term is defined in its true spirit nobody can stop engineered elections in this country. Because participation in elections by every voter is not made a must nor such atmosphere is created which should be congenial to the voters to march to the polling station. Maybe even the program of the parties contesting the elections is not acceptable to all the voters. If this system is allowed to continue than a day may come that a person having to his credit five votes of a family member and keeping the rest of the electorate away from the polling station may become an MNA or MPA or as the case maybe. This is not a joke the results in Baluchistan prove this anomalous position. All the political parties are afraid of majority of the electorate therefore they feel easy in the system that prevails and honors a person having majority of polled votes and not the majority of the electorate of his constituency. This is the real problem which was not refereed to the judicial commission for determining the validity of elections.

Mango diplomacy with oath of docility.

Greed breeds servility and for that timidity and cowardice are essential components. One of characteristics of servility is excessive flattery. This gesture of Nawaz Sharif is an irrefutable evidence of his greed which is attached with his family's industries in India. Therefore those 16% of Pakistani voters who have chosen him must be proud of him. 84% of the remaining ones do not subscribe to what he has been doing. Viz a Viz Bharat Sarkar and his submissiveness on to it.

Iran’s strategic port offerst to help India bypass Pakistan.

Pakistan since Zias time has behaved in a manner which can be termed subservient to Saudi-American commands. It is regrettable that Zia-ul-Haq proved to be faithless to well wishers of Pakistan. He launched sectarian hate campaign in the county simply to please Saudis and Americans during the critical years. Iran was facing an imposed war by Saddam. Zia forgot that it was Iran who had first recognized Pakistan and as the report say paid state bills of the new country for the initial critical periods. Air Marshall Asghar Khan lives to confirm this that in 1965 war Shah of Iran had placed all his oil resources and air force facilities at disposal of Pakistan. How did Pakistan repay Iran in Iran-Iraq war which endured for 10 years. Is it not a fact that even after Zia, imperceptable Anti-Iran policy has been pursued by Pakistan till date. In Yemen crisis, Pakistan Government Officials have been giving this impression that Iran is supporting hothis while Pakistan is supporting Saudi Arabia and Nawaz Sharif has gone to this content as to say whatever Pakistan possesses can be sacrificed to defend Saudi Dynasty. When Pakistan behaves in this faithless, unpredictable fashion how can it complain a self-reliant nationalist state like Iran. In Pakistan people have been suffering from terrorism and other threats while Nawaz Sharif on pretext of Umrah leaves his people alone to appease Saudis. With this attitude how can Pakistan expect others to toe its policy in international affairs.


Youm-e-Ali Tonight in Muslim religious parlance is called ‘Shab-e-Zarbat’ meaning the Night of Assault. It signifies the murderous assault on Imam Ali while he was holding the office of Caliph of Islam. There are various versions about this tragedy in Muslim annals by different scholars and religious leaders. Dr. Ayesha binte Shatei, an Egyptian Sunni world renowned historian, author of numerous books on religion, literature and social topics and held prominent chairs in United Nations as well. She died in the year 1998, she has given an objective account of this tragedy and the motives behind the same in her book Batla-e-Karbala which was rendered into Persian under the title Bano-e-Qaharman-e-Karbala and I have had the honor to translate the same under the title, Zainab the Invincible. Of course this book is on the life of Zainab-binte-Ali yet it provides authentic information about the events leading to this tragedy as well. Because of objectivity of the author and her unimpeachable stature I have chosen to include pages from this authentic book. It is available on my website and can be downloaded free of cost. Imam Ali among others of his qualities he is known for his attraction and repulsion which has been a subject of great scholars’ debate for the last 1400 years and shall continue to be live for times to come. About these qualities Maulana Room says ‘Though Art lion of Allah in Chivalry what though art in magnanimity who does except thyself know? The sword of thy forbearance has cut my body the waters of thy knowledge have purified my dust. O Ali, the chosen, open the secret of rendering for a hateful offence a graceful reward’ Iqbal says: ‘Do thy known est what does Resurgent (Karar) mean? This distinction is one of Ali’s (many) distinctions. For nations, in this perishable world Life is imposable sans resurgence.’

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

One of the reasons of apathy of Nawaz Government towards people is that he does not represent the majority of electorate. In Pakistan for 2013 elections there were 84,207,524 voters out of this strength of voters 45% declared by their silence that they do not favor any of the combatants or contestants. It cannot be wisely said that these voters abstaining from expressing there will were neutral. Even if one presumes neutrality in their case than to quote Churchill they were against all the contestants in the elections because he said ‘One who is not with us is our enemy. ’ Leave aside other parties N-League and its chief are never tired boasting that people have given them mandate. In democracy the simplest number to confirm popularity of a party or a person is 51% of the voters. 45% exercising their abstinence prove the fact that at least they are against Nawaz Sharif. Now of the polled votes he got 14,874,104 (32.7%). It shows that he did not get even the majority of polled votes. Leave aside the contribution of mal-practices practiced for his party’s success because currently it is a matter of subjudice. A person who craves for power on the basis of majority votes but he is rejected by the majority and through some device or the other or through lapses in the system he assumes power than certainly he is vindicating towards the electors. This is the reason that his government has been acting to the disadvantage of the people but off course to his own advantage because for being in power he has been manipulating state resources to his own and his family advantage. Projects like Metro Bus may have been a beneficial for consuming steel of Sharifs and cement of Mian Mansha. It is nonproductive or counterproductive so far as national economy is concerned. His pre-election deep affiliations with terrorist like Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the like are not secret unknown to the public. These terrorist had affiliations with him because under his umbrella they could promote their sectarian mal-adventures. They served him to scare away other potential rivals like PPP, ANP etc. from effectively playing in electoral exercise. Let there be a movement to awaken the abstaining voters to come in the field, participate in the elections and express there will against the system which they dislike but for certain hesitations restrain from coming to the polling station. This may contribute towards the solution of the crisis.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Today Nawaz Sharif visited Karachi but he had no time to come true to his slogan that he would be responsible and answerable if a dog dies along Euphrates. He was on the shores of Arabian seas but he did not feel any responsibility to console with bereft of hundreds of people who died of heat stroke and the allegation is that it was the result of mismanagement of Federal Government vis-à-vis Breakdowns and Load shedding in electricity systems in Karachi and the system falls within the responsibility of federal government. His royal arcade past by the hospital where patients of sun stroke, hundreds in number, were admitted for treatment. He did not have time even to ask the authorities of the hospitals about the welfare of the patients there or give instructions for their adequate treatment. Could there be a person as faithless to his words as the PM imposed on Pakistan is? This is not the first occasion in the history of Pakistan. Very often people have been betrayed by false claimants of popular leadership. Pakistan has since been ruled by a system which can be called ‘zulm’. It was this ‘zulm’ which disintegrated Pakistan although some fourteen hundred years ago Imam Ali had warned. ‘A state may survive with “kufr” but not with “zulm”’. Theoreticians wrote about the causes of disintegration of Pakistan, commissions did brainstorming to locate the causes but none said it was because of “zulm” that Pakistan had disintegrated and as stated earlier “zulm” started soon after the demise of the Quaid. There is a classic definition of zulm in Arabic which means zulm is placing something or someone at where it misfits i.e. if a person is misfit to be a doctor and you make him so it is ‘zulm’. If a person is misfit to be a lawyer and you make him so, it is a ‘zulm’. If a person is misfit to be the master of destiny of nation and you give him command of a nation, it is ’zulm’. Likewise if you apply this test to anyone or anything you will find that in Pakistan in some cases ‘zulm’ is validated by law. One of such instances is ‘Quota’ system according to which for a job or for a place not the merit but the domicile or sect or cast is better qualification. ‘Zulm’ maybe eradicated by ‘adl’ and compassion (Ehsan). In the Quran it is provided as an injunction (verily Allah commands you to do adl and ehsan). To add to the agony of Pakistanis themselves instead of taking recourse to adl, they act contrary to it. Even the common voter is not following this rule and he casts his vote for serving his petty interest bypassing national issues. This all-encompassing character is among principal causes of chaos and crisis in Pakistan. Unfortunately required leadership to reform the society and make it realize that all there problems are product of ‘zulm’ and denial of ‘adl’.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Today London Police has with a prick of pin blown out all air from the fragile citadel of Nawaz Sharif’s government about RAW hoax pertaining to its financing MQM. No doubt MQM is as close to India as Nawaz Sharif is. The difference is that India channels its money to Raiwind via Sharif industries there while MQM receives it without any device other than from one hand to the other. Is it competitor’s rivalry which is usual in such trading? There is always vast gulf between manifestos given by politicians to people and what they have manifested since October 1948. Death rate increasing which is evidence of the fact that load shedding is decrease. Woe to Mian Nawaz Sharif. Karachi is probably in geography of Sharif's is not a part of Pakistan. Where are his boasts that he will be responsible for the death of a thirsty dog on the shores of Euphrates, most probably he believes in being answerable for death of thousands of innocent people killed by his favorites party's terrorists like Sipah-e-Sahaba and Al-Qaeda of Usama Bin Laden whom he had the honor to meet courtesy of Qazi Hussain Ahmed and then he became fond of his hero. Hundreds killed by mal administration of his power minister in Karachi too is not his responsibility. But shame is not something which irritates him. Nawaz Sharif is at the top of those whose slogans and performance are poles apart from each other telling lies repeating Insha Allah and performing to the detriment of the nation is his distinction. He is practically true only to Zia-ul-Haq who taught him hypocrisy, black mailing in the name of religion and using terrorism to ensure perpetuity in his rule. When one sees Nawaz Sharif standing on the presumptive grave of Zia-ul-Haq and making his mission public that he will continue agenda of the general, god knows where his dead body is and what does the grave contain. If people do not realize that it is also their own fault that these rulers are imposed on Pakistan through the conspiracy of those who are Pakistan’s enemy and who exploit simplicity of people and there susceptibility to emotional exploitation. Crisis of Pakistan will continue if such rulers have no fear of their accountability.

Yahya Khan’s contribution to Crisis in Pakistan

Professionally Yahya’s services in Royal Army were far superior to Ayub Khan’s. Ayub Khan never performed in battlefield or battlefronts in World War 2 whereas Yahya Khan had with distinction served as soldier so much so that in the Second World War he was taken as prisoner of war by Italy. However he was shrewd enough to escape from prison. When he took over from Ayub Khan and became the master of destiny of Pakistan his performance was worse than commander an enemy force. In fact in Pakistan promotion to the office of Chief of Army Staff which was titled as Commander in Chief was never on merits. Junior generals were promoted to the dismay of the seniors. There is a singular instance of General Akbar who joined army as a recruit in First World War and rose to the rank of a full general, along with this in the history of Pakistan he was the person who refused to take charge of Commander in Chief in spite of having been chosen for that, saying he was not fit for the job. The nominations to this sensitive office on considerations other than professional emboldened the promotes to this office to do whatever they would like. This is one of the reasons that Army in Pakistan as frequently interfered in politics and overthrew civilian governments. All the mal-performance in Ayub Khan’s days particularly the discriminatory treatment with Bengalis resulted in Mujib-ur-Rehman’s agitation whereby he wanted his six-point agenda to be adopted as basic document of social contract. The sic points are reproduced as under:- 1. The constitution should provide for a Federation of Pakistan in its true sense based on the parliamentary form of government with supremacy of a Legislature directly elected on the basis of universal adult franchise. 2. The federal government should deal with only two subjects: Defense and Foreign Affairs, and all other residual subjects should be vested in the federating states. 3. Two separate, but freely convertible currencies for two wings should be introduced; or if this is not feasible, there should be one currency for the whole country, but effective constitutional provisions should be introduced to stop the flight of capital from East to West Pakistan. Furthermore, a separate Banking Reserve should be established and separate fiscal and monetary policy be adopted for East Pakistan. 4. The power of taxation and revenue collection should be vested in the federating units and the federal center would have no such power. The federation would be entitled to a share in the state taxes to meet its expenditures. 5. There should be two separate accounts for the foreign exchange earnings of the two wings; the foreign exchange requirements of the federal government should be met by the two wings equally or in a ratio to be fixed; indigenous products should move free of duty between the two wings, and the constitution should empower the units to establish trade links with foreign countries. 6. East Pakistan should have a separate militia or paramilitary force. Because of lack of confidence in themselves the West Pakistani leaders, but for the left wing politicians like National Awami Party and some Baloch leaders, furiously resented these points always apprehending that if a Government is formed on basis of universal franchise it will be always a Bengali dominated government. To avoid this domination of Bengalis the four provinces of West Pakistan namely NWFP, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan along with princely states within these territories were merged into one unit. And the rule of parity was enshrined in the constitution instead of universal suffrage. The rest of the points in this agenda might have been negotiable but universal suffrage was the most difficult for the West Pakistanis to swallow. In West Pakistan tide of Bhutto popularity had bewildered the rightest leadership and they became sure that Bhutto will have sway in this part of the the country and they will have no chance to ever be in power. Under the pressure of right wingers the demand of smaller units of West Pakistan to dissolve One Unit could not succeed. These were the conditions when Yahya Khan usurped power. Since he was clever enough to escape from Axis Prison he thought that he could better maneuver to remain in his position. The later performance of Yahya Khan was in this psychologic makeup. Since the short tenure of martial law under Yahya Khan yielded much more drastic results than Ayub Khan’s Eleven Years in power therefore a longer treatment of his regime is required. To continue.

Crisis in Inception.

Mian Faridudin Masood sb: if we will adopt methdology about mukti bahni, then the results will no more different. Mqm should be technically knocked out from main stream national politics in the same way as the same way mr zia ul batil ur rajeem has inducted them to neutralize the effects of ppp in Sindh. Where is Hameed Gull? Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Dear mian sb. Unless the people themselves change they cannot expect change from Heavens. After Quaid-e-Azam every one who has held or has been holding power is chip from the same block. I am eye witness to election rigging in the days of Liaqat Ali Khan at Hazro during ever first election after partition to Punjab Legislative Assembly, Liaqat ali Khan visited Hazro and gave directions to district authority for making sure that Muslim League candidate Muzaffar Khan Jalalia gets more votes than Maulana Ayub Khan of Jammat-e-Islami. In those days ballots were dropped in boxes different in color for each candidate Muslim League candidate had green color box while Jammat's candidate had brown color box.Ballot papers were not marked. In the presence of polling agents of the parties a police officer name Shahzada Tahawar Zaman attached with hazro P.S would throng polling stations and would break open brown box and take out handful of ballot papers from it to be dropped in the green ballot box. Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan and my father were supporting Maulana Ayub. Both of them reached the deputy commissioner Attock his name was probably Mr. Hardy. I was with them when they called upon DC and protested about the conduct of the police officer who had had an interview with Liaqat ali Khan during PM visit to Hazro. The DC after hearing them said with a smile "now you are azaad and the government is in your own hand we are just like spectators..........." At that time my age was about 20 years and now i am about plus 80 and i have seen with my own eyes how deterioration and corruption have infested our Socio Political system and if we have an objective approach and be honest to God we will find that after the Quaid no one up till now has ruled this country honestly, sincerely and in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Every one has been grinding his axe. Off course the earliest people were anxious to hold power alone and were not corrupt. Corruption came in our governments some where earlier but became a culture since second half of Ayub Khan era. Now manifesting in insatiable greed and lust of our rulers. This miss rule produce Mujeeb ur Rehmen and now some say Altaf beats the same line. What is the difference between Nawaz Sharif appeasing Modi and Altaf fleecing Modi both to the detriment of honor and dignity of Pakistan. But Mian sb what to do today the voters have not the belief that the vote is trust of the nation. He too treats it as marketable commodity to meet his personal ends and not to keep in consideration national issues.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan These days the media in Pakistan and the BBC in its relentless intermittent programs are creating an atmosphere which reminds one of prelude to situation similar that of 1969, 70 and 71. Instead of concentrating on what is happening in Karachi, where daily death toll by nature is equivalent to that caused by terrorism, unfortunately, those at the helm of affairs are of a quality worse than those of the days of the crisis leading to disintegration of country in 1970-71. In order to expel a political party per force shall be catastrophic. Instead of giving them a fight in political theatre they are being tarnished as bad dogs. I mean the MQM. The party is being portrayed a prototype of Awami League and its leader a reincarnation of Mujib-ur-Rehman. Is he so or not is a big question because we have seen begging on his door for support to form a government from Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif. If he really is of the sort he is being portrayed then those who with his support have been coming into power are his accomplice and equally guilty, therefore they have no right to rule the country. It is strange that during ‘Dharna’ crisis MQM’s support was as essential to Nawaz Sharif as transfusion of a blood to the patient at the verge of death. The tenure of Nawaz Sharif, after the giant session of parliament in which he was given support by all the political parties, is due to inter-alia MQM’s support. Nation be wise enough not to lend ear to such conspiracies which are hatched and floated only to perpetuate the rule of people having reins of the country in their hands at least since after debacle of Dhaka. If anti people performance is the touch stone than MQM, PML-N, PPP and the clerics are no different from one another. The rivals of MQM must find out another methodology to oust them from politics than what they had done in case of Mujib-ur-Rehman.

Our rulers are like Egyptian governor of Harun-ur-Rasheed.

Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif were often heard quoting Hazrat Umar that if a dog died of thirst on the shores of Euphrates Umar will be responsible for that. Quoting it these brothers used to say that they will too be responsible for such an incident. Now more than six hundred people have died with heat strokes in Karachi but the Sharif brothers instead of owning the responsibility for their death have started blame game and their lackeys have started blaming someone else for these tragedies. This is in fact the real crisis in Pakistan. But people of Pakistan are themselves responsible for imposing upon themselves rulers like them. They dance for their glory and boast of being their slaves. This is not peculiar with common men but even holder of as great offices as cabinet ministers and a judge of a high court have been heard making such claims. Once a deputation of Egyptian farmers came to Baghdad protesting to Harun-ur-Rasheed that why he has posted an idiot as governor of Egypt. The background of the protest had been like this: The Nile rose in usual flood and destroyed cotton crop of the farmers. They had gone to the governor to seek relief and to have declared there area as calamities ticker and the governor had replied ‘why you have planted cotton? You should have better planted wool.’ The fool little knowing that the wool is not planted in fields instead it is grown on sheep. This stupidity of the governor had infuriated the farmer and they had taken there grievance to Harun-ur-Rasheed. Harun-ur-Rasheed replied that I knew he is an idiot but I have imposed him upon you for the sins of your land which had produced Phaoroh. I want to tell you that you can be ruled by a donkey like my governor. This is as punishment for you. Allah knows what sins Pakistanis have committed that they are being ruled by such idiots.

In continuation of who is Responsible for ever ongoing crisis in Pakistan?

The objections raised in public by the aforesaid leaders, particularly the charge sheet served on Ayub Khan by Maulana Maududi in a public meeting outside Bhaati Gate Lahore, wherein his life was attempted at but instead of Maulana Maududi one of his ‘Jammat rukun’, most probably with the name of Muhammad Bakhsh was murdered, gave fillip to public resentment and displeasure against the field marshal. The movement launched against Ayub Khan by West Pakistani right wing leaders was going on smoothly when all of a sudden Bhutto emerged on political scene and by his emotional addresses provoked the youth to rise against Ayub Khan in violence. Meanwhile Ayub Khan, whether by his own mistake or with the option of Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan, lost the most effective disciplinarian in his camp on 18th September 1966 and he was succeeded by General Musa Khan who in spite of being a soldier was no match to Malik Ameer Muhammad Khan as a governor. With the decline in popularity, and an ineffective governor of West Pakistan, Ayub Khan could not control the violent agitation sponsored by Bhutto. Students in West Pakistan mesmerized by Bhutto’s charismatic personality took to streets in huge processions expressing their wrath against Ayub Khan. In one such procession led by Sheikh Rasheed, a student leader, on 8th November 1968 in Rawalpindi, Abdul Hameed a student of Poly Technic College fell victim to police firing. The very next day two major events took place. One in Peshawar when Hashim Khan, ineffectively targeted Ayub Khan in a public meeting and one at Nowshera where a student agitation was target of police firing pursuant to the orders of Assistant Commissioner Nowshera, Mr. Roshan Zameer and the firing resulted in death of a handsome, youthful and brilliant college student Syed Zaheer Naqvi. It was a coincidence that both these martyrs of democracy belonged to Attock District as Abdul Hameed from Pindi Gheb and Zaheer Naqvi was from Kamulpur Saeedan, Attock. Bhutto capitalized these murders to his own benefit and added fuel to the blazes of agitation in West Pakistan. Zaheer Naqvi’s father Haji Syed Mohabat Hussain Shah commanded great respect in NWFP and Attock District. Rallies of agitators every day condemning death of Zaheer Naqvi would march in the streets of Attock. The participants being from Punjab and NWFP. Haji Mohabat Hussain, who by nature is a law abiding person filed a suit for damages against state and Roshan Zameer AC and the suit was decreed up to High Court and the decree became final. I had the honor to be council for the plaintiff along with Arbab Sikender Khan Khalil who later became Governor of NWFP. It was during these agitations that Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Hyat Khan Sherpao, Khursheed Hassan Mir and General Naseer Ullah led a procession in Attock, condemning the murder of Zaheer Naqvi. She along with her above named party leaders and Peoples Party’s Local Chairman Syed Ashik Kaleem visited my house and I hosted a tea party on that occasion. Ayub Khan as stated earlier resigned and Yahya Khan took over. On the other hand Mujib-ur-Rehman in East Pakistan created a storm of agitation against Ayub Khan thus the whole of Pakistan was ablaze. The right wing leaders were helpless as along with Ayub Khan Bhutto maligned them also. Ayub Khan in spite of his demerits had not disturbed the cultural fabric of society whereas Mr. Bhutto preached philosophy of insolence, arrogance and irresponsibility. He told people to rise up and per force snatch there rights but never asked them to perform their obligations. As a result of these preaching’s students were fighting with their teachers, workers with their employers, subordinates with their officers, everybody would talk of his rights and would ridicule the one who asked them to honor their obligations as well. A nation who was taught Unity, Faith and Discipline was now tutored to be violent, recalcitrant and arrogant. The dilemma continues till date. To continue.

In continuation of who is Responsible for ever ongoing crisis in Pakistan?

More than 50% of development projects launched by Ayub Khan were to the benefit of West Pakistan alone and the new capital was exclusively in West Pakistan. Therefore politicians of East Pakistan exploited there jealousy oriented propaganda against then erstwhile Punjab which was major component of West Pakistan. Army too was also manned by West Pakistanis which was also an irritant to East Pakistanis. East Pakistani leaders would usually say that the new capital Islamabad permeates with smells of jute, which was the major export item in foreign trade and was produced only in East Pakistan. India, as recently admitted by PM Modi, was always active to disintegrate Pakistan, exploited such factors against the solidarity of the country; Ayub Khan himself being a soldier and his cabinet only his henchmen could not effectively contradict or counteract such propaganda. To add to this all Ayub Khan for yet another term posed himself as Presidential candidate and against him Madr-e-Millat, sister of Quaid-e-Azam, Fatimah Jinnah, was the strongest candidate. (I had the honor of being her polling agent at Fateh Jhang.) East Pakistanis had strong passion for Fatima Jinnah. She was candidate of all the political parties except convention league in the country. Ayub Khan mercilessly rigged those elections, the tradition which is now perpetuated by Nawaz Sharif. Fatima Jinnah lost. This malpractice added fuel to the fire of resentment against center in East Pakistan. Though Ayub Khan tried to build up himself as a hero in 1965 war with India, yet the damage done to his person by aforesaid events could not be remedied by war hysteria created by him. And India mislead people of East Pakistan by a propaganda that Ayub Khan left alone East Pakistan in 1965 war and India was so sympathetic to East Pakistanis that not a single bullet was fired by Indian Army towards East Pakistan. Sequel to ceasefire in 1965 war a conference was held under chairmanship of Russian Prime Minister in Tashkent and certain peace proposals were adopted. The campaign of Hussain Saheed Soharwardhy, Mulana Maududi, Chaudary Muhammad Ali, Maulana Bhashani had already exposed Ayub Khan’s demerits to the people and there was wave after wave against Ayub Khan among the masses. America did not like that Ayub Khan could be replaced by extreme rightest almost clergy formations. Therefore at this juncture Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was promoted as savior of Pakistan and BBC, Voice of America and other publicity organs, patronized by CIA, promoted Bhutto as the stalwart among Asian leaders. Bhutto who till recently was foreign minister of Ayub Khan, had resigned on a pretext that Tashkent declaration had a disastrous secret which he will explain in his ever on going next public meetings. This assertion was repeated more than a hundred times by him but he took the secret to grave without divulging it to people. For giving him at the spot instructions Ratna Devi, wife of Soekarno of Indonesia was also sent to Pakistan and Bhutto halfway his address to a mammoth public meeting in Mardan, left the audience and flew for a meeting with Ratna Devi. Ayub Khan had to resign amidst public allegations promoted by the rightest, and robbed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He handed over the country to yet another drunkard General Yahya Khan on March 25 1969. Yahya’s contribution to crisis of Pakistan to follow.

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Ayub Khan called his coup to be a revolution. Ordinarily revolution means a change for the better in governance of a country. But Ayub Khan’s revolution ushered in a rigorous martial law whereby people were deprived of their fundamental rights. The political parties were outlawed and banned, the name of Islamic Republic of Pakistan as given in 1956 constitution was cut to the size of Republic of Pakistan. It is unfortunate that this martial law was hailed by disgruntled politicians and molvis, so much so that Maulana Ehtisham-ul-Haq Khanvi stuck to Ayub Khan and was once available for fastening Imam Zaman on his left upper arm at Chaklala Airport, when the military dictator was to leave for a journey as head of Pakistan. There is a very startling feature which gives a conclusive picture of director of Politicians in Pakistan to show how vacillating they are both in their commitments and loyalties. The classic example is that of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. He was inducted in politics by Sikender Mirza who took him as Minister of Commerce. The distinction of the incumbent was that he was the youngest member of Sikender Mirza’s cabinet. People in those days normally believed that because of Mrs. Nusrat Bhutto, who was an Iranian lady (and some people said that she was related to Begum Naheed Sikendar Mirza), this favor was shown to the youngest minister in the history of Pakistan. (Once daughter of Sikender Mirza, Mrs Iqbal Imam, who was our guest, told us that Naheed Sikender Mirza had no relations with Nusrat Bhutto.) On his part Mr. Bhutto did not resent Ayub Khan’s ouster of Sikender Mirza, he rather accepted portfolio of foreign ministry under Ayub Khan and served him as a loyal child, sometimes calling Ayub Khan ‘Daddy’. I had very cordial relations with Maulvi Fareed Ahmed, an MNA from East Pakistan, who would often visited my house and tell us about his exchange of retorts with Mr. Bhutto. Once this exchange of retort was in following terms; Mula you are a dandy (touching his glazing red tie) Bhutto said to Maulvi Fareed Ahmed, who replied, but I don’t call Ayub Khan my daddy. Later on Mr. Bhutto played Brutus to Ayub Khan. Ayub Khan ruled the country for eleven years. During his first five years he introduced industrial agriculture reforms and laid foundations for economic development of Pakistan.

Shia Massacre by Saudi Lobby in Pakistan

Saudi lobby has been emboldened to massacre as many Shias as they like,irrespective,of denomination to which the victims belong .This is for the only reason that Nawaz Sharif lacks sagacity and courage required of leader of a ruling party.He is too docile to be assertive in front of Saudis to whom he is indebted nose deep because of his family and business reasons. His cabinet is crowd of henchmen for him and his family and bullies to public he is out to place on Saudi's altar whole of Pakistan. On the other hand Shia Mulla has failed to play any constructive role in crisis.

Crisis in Yemen

- Saudis will consult Pakistan before launching another military offensive in Yemen. It means that Pakistan is directly responsible for Saudi atrocities in Yemen and this is not a good news for Pakistan.

Yemen crisis.

Who will believe the Saudis are followers of the Quran which says killing of one human is assassination of the entire humanity. Let the prince be brave enough to walk into yemen with a pistol in his hand and shoot as many Yemenis as he can, if he is a 'Man'. Instigating others to commit murder is not any bravery, these princes are bringing bad name to Muslims and are earning perpetual curse from Allah.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

As and when history of crisis in Pakistan is traced, it will appear that crisis and Pakistan are twins. Simultaneously with creation of Pakistan, Radcliffe award delivered the perpetual problem which appears to co-exist with the new born state. It is the main cause of Kashmir problem. Had Gurdasspur district three days after its inclusion in Pakistan was not excluded from Pak-territory there would have been no Kashmir problem. The pressure on Pakistan to accept Radcliffe award was so inevitable that even the founders could not resist it. Along with partition of the sub-continent the largest exodus of human population burdened Pakistan beyond its capacity. Although Allah almighty as ordained in the Holy Quran that He does not place obligations to be as burdensome as to be beyond the capacity of a human. Yet Pakistan offered itself to be the guardian and protector of Muslim countries and population on the whole of globe and tried to be the sole leader of the Muslims of the world. Pakistan took upon itself liberation of Palestine and Kashmir and as a result had to forfeit East Pakistan briskly. Coming to recent years Zia ul Haq who was a priestly devil simultaneously, pretending to be seeking divine pleasure was praying to idols in Thailand for their blessings. He beguiled the people that he had taken over from Bhutto just to hold free and fair elections within 90 days of 5th of July 1977. He repeatedly made this assertion time and again at every place including the Holy Kaaba in Makkah but he continued his treacherous and despotic rule for eleven years till he met his end in an air crash. During these eleven years besides corrupting Pakistani systems and sowing and nourishing seeds of sectarian feuds. He brought in Kalashnikovs and heroine culture in the name of Islam and Jihad. He threw Pakistan into a fire which shall continue for long times to come. He brought in afghan problems to Pakistan simply to please United States. In all his evil efforts and misdeeds he was fully corroborated by Saudi Arabia. The wounds caused by Afghan Jihad are still bleeding when successor of Zia-ul-Haq to whom the dictator was god father viz Nawaz Sharif is pushing Pakistan into a hell when he proclaims to eliminate the freedom fighters in Yemen and to defend Saudi borders. This is what he is doing beyond capacity and without realizing the attendant disastrous results. For showing this officious service to Saudi Arabia his plea is that holy sites are to be protected at all cost. He cannot throw dust into Muslims’ eyes who know very well that the biggest violator of sanctity of Holy sites in Makkah and Medina are Saudis because uprooting Holy sites is article of their faith. Can he tell us who has uprooted the Mausoleums of the Companions of the Holy Prophet and his Family in Jannat-ul-Baqi in Medina and Jannat-ul-Muala in Makkah? He claims to have been to Haj and Ummrah more than couple of times, does he not know how pilgrims offering veneration to such holy sites are called polytheists by Saudi Shurtas. Emotional exploitation of Muslims is the most effective weapon of the exploiters of Ummah. He may support Saudi Arabia for his own personal, family and commercial reasons but he should not make fool of the Muslims that he is going to defend Saudi Arabia for sake of Holy sites. The adventure of Nawaz Sharif is going to aggravate the crisis already rampant in Pakistan by many times. He can only promote the ‘Fassaad’ launched by Zia-ul-Haq to whom as stated above Thailand as dear as any --. It may be recalled that ex head of Thai government was fast friend of Nawaz Sharif. Saudi Arabai is guilty of massacre of religious community of Hothis and United Nations is not taking notice of it. Let this post be sent to United Nations Human Rughts Cell in New York and in Islamabad.

America and ISIS.

It is now clear without any doubt that America and its allies like great Britain are knee deep involved in anti-Muslim activities through Saudi Arabia and its latest weapon of mass destruction ISIS. Daily there is news of American and European youth being smuggled into troubled Muslim regions like Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen etc. The doctors mentioned in the above news item are the latest addition to these battalions for destabilizing Muslim world and for defaming Islam.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

All the political parties of Pakistan have there share in terrorism in the country. Al-Qaeda operators are found in the folds of Jammat-e-Islami. Uzair Baloch in PPP, Saulat Mirza(s) and many dozen more in MQM and sectarian terrorists abreast with Rana Sanaullah during there elections campaign and many more instances for the remaining stalwarts in politics whether in robes and turbans or with ties around there necks.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

The operation aimed at eradicating terrorism from Karachi is wisely initiated from its very birth place; as it was Muhajir Qaumi Movement which started ethinic controversies degenerating into dead bodies wracked gunny bags. However the sectarian terrorism initiated by Zia-ul-Haq has assumed formidable proportion and so far it has not been seriously confronted by the state. PML-N which is a legacy of Zia-ul-Haq by its very nature is sympathetic towards sectarian terrorist of one block and it was by the blessing of such terrorists that it emerged triumph in 2013 elections. Although the interior minister had to say that there are more than two score seminaries with nexus with terrorism but he has not named them which means that they are so dreadful that they can overawe even the ministry of interior. Until and unless such terrorists are also traced and dealt with the similar force which has been used to deal with MQM the menace of terrorism may not be effectively controlled or eradicated.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif thinks that he can be-fool everyone but in fact as stated in the Quran he deceives himself. He says that he is Hatim Tai and has bestowed major minerlas statedly found in Chiniot, on all the provinces of Pakistan. He fully knows that major minerals are the property of the state and not of province where they are found. He tried to hoodwink the people that it is he who is benevolent to 18 carore people when he says that all will be the beneficiary of what 'belongs' to his province. The province which he treats as his estate and the people there in are as if serfs to the Raiwand dynasty. Gold has already been found in Baluchistan and Reko diq is a commonly known story. Whether his claim will prove similar to ZA Bhutto's claim when he tossed a bottle full of petroleum, claiming that locating oil in the Dakhni fields will make Pakistan self-sufficient in Petroleum needs. This he had stated in Parliament. Such like boasts are not new to the people of Pakistan and the same incase of Shahbaz Sharif are no less than dozens which are always disproved by his own conduct. The exercise of two brothers from Gobi Palik to gold hunting is just another device to keep people of Pakistan involved in matters which cannot be physically verified. By such devices the crisis cannot be resolved. The crisis author whereof none else but Zia-ul-Haq the benefactor of Sharifs of Raiwind.

Forest acts.

NWFP Forrest ordinance 2002 The Forest Act 1927

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Peshawar tragedy which is proof positive of the fact that the federal and the provincial governments are no different from each other in matter of incompetence, lacksity and playboy attitude towards the most serious issue facing the nation. After this tragic event the nation realized that the internal jealousies and strifes of the politicians for achieving there greedy and viscous goals must come to an end. Under this pressure PAC has been put into gear with very express support of the army. For a day or two it appeared that a national cohesion may sustain. But after the crucial issue of military courts to takeover terrorist cases was tabled the inherent differences in the political parties came to surface. The demand of military courts to takeover and try terrorist cases was a natural outcome of failure of our judicial system to tackle these issues. The failure of the civil judicial system was result of corruption and timidity of the relevant courts who often attributed there incompetence to 'defective' criminal procedure code and 'Kanoon-e-Shahadat'. It can be maintained without fear of contradiction that the courts very often departed from the provisions of these laws. As and when they so desired and mostly in cases of political nature. Many precedents of such departures can be located without loss of much time. However whenever it came in the matters of terrorism, the niceties of these laws were more faithfully complied with then even required by the relevant statue. Kanoon-e-Shahadat has often been made in such cases a play thing of the courts. Yet whenever a minor lacuna was noticed in the trial of terrorists the lacuna was made into a mountain out of molehill. Tonight, an ex-chief justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Tassaduq Hussain Jilani was implicitly admitting failure of the judicial system under the prevailing law to cater for dispensation of justice in terrorism cases. In spite of these hard facts some political elements who feel not at comfort if the nation is comfortable have come out with there reservations about introduction of Military Courts for the aforesaid purpose. Among these elements JI tries to be more conspicuous without looking to its own background. When it remained in deadlock with a martial law regime for eleven years and had been adoring Zial-ul-Haq as there ideal Islam inspired ruler. The other party is PP who want to gain there lost ground by making themselves different in such circumstances. It is now the test of veracity and vision of Nawaz Sharif- whose intellectual capacity has never been appreciable- how he maybe able to keep intact the first day resolve of political parties to put up a united front to terrorism.

In continuation of Ashra-e-Muharram.

The greatest moral lesson from this great tragedy which is audible in reverberation even today is in course of trial and jihad for the truth, patience, resolve, courage and steadfastness are required. The Quran says those who say Allah is our lord and then stand fast and at another place it says stand fast as commanded (The face should be open and the forehead be spacious. To sustain sallies of divine hand.) In fact this greatest of martyrdom the charm and specialty is that he was stranded along with his near and dear ones, his families and his progeny and friends in the wilderness of desert and amidst anguish and saw his dear ones suffering and crying from severity of thirst, hunger and all of them one by one having been slaughtered and he too lift their dead so much so that he had witnessed his own suckling son hit by arrow of barbarism and cruelty. Yet in spite of this all in the course of love and fidelity the covenant he had made with patience and resolve he did not tremble for a moment or a nanosecond. Rather all those miseries, pains and anguish that he had to experience he bore them with grace and gratitude. He was happy with his fate as determined by Allah and became patient to the hardships he had to bear. (I am purchaser of thy arrow in consideration of my life. I do not beg healing from the stranger.) A cup full of poison from the hands of a friend for the people, thirst for water prefer to a cup of honey and sweets from the hands of the rivals. Even if the ears fond of hearing the reality are open they will hear from each atom of the desert of Karbala, the behest of patience and resolve. (We have been turned to dust but from our grave, the perfume amidst you can identify that seeds of chivalry, emerge from here) Alas it is not intended to go into details of the significance and the time and capacity requires brevity and precision. If you want to see the role model of patience and resolve then ramble in the story lands of history and for me suffice it to narrate a single event which will bring to the notice of claimants of love with the family of prophet so that they consider that claim of love without obedience is of no use. Imam Ali bin Hussain famous for his epithet Zain ul Abideen says the one who claims to be lover he must be the one who offers obedience. After quoting in entirety a passage from one of his long discourses the author sums up the passage as under: “The night preceding the morning wherein theatre of war was to assume its heat an incident happened I was lying sick in bed, my aunt Zainab was busy attending me when Imam Hussain entered our tent. He was reciting some verses listening to them I could realize what his intentions are. Tears frankly flew out of my eyes and I was convinced that divine trial is to devolve on us and we would not escape from it. Zainab could not resist because ladies are naturally of tender heart. She got up wailing and crying. ‘wa hasrata wa museebata’. Today, Fatima, Ali and Hassan bin Ali are no more. But when Imam Hussain saw this all he reverted to Zainab and said ‘O my sister why this impatience and how this lamentation and crying. Beware of God death is certainly to come and there is no escape from it.’ However she was in deep anguish and pains therefore impatient. She was visualizing that the next morning the day will dawn with gory events. In deep pains she started beating her face. Tore of her shirt and started crying ‘O bad fate, O misfortune’ She fell senseless in the arms of her brother seeing this Imam Hussain sprinkled water on her face and when she regained sense he said ‘O my sister what type of remorse and anguish is being expressed.’ You must adopt the manner of expression of grief and sorrow as prescribed by Allah and his prophets because the Prophet’s example for every Muslim is the best course to follow.” Allah O Akbar look to the high degree and great standard of family of Prophet who follow his glorious examples even in grief and anguish because the best model to follow for the believers is that of the prophet of Allah and to his command they even make their wishes and emotions subservient. In these times of anguish and grief they did not like to adopt that course of lamentation which was not consistent with the command of the Prophet. Yet today how many claimants of love with the family of the Holy Prophet who could prove by their deeds that they follow this sublime role model. The End.

In continuation of Ashra-e-Muharram.

What was needed was contributing a comprehensive introductory article captioned ‘Role of price of the martyrs’. This article would have covered many an issue with complete details of this frightful tragedy which would have been a review. First of all its historical importance would have been highlighted and thereafter all the lessons and the resultant effects of the same would have been described one by one which remain hidden in this great sacrifice, these lessons are still loud in human parlance in the same manner as on the banks of Euphrates the sands were emitting a lesson from the blood of the martyrs and that was the truth the reality. In this world everything is perishable but the blood of martyrdom which has divine life therein never die. (Those slain with daggers for their fidelity always find from divine a new life.) But Alas at this moment I have not the necessary preparedness to do so. The precise hints are to be felt contented with. (Thou thyself read the detail version as spelt out from this precis.) 1. The first model which this great tragedy presents is “for call to truth and for reality and liberty one should sacrifice oneself.” The government of Umayyad was an ultravires Sharia government. It was based on oppression and personality cult. Therefore it could never be an Islamic government. They robbed Islam of its spirit of liberty and freedom and did away with consultancy and consensus of the Ummah and founded an autocratic government on oppression, fraud and deception. Their system of government was not divine Shariah. It was rather personal greed, lust and political objectives. In these circumstances it was essential that a precedent must be set of resistance by truth and liberty against rule of oppression and tyranny. This was a Jihad. The prince of martyrs set an example of his own sacrifice against the tyranny of Umayyad’s by waging a pious Jihad against the government which was based on injustice and oppression. He refused to obey and express fealty. Hence this model instructs us that every tyrannical and oppressive government must be openly opposed and such government must not be obeyed nor fidelity be expressed to it, the government which is dakait of human liberty and human rights granted by Allah almighty and which is based on a rule of oppression and injustice instead of truthfulness and justice. 2. For confronting such a government no amount of power and no material strength nor military equipment which is possessed by the government is necessary because Hussain son of Ali had a few down trodden and weaklings with him and nothing more. For truth and reality he did not care for the consequences. To set results is not your job it is the job of the almighty Allah who makes triumphant the truth despite its weakness and paucity of compatriots and defeats the crowd and the material strength. On such occasions those fond of conciliation remain worried as their wisdom suggests that defeat will be the result. Wisdom which is a divine bounty sometimes assumes the role of devil and provides excuses to the cowards. Who say it is suicidal to confront such a might possessed of guns and ammunition. And say who has opposed the crown and the government that we should do. The last question can be answered by me. There are hundreds of such instances in human history irrespective of the divine nature of a Jihad. The oppressed rose against the oppressor. Here is an instance of the oppressed of Karbala. You say that when a few men rose against the might and material of a government that it should be done? My reply is Hussain son of Ali with seventy two or sixty two hungry and thirsty people confronted the mighty, powerful and tyrannical government whose frontiers extended from Multan to the frontiers of France all thought the truth is that he saw his beloved writhing under thirst and hunger and later on each one of those pious souls sacrificed themselves in dust and blood for the sake of truth. This is also a fact that he never begged the enemy for water nor food to live and there is no doubt to this fact also that soaked in blood from top to toe and in this position he adorned himself with the cloak of martyrdom and reached the proximity of the Creator, Who by lets his friends writhe in blood and dust and gives time to his enemies to reforms themselves. Despite this, victory was for him and the crown of success and excellence was on his head which was replete with injuries. He staggered and writhed in dust and blood but each drop of his blood which he shed from his injuries on pebble and dust he invented floods of flames of revolution and renaissance which could not be suppressed by the blood thirsty Muslim bin Akba nor unchecked barbarism of Hajaj and Abdul Malik. These flames magnified and remained dynamic and the waters of oppression and tyranny served as petrol for them. The pride of government and oppression was put to air and each spark from this flood became a burning pyre for them. So mu so the end came of all that was done in Karbala when in year 132 Hijri, when Damascus and all the zones of the government were demolished and those wearing the crowns and assuming the thrones squirmed in dust and their own blood. Their deads were trampled by horses. The graves of the erstwhile conquerors were demolished. The deads were exhumed and even their bones were not spared of insult and hatred and thus the revenge of Allah almighty on the tyrants was effected. Was this result of all of Ibrahim Abbasi or conspiracies of Muslim Khurasani? Was it not the miracle of that blood which was shed on the banks of Euphrates? This is the material expression of the victory and it took a century to accomplish it. Otherwise the fact is when the drop of blood of the oppressed false on the ground contemporaneously with it starts the victory of reality. To be continued…

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

About two months old agitation in Islamabad has so far not been as productive as it has been expensive. What we got as an output of this agitation so far is slogan 'Go Nawaz Go', ouster of Rehman Malik and an MNA of party in power from the aircraft flight where of was delayed because of there aristocratic attitude of not caring for the wastage of time of others. Some people say that reduction in petroleum products is also a benefit from this agitation. Maybe they are correct. Yet this much of output is not commensurate with the wastage of time, resources e.t.c. TUQ has said that all his campaign is for avoiding a bloody revolution. Of course he has wasted lot of blood of those who followed him but has failed to bring in any revolution; instead of that he has joined the race where in those whom he opposes are already in for decades. These two leaders that is IK and TUQ accuse their rivals of wastage of national wealth on there protocols while they themselves are addicted to the same in there performance. There haughty attitude no different than that of spurious royal princes of Raiwind. Nation is yet to see a deliverer. If the ideal stock is not available change of face will not be if any effect and plight of the nation will be the same as it is today.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

There is definitely some serious defect in political system of Pakistan and its governance. The main reason is that here politics is a methodology whereby personal benifits are the main considerations with the politicians. Let them be secular people, clerics, bureaucrats or any other walk of life. There are so many inevitable in Pakistan without whom there followers believe that the country will be in peril. Today the performance in the joint session of Parliament. It was noticeable that only about 33% of the members of the joint house were present in the session. Nawaz Sharif will make a claim that he has confidence of full Parliament, which will be a blatant lie. Yesterday sycophants of Nawaz Sharif besides the hero of the day Eitizaz Ehsan were not less than a self-seeking person. He blamed the Sharif's governments for there misrule, including massacre of Model Town, yet in the end he said that he has to support the Prime Minister who had almost declared to be the most arrogant e.t.c. It means that he condemns a person as a thief, yet he says that he should be accepted as a keeper of the house because removing him will be equivalent to condemning the house. What a pity. There is a number in person in Persian meaning if this remains the seminary and he remains the Mullah the fate of the disciples will be doomed.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

For about 64 years people have been hearing some so called Islamists that they are devoted for the revival of Islam in Pakistan. Jammat-e-Islami has been most conspicuous among them. When JI gained some ground on this slogan certain other clerics of Deo-Bandi and Brelvi sects under the banner of JUI and JUP also joined the race and when so far as to create scenes sectarian feuds in the country off course under the excuse that they are doing all that is being done including blood shed of muslim sects was for the sake of promotion of Islamic socio-political system. It has been a complaint by the general public that these parties are doing all that is being done by them for the sake of American Dollars, Saudi Riyals or Quati Dinaars. These allegations may not be 100% true yet they cannot be said to be devoid of veracity. It is off course an undeniable fact that human crisis and problems have their best solution, at least among our communities, in Islam. Yet of late JI, JUI, different factions of JUP and their likes have seized even talking off or about Islam. They have come up as defenders of Sharif dynasty and they find legitimacy in their exercise in there assertion. It is being done “for the sake of constitution and democracy”. To them Sharif dynasties continuity of all that is desirable. These people have always either created crisis in Pakistan or have helped those who generate or aggravate crisis in this country.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The sit-ins in Islamabad which were autonomously functioning with implicit coordination have now announced to work overtly in unison. On the other hand the Prime Minister who was sufficiently embarrassed by his own conduct backed of Army Chief to help his government out of its crisis which is baby of its own misdeeds. The Army Chief called upon the two leaders of the agitators whether they were prepared to accept him as arbitrator and a guarantor for deciding the dispute and for getting implemented the decision. TUQ and IK both consented to it with the condition that Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif must respectively quit the office of PM and CM Punjab. The request of the Prime Minister to the Army Chief went as a wave of shock to his supporters beyond PML-N and forming formal opposition in the National Assembly wherefrom IK’s party had already assumed distance and TUQ had no representation there in. When the PM was confronted with this situation he rushed to the National Assembly and fabricated his own version preceding the Army’s assumption of the role of arbitrator/ facilitator and said that this role was not solicited by him it was rather asked for TUQ and IK. This statement has created a stormy debate in media and opinion makers of the country. There has been a visible credibility gap between people of Pakistan and the Sharif’s for their blatant lies spoke recklessly as and when their interest so required, this controversy has degraded them in the public eye with rapidity and his Goebbels namely Chaudary Nisar rushed to hold a press conference to say that the statement of PM in the NA was in consistency of ISPR’s version. This press conference created another wave of debate in the country and by this time the ISPR has said in its tweet that whatever has been said by Chaudary Nisar is in the mildest words not the truth. The Holy Prophet has shunned of all the evil deeds, lie the most. But unfortunately the government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the leadership therein whether theocratic or secular recklessly practice telling lies. How unfortunate it is that Bilawal whether Bhutto or Zardari or both has started supporting the liar, the oppressor, the corrupt like his father and the assassin of innocent Pakistani’s on the pretext that he is saving the constitution. His father has become mercenary of Nawaz Sharif and he becomes the cupbearer of his father. It is unfortunate that his father has got him nipped in the bud. People say that Asif Zardari was afraid of his wife and his latest associates Chaudaries of Gujrat were declared by him Qaril league that his league of Murderers with reference to Benazir’s assassination but by now he has all friendly and social relations with the Chaudaries of Gujrat so much so that he made the younger one deputy Prime Minister while he himself was the resident of Pakistan. Muslim League N and other parties accomplice with him have little chance to play any role in future politics of Pakistan yet whether the void so created will be filled-in for the better by TUQ and IK remains in doubt. Their role so far is appreciable but the circumstances in which they are performing lend a doubt to their independence. Their supporters maybe 25 to 30% of the population of the country and the rest very much doubt that there agenda maybe alluring but whether they are what they seem to be or they too agents of sum powers which are sometimes visible and often obscure. In these circumstances the recent upheaval in the country seems to lead to greater confusion in the near future only at aggravating the crisis in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Who said and about whom is not precisely known yet the saying, “traitors to flee while going is good”. Today Shahbaz Sharif acting upon this advice of a sage better known to him has left the country along with one of his principal accompolices Rana Sanaullah for china for more than a week. It is coincident that Zardari whom he had vowed to drag on roads is also on his way for the same destination. Has he anticipated that the Lahore high court is going to decide the FIR writ petition by Saad Rafique etc. against the petitioners and that the note of Justice Najafi commission is also to implicate him along with others in case of murder of 14 innocent persons including two women whom he got killed on 17th of June 2014. God knows what Shakespeare would have called this killing who had once said “Like venton boys, we are to gods and they kill us for their sport.” Have his venton boys killed the innocent people for support of Shahbaz Sharif. Did he want to intimidate TUQ whom he might have considered as fragile in courage as he is in his physique? The evasive attitude of Sharifs about their facing the legal consequences is worse than that of wretched criminals who after killing their enemies gallantly faced the police and don’t feel afraid of coining false defense. The behavior of Sharifs in this fashion has been fortified by Mahmood Achakzai, Fazl-ur-Rehman, Siraj-ul-Haq, Asfand Yar Wali and their likes. To them Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan personified. These Nawaz Sharif supporters are more concerned about their personal benefits then rule of law but what a paradox when they claim that they want Nawaz Sharif to remain in power because according to them his removal is equivalent to demolition of the system from which they are main beneficiaries. The more dangerous aspect of this confrontation between human dignities, chastity of women folk, innocent opponents right to breathe freely and the ugly vested interest mentioned above is a dangerous alarm and a cause for further deterioration of crisis in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

The formidable gigantic afflicting Pakistan cannot be resolved by pigmis like Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Zardari and the unpredictable Mullahs like Fazl-ur-Rehman and simpletons like Siraj-ul-Haq. Mahmood Achakzai whose hunger for having more is not satisfied with governorship of Balochistan. Ministries in the province for his kith and kin he himself being MNA wants yet more. He quotes Scripture yet he is not shy of supporting the cannibals who killed 14 innocent persons including a pregnant lady and one hundred got injured by Shahbaz Sharif. He believes that constitution is so naïve and week that it can differentiate between an assassin and his victim. If this is his constitution which justifies the murderer to occupy position of provincial chief executive and prime minister of a country. Of course the two leaders leading two different sit-ins are not equal to the task, they have assumed. If the country is left to people like them the nation must be sure that it is doomed by its leaders for good. Let there be a movement for vindication of the victims of Sharifs, bandits like Sipah-e-Sahaba, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and the like. For staging such a movement we can neither trust the clerics nor the politicians who are actors of today.

Zardari’s errand to Raiwind, Mansoora and Zahoor Ellahi road.

Mr. Zardari there are a few doubts about your integrity in the title exercise. 1) Z.A. Bhuttos Judicial assassination. 2) Shah Nawaz’s murder. 3) Benazir’s killing. All have ultimately reached stories in oblivion and this is all because you believe in politics of compromise and thereby win seventy-courses lunch at Raiwind palace and not only this you also earn immunity from judicial process against your robbing of trillions of dollars like Sharifs. You compromise with Chaudarys just to save your party’s government when Raiwind royal family left you. This is your price in politics. BUT 14 innocent persons killed by the regime you want to save in consideration of 70 courses served to you are not Bhutto’s. They are innocent poor people and Zardari cannot sell their blood. IF You were there in Karbala you are being reminded of it because you fly an Alam at your house. You would certainly after the Tragedy would have bargained compromise with Yazid for a consideration of a few kilo gold. Mr. Zardari you are adding fuel to the fire and most probably licking your worlds ‘Khapay Pakistan’ because you are busy ‘Khapay Zardari, Khapay Nawaz Sharif’ which is not a service to the nation. Is seeking trial of murders the conspirators and the abettors of murder is unconstitutional than what a savage constitution you practice

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistani.

In the current political turmoil the Sharif's government has been using all weapons and all tactics available to them as stated earlier the sectarian venom is there most trusted weapon. The gift of Zia-ul-Haq, the spiritual father of Sharif brothers was this venom. Today the Ehl-e-Sunnat val-jammat (the screen name of banned outfit) and Maulvi Fazl-ur-Rehman have openly launched this weapon to counteract TUQ's movement wherein he has shown his unqualified rejection of sectarianism and terrorism based on sectarian prejudices. The Sharifs as posted yesterday are if not producers of sectarian terrorism, they are atleast its promoters. If the country does not get rid of Sharifs in this juncture the crisis in Pakistan shall certainly assume fatal proportions. The PPP's miserable failure in politics in Pakistan has not addressed to this issue either in there tenure or today when Zardari is the chief consultant of Nawaz Sharif and tomorrow he is the guest of honor at Raiwand. TUQ's fight against terrorism maybe labeled as biased yet Imran Khan's courageous stand against sectarianism is really appreciable but his lacking is that he cannot express himself in terms of the Quran and Sunnah to substantiate his pious views in this behalf. To Jamat-e-Islami religious obsession of the people is a means of exploitation and there leaning is towards Anti Shia-Sunni sects. The immediate predecessors of Siraj-ul-Haq is on record to have called a dog a shaheed and has put question mark on the views which say that Pakistani soldiers lain down there lives in defense of Pakistan or similar to those who defended British rule in the subcontinent.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The development in shape of Azadi march and Inqilab march from Lahore to Islamabad if we objectively analyze, we come to conclude: 1) A major segment of society in Pakistan is definitely displeased with Shareef government and if the displeasure of this segment is not acknowledged by Nawaz Sharif or his proverbial Gullu Butts, the displeasure may develop into animosity of still larger segment of society against the government and the longer endurance of Sharifs in government may adversely affect the confidence of the people of Pakistan (god forbid). 2) The momentum required for such obstinate rulers has not reached that stage when the protest leaders namely TUQ and Imran may declare “Traitors to flee while going is good”. 3) Who brought Nawaz into power politics? The answer is, saintly devil, the most condemnable dictator Zia-ul-Haq. What guaranteed his continuity in power? One would say without fear of contradiction, corruption and state terrorism. Will Azadi and Inqilab marches bear desired results maybe they succeed but the goal is not so easy to achieve in Pakistan’s politics. Personality cult operates more effectively than bias ideas and virtuous deeds. During these marches the main emotive force is not exclusively principles and values which assume lesser importance than the two persons leading their respective marches. 4) People in Pakistan have never been told by any leader except Alama Mashriqi that the fault lies mainly with the people and unless the people reform themselves they cannot expect there rulers to be fair to them. The conclusion is that unless the people correct themselves they cannot expect themselves to be given the benefit of the honest rulers by the Divine steam.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

This blog is intended to give the causes of birth of Crisis in Pakistan, the factors responsible for the development of Crisis and the present status of the crisis, To briskly recapitulate what we have written so far on the subject we would see that Pakistan has problems which are peculiar to its very inception namely, the problem of Durand line which was in fact the hesitation of Paktuns in erstwhile NWFP of British India and British Balochistan to join new born Muslin state of Pakistan, necessitated a referendum to solicit opinion of the majority living in these two provinces. The Durand line controversy as per the agreement between British government and Ameer of Afghanistan was to be revisited after about a hundred years from 1980s. The issue still remains in slumber and occasionally reechoes for instance Mullah Umar while in Power had condemned this line by saying that it was device of Kaffirs to divide Muslims on its either side. Recently a Jirga of a section of IDPs has also voiced similar feelings. 2) The Radcliffe award virtually caused vivi section of Pakistan had to be accepted by Pakistan and the country which came into being on 14th of August 1947 was deprived of its most strategic part i.e. Gurdaspur district which was handed over to India. This cruel solution sought by Radcliffe award to please India has virtually cause Pakistan permanently irreparable damage. That is Kashmir problem which always remains unresolved. 3) National language issue which resulted in disintegration of Pakistan that east wing separated into a sovereign state Bangladesh. 4) The in fight between Liaquat Ali Khan and Hussain Shaheed Soharwardhy, Mumtaz Daultana and Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot, The ceteral Muslim League and Qayum Khan, Problems created by Ayub Khoro in Sindh with his Muslim leaguer colleagues, the central government and Nawab of Kalat. All these problems have their roots in adventurism of Muslim League everyone trying to capture the principal seat in government. 5) Now comes judiciary with Mauli Tameez-ud-Din’s case which put seal of sanctity on a ruthless, unconstitutional and immoral act of crippled Governor General and validated the dissolution of Constituent assembly. 6) Among others these problems created chaos in the country resulting in imposition of Martial Law by Skiander Miraz, the first president of the country in collaboration with commander in chief of Pakistan Army Ayub Khan. Ayub Bukhari just in weeks’ time ousted Sikander Mirza and usurp the entire state authority. The constitution had already been abrogated by proclamation of Marital Law. The country was now to be governed by the decree of Chief Martial law authority and the subordinate Martial Law administrators. For about 4 years when it ended with enforcement of one man made constitution of 1961. Ayub Khan to redeem his prestige which he had lost because of rigging presidential elections and thereby defeating Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Quaid-e-Azam, created volatile situation with India hence 1965 war. In this war India committed aggression in West Pakistan (present day whole of Pakistan) and did not cause any threat to East Pakistan. In this manner India had shown to the East Pakistan disgruntled elements that it has all sympathies with them. To rule Pakistan label of Muslim league is essential, therefore, Ayub Khan organized Muslim League somewhere in early 60s and it got the name of convention Muslim League. Its general secretary was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who called Ayub Khan ‘Dady’. To continue tomorrow which will include effect of Gullu Butt release on bail by the Lahore High Court.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. Today's mammoth gathering in model town was addressed by mainstream leaders with variety of political taste namely Chaudary Pervaiz Ellahi, Sheikh Rasheed, Allama Nasir Abbas, Mahmood Rashid and the last and longest of all TUQ. This gathering which despite Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif's oppressive measures like creating blockades on highways, main roads and town streets, coupled with baton charges, tear gas shells by the ruthless licentious police of Punjab whom Sharif's utilize as there private servants, was by no honest estimates less than 70 thousands vowed to struggle till last to eradicate blacksmith family's iron rule. The gathering also vows to fight till death or victory which means uprooting atrocious rule of Sharif family. The Sharifs hired Jammat-e-Islami's Siraj-ul-Haq to neutralize apprehended effect of model town gathering by facilitating Siraj-ul-Haq to address a rally in support of Gaza victims and by providing officially procured audience to him. The crux of discourse of Siraj-ul-Haq was that he wishes both sides to come to an agreeable settlement of political issues. He to decorate his in-consistence, incoherent and shallow discourse by quoting Morsi of Egypt we have somewhere said it is irony of fate that Maulana Maudodi is succeeded by Siraj-ul-Haq while Shaheed Hasn-ul-Banna is succeeded by Morsi. The whole effort of Siraj-ul-Haq was to please Nawaz Sharif and to win his favor as if he had let himself on rent to Nawaz Sharif. His whole effort was and hypocritical attempt to help out Nawaz Sharif from the crisis. While listening him a quotation of Dante came to my mind where he had said "Hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who preserve there neutrality in time of crisis." Nawaz Sharif's catching at straws while drowning will not save him particularly when TUQ and Imran have joined forces. Ouster removal or resignation of Sharifs is almost eminent and it is in interest of Pakistan that it happens as early as possible. The real crisis after dismissal of Sharifs from power seat, shall start when the stage comes who to succeed. Some people apprehend that Army shall takeover without any disguise, Some people say that Army will remain in the background and have a junta of technocrats of integrity to rule the country for a shorter period where after some sort of representative government maybe introduced. In these circumstances there is an alarming declaration by Mahmood Achakzai that he will riot in rebellion in Balochistan if Marshall Law is imposed. There is another dangerous view voiced by some Pakhtun elders in a Jirga that Durand line is not acceptable to them. I am sure that Pakistan Army being fully cognizant of all these problems and there own preoccupation may not venture to serve the wishes of people who either for there lack of Knowledge or with there desire that ouster of Sharifs should not be in the benefit of TUQ and Imran would wish the Army to play Zia-ul-Haq or Musharraf but i don't feel that such wishes will make horses. Have the two adventurers quoted above a per-planing for running the country after the removal of undesirable Sharifs. Imran seems to make existing system so amended as to serve his plans that is creation of an independent Election Commission and mid-term elections under the 1973 constitution. But what within the period that intervenes the ouster of Sharifs and the holding of the midterm elections has not so far been not diverged by Imran Khan. The judiciary in Pakistan since the Mal-adventures of Chaudary Iftikhar after his restoration has lost prestige and confidence and is being publicly criticized for its roll since 2007 till date therefore neither Imran nor TUQ will like to trust Judiciary for any formative roll. In these crisis. TUQ is for all his scholarship and depth of Knowledge has so far only spelt out a Utopia and not any practicable formula for the running of the state. We have seen a revolutions in these days. One in Iran and the other in Afghanistan. Iranian revolution succeeded was triumphant amidst multiple crisis and imposed war by Saddam at the behest of Saudis and US. The reason for the triumph was that Khomeini's personality, his edict, his even gestures were taken as divine Commands. His revolutionary guard-corp was so well organized from grass root to the highest level. His country was materially politically and in all respects self-sufficient. While in case of Afghanistan the revolution was almost brought in the circumstance as prevail in out country. We are a poor country down to the level of destitute. We are almost a crowd and not a nation with mutually conflicting and divergent religious beliefs, languages, races and cultures. There is no national personality in this country whose voice maybe the voice the whole nation. Nor the nation is one integral whole. The spurious slogans of multiplicity of clerics that they want Islam is also neither genuine, nor sincere nor true. The donot want to give true version of Islam and Muslim's role in its implementation or in its violation. Instead of Allah and his prophet. They have imposed on the minds of Muslims personalities. Today Siraj-Ul-Haq claims to be the most knowledgeable about Islam was referring to Mahmud Ghaznavi as his ideal ruler along with Salahudin Ayubi. If Islam is to bring Mahmud Ghaznavi then why should we oust Nawaz Sharif. Let us hope for the best and expect that Allah may guide us to a safe course.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Crisis in Pakistan which emerged by mal-adventure of Zia-Ul-Haq who dismissed a popular government from whose Prime Minister he begged promotion to the office of Chief of Staff of Pakistan Army by virtually linking his shoes, has now reached the abyss. In this crisis the evil role of Saudis has always been very obvious. The present turmoil in Pakistan is also with Saudi blessings. It would have remained a secret but the foolish lobbyists of Saudis namely Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has exposed Saudi designs. We may recall that only about a week ago both Nawaz Sharif and Fazl-ur-Rehman were present in Saudi Arabia on pretext of performing Umrah, but what instructions they seeked out from the big figure of Maulvi Fazl-ur-Rehman when he met the Prime Minister in Islamabad yesterday and asked him to rough up Tahir-ul-Qadri and use all force to subdue him. We all very well know that whatever is the worth of Tahir-ul-Qadri he belongs to a creed which is despised by Saudis namely a Hanafi muslim. Fazl-ur-Rehman pretends to be a Sunni, yet he is always available to anti-sunni and anti-Shia forces, and is the reliable agent of Saudis because they can full-fill his insatiable greed for crispy dollar notes. This exposure of Nawaz Sharif and Fazl-ur-Rehman playing role of Saudi agents is too unfortunate because there exercise will cost god-forbid existence of the country. Today's ruthless speech of Punjab Law Minister is alarming, most irresponsible and condemnable in true sense of condemnation. It maybe noted that in an interview Shahbaz Sharif has said that in these chaotic conditions created by TUQ and Imran will scare away inter-Alia Saudi investment in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

There is a classic parable in this part of the world;- A potter went to a mullah and asked his opinion as to whether eating donkeys meat is Halal? The mullah replied you should come to mosque tomorrow (because it was a Friday) and I will tell you about it? The following day the inquisitive potter reached the mosque in time. On seeing him the mullah cried: "Here is a person who lives in days of ignorance(Jahilia), he does not know whether meat of a donkey is Halal or Haram. It is for this reason that the nature is so wrathful and even the monsoons failed. He should repent and you all too with him." The questioner said "My donkey which died, its meat was chopped, roasted and eaten up by my son and your son Mian Laal." Mullah replied "Let me bring my red book!" On opening the book he asked whether they ate its ears also. The answer was no they had eaten the leg piece. The Mullah said "If the meat was eaten among others by Mian Laal then the donkey and the ass are all Halal." If Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif incite the public against there rivals government it is all Halal but if somebody else is against there tyrannical rule it is Haram.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Imposition of article 245 within Islamabad and insistence of Imran Khan to stage freedom march as scheduled makes the critical situation in the country more critical. The attitude of parties other than PTI and PAT is also ambiguous. In the prevailing conditions the situation maybe described as that of see-saw. The opposition parties are also in a situation of wait and see. On the one hand they try to please Nawaz Sharif by saying that they want to save democracy and the present system but in the same breath they express there displeasure on imposition of article 245. In this situation, they are behaving like a person who wants to please the garden owner and the one who wants to pick from there garden. This attitude maybe called hypocritical the politicians with this attitude are known for there intellect some for there piety and the others for there claim to be conscience keeper of the nation as per there own claims. Then why they are behaving so is the question which can be answered only with an objective version which means that public pressure and vested interest are at conflict with hypocritical parties. They cannot annoy Nawaz Sharif for the material benefit that they can gain from him at the same time they are afraid of public wrath for there support to Nawaz Sharif. The Nation which is left at the mercy of such leadership cannot sale out of the crisis with safety.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

There is a controversy as to whose responsibility are IDPs from Waziristan federal government or KPKs government. Its a fact that Waziristan is in FATA (an abbreviation of Federally administered tribal areas). Therefore the problems of FATA are to be solved by the federal government. Yet in case of influx of IDPs numbering about a million has uncovered incompetence of federal government when it did not prepare itself for accommodating IDPs well in advance. For there failure they have been trying to impute lack of responsibility to KPK government. Today the tragedy along coastal area of Karachi which has so far registered 31 deaths by drowning in sea there is a conflict among various institutions of federal government as to whose negligence has resulted in failure of precautions along coastal areas to prevent the tragedies. There are quiet a few departments of federal government each putting blame on the other. It means from Waziristan to the coast of Karachi federal government has failed even to identify its territorial responsibilities. The federal government had further abandoned its responsibility to protect the capital and has decided to handover charge of capital to the army. During his second tenure as prime minister, Nawaz Sharif has given task of collecting electricity bills and unearthing ghost schools to army and the Army ultimately ousted his government and the supreme court in a unanimous judgment including has declared that because of its Mal-performance and its failure to ensure life and property production to people of Pakistan the army has rightly came to people's rescue and ousted Nawaz Sharif in National interest. It is a fact that Nawaz Sharif did not challenge this verdict of Supreme Court and the present situation prevailing in the country is an irrefutable corroboration of the judgment of Supreme Court in Zafar Ali Shah's case. When such a government with all its demerits is stubborn enough to reform or to leave, the result will be collapse of the so called democratic system of which Nawaz Sharif a rightful successor to Zia-Ul-Haq per his own claim is attempted to be defended by imposition of article 245 of the constitution. He is bound to counter-blast and the sole responsibility of such undesirable situation will be on the black smith family of Raiwind.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

A major irritant in our politics is MQM. They introduce ethnicity in Pakistan they launched campaign of dead bodies packed in gunny bags to deter there opponents. They are authors of Urdu-Pushto conflict whenever there interest demand they collaborate with PPP and if PML-N is in power and Altaf Bhai is under threat of arrest in London they rush to fall in the lap of Nawaz Sharif as it is now. They have lost there credibility among masses other than part of Urdu speaking community of Karachi and 2, 3 towns of interior Sindh. They are self-proclaimed emancipators of the lower classes. They exploit class conflict in the country and they are potential law breakers but are organized enough to get there law breaker's immunity from process of accountability. They feel that they alone are advocates of neglected class of society and no one else has the right to become popular among Pakistani masses. The proposed Azadi march of Imran Khan may not be agreed with by many people including myself but to depry Imran Khan of his right to protest in a peaceful manner to achieve his proposed objectives or to be his ruthless critics is evidence of MQM's hypocritical stance with the masses but there clandestine conspiratorial agenda with Nawaz Sharif. The MQM was baby of Zia-ul-Haq for dislodging PPP in Karachi politics. There birth is not in this manner a normal political process, they are brought into being by a dictator and they cover up there dubious inticident by lip service to cause of people. There history is a record of vacillation and infidelity with what they claim to project.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Imam Ali had said "A nation is doomed whose ruler is a trader." How true it is of Pakistan. A trader is always interested in reeping profit from his merchandise and when a nation makes him its ruler the nation becomes a merchandise and is recklessly sold for the benefit of the ruler by the ruler. Whether there was a justification or there is a justification of invoking article 245 in the prevailing circumstances of Pakistan the fact remains that the ruler of Pakistan irrespective of what is happening in Pakistan has been enjoying Saudi Royal hospitality on the context that he is busy performing an optional ritual of Umrah whereas the obligatory of Haj is to be performed only once in life. The holy prophet in his whole life performed only one Haj but our rulers does not hesitate to describe his business tours to Saudi Arabia as an Umrah. The nation which elects or selects such ruler is certainly responsible for its doom. The photo shots projected on media in Pakistan show Nawaz Sharif in attendance in the Saudi Royal Court dressed in glamorous three piece suits. No photo shot of Nawaz Sharif has shown his presence in Ihram in Kaaba or paying any visit to Masjid-e-Nabwi. Even if one performs an obligatory ritual in ostentation like Salat he is condemn to hell in the code of Holy Quran. The issue of 452 has become for government like a chameleon in its throat which it can neither swallow nor it can vomit. Because if it swallows it will suffer laprocy and if it vomits it will suffer humiliation. Leaving aside the incompetence and the reckless greed of the rulers, people of Pakistan have been led into a confusion by TUQ into a revolution which will not be religious but a modern caliphate. If it is not religious how can it be in model of righteous caliphate. Another analyst of dubious antecedents Zaid Hamid is confusing intelligentsia about revolution he anticipates. He also courts Mao Za tun, Khomeini, Putin and others in the same breath as Hazrat Umer. Allah knows where our Kayas and Crisis will end up. There is saying of a persion sage. "If this is the seminary and this is the mullah. The fate of the disciples is doom."

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Tahir Ul Qadri syndrome is an aggravating factor to the crisis of Pakistan. Part of what he said yesterday was critically appreciated with an independent post by me. It was also sent to his wall but he has not replied to it. Today he said that he will solve economic problems of Pakistan and will alleviate the fate of the poor by utilizing multimillion dollars misappropriated by the sitting rulers or those presently out of power. This formula is least viable because stocks exhausts. For permanent solution we need to have permanent source for creation of wealth/ capital. TUQ certainly has so far-failed as to how he will generate capital to meet the recurring demand of for implementation of his utopian revolution. Maybe he succeeds by emotional exploitation to gain his objective but soon people's hope will be dashed to ground and the resentment than created will definitely endanger the national solidarity. He is better advised to be less provocative and more careful that he not giving false hopes to people who have already been much exploited by men like him. By the spurious saviors like him. Let him not divert genuine peoples wishes to have a revolution which would uproot every fraud and fallacy.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

No one with an objective mind can deny the fact that Pakistan is suffering deep crisis and it has reached a critical stage. In such situation adventurers do emerge to reap some harvest from the declining house. In Pakistan one of such adventurers is obviously TUQ. He claims to be the ultimate authority in Islamic teachings but says his revolution will not be based on religion. Tonight his speech on ARY he has unfolded as to what would be the shape of post revolution Pakistan. He has talked about form of government devolving state authority to grass root. How clumsy it is we will discuss it some subsequent post. Presently we want to inform the self esteemed visionary that the post revolution judiciary highlighted by him is neither feasible nor of any benefit to the nation. He says that he will establish as many supreme courts in the country as there will be divisions therein he must know that every court of appeal must have not less than 3 judges. Where from he will bring the number of judges to meet his requirement. He further says that he will establish as many high courts as there will be number of districts. The number of judges required for such high courts may far exceed 4 figure digits. Where from he will bring such qualified persons he says he will have as many session judges as there will be number of union councils. God alone knows where is the stock pile of men or women to meet his requirement. He further says he will appoint as many civil judges and magistrates as there are villages in the country. Again the number required for manning the posts of civil judges and magistrates will be the in-imagination of the visionary alone. What will be the finances required for these projects and where from he will generate the same is yet in his dreams. The self-styled sage probably does not know that there is probably only one Supreme Court which has the population of 1 billion humans and that also it sits and holds sessions only in Delhi. He also does not know that British empire had only one preview-council to cater for the Kingdom from Canada to Cape Town and it would always sit in London. Even today taht council is one and that also in London. The sage must know that it is always the quality of dispensation and not the host of judges. If such visionaries undertake adventures the results will be all worse than we are facing at the hands of fools and the greedy persons ruling our country for the last 67 years. May Allah save us from such reformers who are only adding to our crisis and are making our future far more gloomier than we are in our present.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif and his younger brother who happens to be CM of Punjab and who has not so far chosen his second name after his failure to perform according to his tall talk. First wanted to overawe TUQ and Imran Khan by boasting that they will launch a counter celebration of independence day i.e. 14th August. To counteract Imran Khan's call for freedom march, later on Nawaz Sharif attempted to give an impression that the arm forces are with him and that on 14th August they will act according to his wishes and lead armed forces' celebratory parade. The Sharif brothers thought that by show of such a force they will scare away Imran Khan's march which was first Tsunami and later on freedom march. To impress upon people that the armed forces are to act as desired by him he had quiet a few meetings with a chief of staff and last of all he paid a visit to GHQ where he was given a customary reception. Through out the day his cabinet members who like himself are divide of any vice and sensible demeanor have been boasting with implications that Nawaz Sharif will be saved by the armed forces. The latest news items in National media show that Nawaz Sharif has miserably failed to achieve his desired end and now he has given his schedule to hold his celebrations in the night between 13th and 14th of August and that also from 10 pm to 00:00 hour and int that ceremony only 160 personals from the armed forces will give a guard of honor. It means that he has surrendered the theater carved by himself for a bout with Imran Khan. First taking a desperate stand and then giving in proves that he is a bully, he shouts at the weak and submits to a forceful encounter. This weakness of a government will have another counter-productive effect that all the potential law breakers will be emboldened to intensify there anti-social activities.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

As posted sometimes earlier Muslim League after the demise of the Quaid-e-Azam instead of behaving like a mother has been acting like a step mother. It was in this background that the stalwart Muslim Leader almost among the champions of the movement Sardar Shaukar Hyat had said about Muslim League that the mother has become tubercular and she must leave the children other wise the entire Nation will be effected. Had the old 'Leaguer' been alive till date he would say. Here is Nawaz Sharif who proves my contention. He has afflicted the Nation with poverty and has reduced it to the status of a beggar and he himself has become the Karoon of this age. His latest anti-national and selfish project is to soak the roads of Islamabad with the blood of innocent Pakistanis. Where was Nawaz Sharif last year on the 14th of August. Surely he was leading the government. Why didn't he celebrate 14th of August as a National event in public and felt content with celebrating it in his hideout. His excuse is worse than his sin. Such designs Nawaz Sharif have been aggravating the crisis in the country. He is blood thirsty. Model town genocide could not satiate his thirst for human blood. He has already to his credit 60,000 innocent peoples blood shed by his brothers whom he now calls the terrorists.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif like his Saudi masters lacks wisdom yet by tons of his money makes his mare go. He is ruthless and snobbish like his masters and knows very well how to stoop low when he cannot resist pressure by forces that matter as Saudis behave visavi there masters in US. It is reported that he along with his family will fly to Saudi Arabia to observe Eitikaf and celebrate Eid. Is this the service he is making to IDPs. He was expected to be in Banu in the coming days and leave alone even Islamabad the seat of his authority and luxury. He is worse than Nero because Nero was still in Rome when it was burning. But at all critical junctures he creates his alibi to be elsewhere than the scene of the tragedy like a well experienced criminal. His departure to Saudi Arabia will not be winning pleasure of Allah almighty because he would shirk his responsibility to be with the people who are in misery and whose fate is in his hands. The Khwajas who advice Imran Khan not to be in London must better advice there lord to be in Pakistan in those days when the IDPs about 1 million in number will be celebrating Eid as people abandoned by there custodian. These Mal-performances of Nawaz Sharif aggravate crisis in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

It is strange that both political and religious leadership of this country is least worried about the atrocities being committed on its citizens by its citizens (of course non-state actors or terrorists). It is not understandable that why MWM particularly is not mourning what has been happening and continues to happen against Shia community. Its voice is not heard but for once what has been happening in Taftan, Quetta, Lulusar and Gilgit wherein scores of Shias have been murdered for there only fault that they profess in Shiaism. These MWM people in there zeal to be visible on TV rush to be present in host organized by TUQ whereas the fact is that he or anyone from his party was not seen in Quetta, Taftan, Lulusar and so many other places which are soaked in blood of Shias. I don't say that model town tragedy is not to be condemned. It is a national tragedy but unfortunately it has been misappropriated by TUQ and he alone wants to harvest its after-effects. Therefore he has made it his own cause which is unfortunate. There is always voice against Israel which off course is commendable. Yet Pakistan alone is not of any effect to have a fruitful protest for Palestine and against Israel because Arabs in general and Saudis in particular are in clandestine manner, Hand and Glove with Israel. In such circumstances Pakistan must act in a manner which is of benefit to the Palestinians and raises Pakistan's stature in International politics. The result of solo-flight of Pakistan in this context adds to its already aggravated problems and the Muslim Ummah also does not acknowledge Pakistani efforts in this regard. There is a behavior of Pakistan's present government which agitates every sensible mind that its fore-ranking leader talks of infanticide of Palestinians by Israel but never talks of infanticide of Shias in Pakistan. It reminds one of a Potowhari idiom: "Chastisement for family and prize for the outsiders" In this self-contradictory behavior our voice looses weight because when we say Israelis have murdered so many Palestinian children the people say what about your own country. This foolish attitude of Political and religious leadership instead of being effective has raised many questions in objective minds.

Unfortunately the champions of democracy in our country are babies of dictators for instance Bhutto used to say 'Ayub Khan is my Dady'. Nawaz Sharif claims that his godfather is Zia-Ul-Haq. Tahir-Ul-Qadri too has in our presence said that Musharraf has the same agenda which Imam Hussain had. I posted this fact directly to TUQ but up til now he has failed to contradict it. Chaudaries? There credentials are not unknown. Imran too was mounting the truck celebrating victory of Pervaiz Musharraf in the so called referendum. Syed Maududi too has unfortunately been succeeded by Siraj-Ul-Haq. All these figures including Zardari only second to Nawaz Sharif in corruption is also champion of democracy. Vacillating Altaf Hussain never seizes to proclaim cause of democracy whereas he has been lobbyist of Pervaiz Musharraf. The remaining theocratic leaders like Fazl-Ur-Rehman and Sami-Ul-Haq are apology to any system. This is the sum total of our leadership. The genuine revolution is always preempted by the masters of our destiny. Sometimes by building up ZA Bhutto and now TUQ. Genuine revolution and a patriotic revolution unfortunately a remote dream. Our people have proved that they are emotional crowd least interested in listening to reason. If majority of such people with this leadership form a government how we can call it a system for the people, by the people. To quote Molvi Fareed Ahmed of east Pakistan "In our country our democracy is OFF the people, BUY the people and FAR the people." This democracy has been in vogue since the first day. How many generations will suffer this democracy is a question which cannot be answered easily and with certainty.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

As is it is evident from the events of this week namely tragedy of Lahore Model Town wherein Gullu But was given not only free hand but blessings of Punjab Government to demonstrate and perform in a manner which establishes that Pakistan is in the hands of gangsters, ruthless murderers and reckless ghundas protected by federal and provincial government. It is all the more painful that the opposition too is a pack of pigmies who serve no better than a teaser calf. TUQ feels that by relentless rhetoric he can deliver as Khomeini. His shy and coward supporter have not been able to prove there competence and capacity to steer out of crisis the boat of the nation. The government which is corruption personified is guilty of committing atrocities which could not be perceived in 21st century. I am sometimes forced to believe that the World Powers have let loose PML-N government on poor Pakistanis so that the people lose confidence in the state and when US wants to restructure Pakistan there may be no resistance. Otherwise it is impossible that atrocities being committed by the present regime in Pakistan may go unnoticed by the United Nations or at least by Amnesty International. One may ask why to complain against UN or AI even the Supreme Court of Pakistan has not deemed it a proper case to take suamoto notice of the gory drama played in Lahore in order to scare away the critics of the atrocities of the present regime. It has been always projected that Pakistan is manifestation of a dream of a visionary like Alama Iqbal but these days there is a common quote that two friends met each other who had seen two different visions in dreams of each of them. One said I had a dream which was so terrible, so dreadful that I could not sleep thereafter and it was that Pakistan has been further disintegrated. The other said that the vison I saw was more dreadful than yours. It was that Pakistan will remain the same in the hands of Sharifs.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

I started using Facebook on 26th August 2012 and in those days Pakistan's judicial system was in a grip of a one-eyed Cyclops. Arslan's case was also in those days an alarming lis in the history of judiciary of Pakistan. How that case was being handled by Supreme Court was a matter of concern for every conscientious person. A patty 17 grade civil servant had by now turned into a business tycoon courtesy his father who was leading the judiciary of Pakistan. In these circumstances we posted the following message:
"Dual Standards in Dispensation of Justice are Fatal to any Society" I don't claim to be any Rustam however under compulsion of my conscience I posted it. Some days later the president of High Court Bar informed me that the CJ had told him to dissuade me from talking against him. Coincidentally I had some knowledge about the gentleman from his childhood because one of my cousins was a colleague of his father and they had family relations. I told the president that Chaudary Iftikhar when he was a candidate for elevation to principal office of the Judiciary he had without rhyme or reason snubbed me because the matter which I was arguing involved the close relatives of the care-taker prime minister whose favor the Chaudary Sahab was zealously seeking. From that day I was convinced that he will never serve better. I had not joined the movement of so-called judiciary because according to me the movement was securing job for a person and not for rule of law. What happened in Lahore Model Town tragedy is so painful that everyone who is not a 'shoe licker' of Sharifs condemn it. According to me had there been no Chaudary Iftikhar there would have been no PML-N government in Pakistan as a result of 2013 General Elections. Chaudary Iftikhar cannot absolve himself of the responsibility of whatever crimes Sharifs are committing.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

After the registration of criminal case about Lahore tragedy there remains no doubt that State of Pakistan is hostage to families interest of Sharifs, there courtrie, the outgoing Chief Justice, the adherence of Status co and anti people handful of persons. It is strange that prior to enacting the gory scene in model town. The CM of Punjab made a call to corp-commander of Lahore and sought security of his family by the armed forces. Why so? The other telltale event is alibi of Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan on the fateful day. Both the CM and the PM will have to explain that these steps taken by them. The Khwaja Sarahs and Rana Sana Ullah are just the musallis of the feudal lords who do not hesitate to commit any inhuman act to please there master. Scaring away Sheikh Rasheed (another bonga of Pakistan) from taking his train march is also indicative of the fact that either he was in league with them or they had over odd-him not to take this exercise. He easily submitted to the threat. To achieve this and the lethal weapon of Police might have been shown to him and all his chivalry faded away so much so that he was not seen in media giving his rhetoric and exposing his chest to receive the bullets of police.
Thank god Imran Khan his showing his muscle to stand with the victims of genocide by the Sharifs. The Chaudaries of Gujrat have not come up with any appreciable reaction. The religious parties but for Hamid Raza's Sunni formation look active and MWM is also trying to show there presence. However the religious parties with street power like Jammat-e-Islami and JUI-F are posing as silent spectators with lip service for the victims of the tragedy. This phenomena is most probably the product of sectarian jealousy of religious parties against one another. This confusion is deepening the crisis to its worst. People speculate that army may take over whether they will do it or not or they can do it or not is not a question to be necessarily explored because imposition of martial law will certainly result in disintegration of the country. This is because Baluchistan the largest province of Pakistan and the repository of gold, copper and oil is already on the hit list of India (The most favorite nation of Nawaz Sharif), Russia and Afghanistan. At this critical time absence of a national leader is a tragedy still greater. The author of present crisis is the government who according to there claim are genuine Muslim League.

Sectarian divede among Muslims

No one can dispute the fact quoted in your comment. The dispute between Muslim sections which later on became Muslim sects is as old as sometime earlier than the demise of the Holy Prophet. It was some times later say quarter of a century after Holy Prophets demise that these sections became SECTS. However in the first century of Islam there were bloody wars among Muslims as the Egyptian Muslims aggrieved of the Mal-governance of governor took a long march from Egypt to Medina and the agitators protesting against the misrule were pacified by the Calph, yet his secretary Merwan who was his close relative played treachery with the mob carrying out long march. On disclosure of the treacherous letter sent by the secretary to the governor of Egypt directing beheading the agitators as and when they arrive in Egypt, the agitators reverted to Medina and assassinated the Caliph who was son in law of the prophet also. Thereafter Ali was elected as Caliph but the wife of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Ayesha who was not at peace with Ali for certain domestic reasons revolted against Ali and a battle took place between these two armies and after defeat to Ayesha, Ali in honor sent her to Medina. This confrontation between Ali and Ayesha encouraged Muawiya the governor of Syra and the son of arch rival of Hasmites, Abu Sufiyan, rose in revolt against the federal authority though the battle between them in the plains of Sifin did not reach the logical conclusion, Yet the gulf created by these sad events resulted in tragedy of Karbala where Prophets grandson Hussain was butchered by forces of Yazid, son of Muawiya who had succeeded him and hand full of men acting as soldiers of Hussain including tender boys and a suckling baby in the plains of Karbala. Henceforth the sections in Muslim polity were transformed into sects. The exploiters later on have been fanning sectarian troubles among Muslims to achieve there mundane ends. It is a matter of History that in these conflicts Shias were either betrayed by there followers as Hussain was by the Kufians. It is further a fact that the colonial powers like Great Britian and now US use this sectarian divide among Muslims as there tool to bring the Muslims to knees. In the last half of a century US has been exploiting this weapon among Muslim states through Saudi Arabia as and when the formers interest so demanded. Therefore one with and objectivity cannot exonerate US and its allies off the allegations leveled against them on this score. It is for setting the record straight.

Sectarian Divide among Muslims.

Purpose of British Empire for creation of Saudi Dynasty is well described in a book titled “Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity against Islam. Eighth Edition” by Thomas Edward Lawrence. No doubt during those days Ottoman Empire which was though nominal yet symbolic of Muslim unity in the world was suffering from corruption, mal-governance and other evils which are always disastrous for a society or a state. Instead of being dissolved it could be reformed by removing the corrupt ottoman rulers or the system which was the state craft of the Ottomans. The British colonial power decided to dissolve the symbol of Muslim unity and instead install a group of religious fanatics who believed that but for them all the Muslims were heretics and liable to be made slaves as any infidel is. The author of the book who was main character in evolving strategy to simultaneously get dissolved the Ottoman Caliphate and Install the above group which he had already found as Saudis of Najad, what was the modus oprendi of British spy. The success of the spy has been resulting in misery of Ummah and its affliction to endure. However obviously the remedy of this affliction seems too remote in centuries. So installed in body of Muslims as a cancerous venom though the Saudis were first despised by Muslims as there true identity was visible from there misdeeds against Muslims and Islam. It looks strange that how did these cancerous designers became successful in there evil adventure. The parable quoted by Sheikh Farid-ud-din a famous saint of India and reported in book biographies of Saints. ‘Siyyar-ul-Aoulia’ by Syed Muhammad Mubarik Kirmani will illustrate this phenomena: “One day Satan came to eve and handed over custody of a child to her saying that he is a son and his name is Khanas and she should look after the child. When Adam PBUH returned to his house and inquired about the child, the eve told him the story. Adam PBUH became annoyed and showed the child out. The next day when Adam came back to his house the child was still there, Adam cut him into pieces and threw the pieces on top of hillocks. The next day Satan again came and got his child resurrected and brought into life. Adam slaughtered the child burned him into ashes and threw him in the river. Next day the Satan again brought the child back to life but when Adam returned home he was so furious that he slaughtered the child got it cooked and both him and Eve had the dinner with this stuff. Then voices came from inside that I wanted to be here where you yourself have deposited me forever. He further told that his name was Khanas." Khanas in arabic means an evil whisperer and those who recite the Holy Quran at its end recite chapter ‘Annas’ wherein they pray Allah to save him from Khannas. Saudis through there ill-earned wealth have injected this Khannas in the bellies of those who believe in there creed and they exploit them for their impious designs. The impious designs include disintegration of Muslim society and genocide of those who do not believe in there creed particularly the Shittes as quoted above.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

The major disturbing factor in this acute crisis is that the people who created the crisis are at the helm of affairs of the country. There in competence corruption generating cowardice and nepotism are the main causes which created theses crises. No objective historian can shut eye to the mal governance of Muslim league from after 11 September 1948 down to day. In order to remain in power, Liaquat Ali Khan was docile enough to submit to British behest to cancel invitation to USSR which he had already accepted for a state visit and instead to go to United States of America. American media boosted this visit to the extent that the photographs of Lady Liaquat with a smile under the caption ‘a hundred million smile’ were flashed universally. The American media projected a comparison between Nehru and Liaquat and observed that Liaquat was a far greater leader than Nehru. These American publications were further blown into press in order to make people believe that the summer sault taken by Liaquat Ali Khan was a very wise step but the fact remains that in years to come this summer sault proved counterproductive for Pakistan in order to make USSR a bad guy and an anti-Islam country. This part of the job was performed by the clerics. It was in these circumstances that the new born state of Pakistan was thrown into burning fire of Cold War between US and USSR. The history went on and conflict between USSR and US entered into hot war in Afghanistan again the priestly devil president of Pakistan entered into this conflict as a stooge of America and the clerics convinced the people that supporting American cause was Jihad. Now comes Pervaiz Musharraf who submitted to American pressure and engaged the country in the fight between American forces and Afghan Taliban. The situation aggravated and now we are in hell of fire but our leadership is both manifestation of folly, cowardice and corruption. People say and often question is put to me that amidst these facts how can Pakistan be saved from the loot, plunder of the rulers? The simple answer is that people should change themselves in order to get rid of these undesirable rulers. The question is what changes required of the people; the answer is in a pious formula given by the Holy Prophet of Islam. Which is narrated to the following effect:- A person came to the Holy Prophet that I have three evil Habits. “I tell lies, I take liquor and I don’t offer prayers.” He sought guidance from the Holy Prophet to get rid of these evils. The Holy Prophet replied just stop telling lies and speak the truth. History records that just because of speaking the truth and abandoning lies. The man was reformed into a virtuous person. Therefore let people stop telling lies and start telling the truth and they should call a spade a spade. The whole society will be reformed While dictating these views to my grandson Zain he put the question that if people start telling the truth they will be exposed to the tyrants and who will come to their rescue. The answer is from an advice given to us while we were law college students by the late legend Lawyer. Sardar Muhammad Iqbal, who later on became Chief Justice of Lahore High Court and also the first ombudsman of Pakistan. He used to say if you are too weak to physically react to the excesses of a person tell him with eyeball to eyeball that he has wronged you. It will certainly have the desired cut. Let the people get together and tell the tyrants the truth and no tyrant is as bold as to stand this reaction. What we say is that the whole nation should tell the truth. These coward rulers who cannot face a handful of terrorists. Can hardly stand 18 crore people determined to tell the truth. The other habit which is common with the people is addiction to personality cult. They should stop worshiping personalities and start obeying Allah and the Holy Prophet.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Karachi airport is not safe, Fateh Jang-Rawalpindi road is not safe. In the west, Pakistan is target of rockets and missiles being fired from the friendly country of Nawaz Sharif. The lethal arms found in Karachi airport attack were made in India. Most probably a response to the white saari gift presented by Nawaz Sharif to Modi's mother. But Pakistani nation should feel proud of Nawaz Sharif because his nephew Hamza Sharif enjoys security of 90 personal and according to one source Sharif family has 9000 personal for security beside those provided for security of Prime Minister. It means that the moto of Pakistan government is that let the whole country face the tragedies happening from Turkham to Taftan but Nawaz Sharif and his family should remain safe and this is most probably the desire of the Prime Minister claiming to have been elected by heavy mandate of people. He is more involved in matters of his personal and family lives and assets but least worries about the nation. This is his character in crisis. Napoleon had said "man's true character pierces through crisis." The crisis is so obvious and our governments character is also not any secret.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

We have earlier written in our posts that under the heading 'Pakistan in Quagmire' that the Durand line is the main fire under the stockpile of chaff. It had been simmering for a few decades but after disintegration of Pakistan the eastern neighbor of Pakistan that is India backed up Afghans to seek the alteration in Durand Line and for this reason India has been actively supporting Afghanistan. Mullah Omer is on record to have said that Durand Line a vicious divider which has created sharp division between Muslims of the region. The PML-N leadership which is busy in appeasing Modi by sending white Saari to his mother is least cognizant of the gravity of Indo-Afghan relationship viza vi Pakistan. The missile attacks from Afghanistan whether with the convenience of Afghan government or as an independent act of Taliban is an issue which is far more serious than any other issue Pakistan has been facing in recent days yet our incompetent government is not realizing the gravity of the situation in its true context. It is more interested than personality building of there family members at the cost of National Exchequer and they have monopolized the security resources of the country for the protection of themselves. It is for this reason that security avenue of Pakistan has become vulnerable to beggers as it tragically happened at Fateh Jang railway crossing. When Hamza Shahbaz monopolizes the security resources and wants still more what will be left out of this resource for common man and those who were already target of the terrorists.

Nawaz Sharif’s Performance.

They plundered and you do the same, this is what is the moto of you both. You have been ruling this country for 32 years which is almost half of its life but for all the miladies the country has been facing you put its blame who ruled the country for only a decade. What did you do in the past 32 years that you will perform better if given time. Don't you think it is better that you quit and make room for people with patriotic sentiments who are answerable to people and to Allah. Your Mal-performance is without a parallel in South Asia.

Contribution of Altaf Hussain to crisis in Pakistan.

He was the first to sharply divide peaceful society of Karachi into Muhajireen and local residents when it was the third generation of Muhajireen enjoying unprecedented hospitality of the local population. He introduced a mafia of assassins who will eliminate those who did not agree with him. Later on his mafia was divided into two. One led by Affak Ahmed and the other by himself. This intra-muhajir strife tool toll of many lives. He opened fronts with Pathans and Punjabis living in Karachi and Sindh. The ethnic divisions created by him and his philosophy are now yielding fruits where precious lives are being taken. The society has been disintegrated by him into number of groups with interse blood feuds. His politics is the politics of vacillation and arrogance. Like a conventional pro he would eat filth and shake his beak. Whatever is now happening to him is not worry of the people maybe. It is a worry of his own mafia. He is one of the harm full factors creating and worsening crisis in Pakistan.

The root cause of insurmountable crisis in Pakistan.

The cry that Pakistan is passing through a critical stage is as old as Pakistan itself. After the demise of The Father of the Nation, Muslim League became a horse without harness. The leadership of Muslim League had blown a tirade of hatred against east Bengal as they fabricated law to oust a stalwart of Hussain Shaheed Soharwari from National Politics. The East Bengalis who were frustrated on language issue took it as an assault on their National Integrity. The provincial elections in Punjab NWFP and Province of Sindh were rigged as shamelessly as the ballet boxes of the candidates opposing Muslim League nominees were openly broken and ballet papers were gifted to Muslim League Candidates. Thereafter no election in Pakistan was ever fair. All though it is commonly stated that 1970 elections were fair yet the fact is that during these elections the establishment had blown up balloon of Z.A Bhutto in west Pakistan and that of Mujeeb Ur Rehman in east Pakistan while the right wing parties were projected as clowns and agents of vested interest. An artificial storm of class hatred was blown to hoodwink the voters. The establishment was suffering from laxity to control the gangsters of PPP and Awami League. After the unhappy catastrophe of disintegration of Pakistan the misrule of PPP which was a by-product of convention Muslim League added intensity to crisis in Pakistan. Then Muslim League emerged from the house of dictator come president Zia-Ul-Haq. This Muslim League flourished on fraud deception an fallacy in the name of Islam. Now comes Qiad-e-Azam Muslim League under the umbrella of Zia-Ul-Haq and the favorite baby of dictator. Nawaz Sharif became the heart and soul of PML-N. Whatever Pakistan has been facing is delousing of Muslim League whether it was Liaquat Ali's Muslim, Daultana's Muslim League, Khoro's Muslim League, Qayum Khan's Muslim Leagues or Muslim League Nawaz.

In continuation of sectarian divide among muslims.

As I have posted our write up on Facebook and our website it has attracted one of my learned friends Mr. Abdur Rashid and he has been kind enough to give his suggestions and also suggested certain corrections in the substance. For example, he says that when I said “Muslims are butchering Muslims on the behest of their Ullema” he suggests that a suffix of ‘sue’ should be put with Ullema. I have little hesitation to do it. Yet the over whelming majority of those who occupy the pulpit and command the podium in mosques, imam bargah and seminaries do what we have said about them. It does not mean that the Ullema-e-Haq are not found among us. They are there, though in a very small number but to add to their numerical thinness they are not allowed to come up to the stage, nor there seminaries are as popular as it should be. They are not allowed to explain their constructive ideas or harmonizing news. Occasionally they are treated as if they are out-castes. They are also blamed as agents of aliens and hypocrites. This is yet another anomaly which has so far hindered coherence.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

At last the cat is out of bag. Tahir ul Qari's coating from scripture and ending up in an embrace with Chaudaries of Gujrat has exposed his real face and his impious intentions. As posted by us earlier Tahir Ul Qadri has been a reckless admirer of Pervez Musharraf and has been as bless famous as to equate with Imam Hussain. While Chaudaries of Gujrat have been offering all there services to make Musharraf President for life in uniform. This unholy alliance will further aggravate the critical situation in Pakistan. Their late afternoon 10 point declaration is nothing more than a net which had always been thrown to make the simple Pakistanis a prey. Muslim leagues earliest history is no exception to this deception. The splinter group of Muslim League known as Peoples Party was no different to its mother plant, i.e. Convention Muslim League. The impatience of Tahir Ul Qadri to become self claimed emancipator of Pakistanis by holding the reins of the country in his hand is obvious, when he accelerates his schedule of landing in Pakistan to July to June. This is going to be yet another deterioration in the crisis the country has been facing. At the hands of politicians to whom the trinity in this Photograph is no exception.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan Intra-taliban conflict exposes the clerics who have been glorifying the hired assassins who were let loose to commit genocide of those who do not believe in Saudi version of Islam. According to these clerics the hired assassins were like Mujahideen of early Islamic era, be sure i do maintain the difference between Islamic and Muslim periods but according to the clerics who were glorifying the essence the later were reassertion of (God forbid) the earliest Muslims. It is now yet a matter of grave concern as to whether the splinter group Sajna or the parent TTP are the likes of these clerics or both. Leaving aside the clerics which of these two groups are brothers of Nawaz Sharf who had been misled according to his minister of interior. This confusion may extend the wrath of the group not acknowledged as brothers by Nawaz Sharif and as pious Mujahideen by clerics may let loose there derberity against the masses of Pakistan. Another crisis which is commonly termed as GEO-crisis has put even the highest judiciary of Pakistan at stake and people do think until and unless the relationship of Judges with the top industrialist and bureaucrats is not checked it may cause a destructive resentment among people against each and every constituting of the country. The misfortune is that there is no leadership in Pakistan as brave as is required. The TV talk artist who style themselves as political leaders are either flatterers or docile and greedy persons always expecting am envelope full of currency notes from the opulent leadership who command every segment of society. Above all media of Pakistan is a group of Darbari Miraasis, corrupting the society through there versions and advertisements. The advertisements which are nude and immoral in any sense of the world occupying 80% of Media's time. But there is no group of people to raise voice against the corruptive activity of media.

Do you think a man should seek permission from his wife before taking a second wife?

The constitution under which Islamic ideology council came into being enjoins that it will be the duty of the state to make laws to enable Muslims to order there lives according to injunctions of Islam. No doubt a Muslim may have four wives at a time but it is imperative for him to do justice to every one of them. Whether his another marriage will ensure justice to the first wife or the senior wives is the duty of the state to see. If the cause for taking another wife is epicurean or the husband will fail to do justice to each or everyone of them, the state may disallow him to take another wife. Because causing injustice to any one is an un-Islamic act and the State of Pakistan is duty bound to preempt such designs and to prevent injustice to any one of their citizens male or female. The version of Islamic Ideology Council is simply absurd.

In Continuation of debate, about Shariah and the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

The Supreme Court has held in quite a few cases -Kaneez Farima’s being the most conspicuous one – that article 2A alone is not as effective as to bar any legislative or executive action being contrary to its mandate. The principal of policy which are otherwise very eloquent for essentiality of recognizing injunctions of Islam a Supreme command yet these principals are not justifiable and one cannot go to court to seek a writ of mandamus for commanding the state organs to act according to the principals of policy. Recently a case is pending in the Supreme Court where in worker party of Pakistan has prayed that the decision of Supreme Court Appellate Shariat Bench decision in Qazalbash trust case be reviewed as it is contrary to article 253 of the constitution; since the decision debars the state from taking away anybody’s property on plea of reforms. Article 253 is produced here under. “253. Maximum limits as to property, etc.,-(1) 1[Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)] may by law,- (a) Prescribe the maximum limits as to property or any class thereof which may be owned, held, possessed or controlled by any person and (b) Declare that any trade, business, industry or service specified in such law shall be carried on or owned, to the exclusion complete or partial, of other persons, by the Federal Government or a Provincial Government, or by a corporation controlled by any such Government. (2) Any law which permits a person to own beneficially or possess beneficially an area of land greater than that which, immediately before the commencing day, he could have lawfully owned beneficially or possessed beneficially shall be invalid.” The underlined clause of the article is obviously irreconcilable with the provisions of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and or thus repugnant to the injunctions of Islam but the same cannot be challenged on this plea. To be continued…

The debate about Shariah and the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan(1973).

I will try to confine myself only to Quran and Sunnah in this presentation and to the letter of constitution without being dependent on any other source. Except for dictionary meanings of words or phrases in the text. According to the Holy Quran Deen is Obedience to Allah and his prophet. The manager of Muslims affairs is to be followed as long as he conducts himself strictly in accordance with the injunctions of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and if he ever deviates the Muslims are to revert to the injunctions. This is command of Allah. Obedience to the Holy Prophet is Obedience to Allah as ordained in the Holy Quran. 1956 Constitution while giving definition of injunction of Islam had qualified the same with the interpretation given by the respective sect. This provision was not without being a source of aggravation of sectarian controversies. The wisdom prevailed on the framers of 1973 constitution and they did not put any rider clothes on the injunctions of Islam. I will hear in also give analysis of the Constitution for the following purposes:- 1. Whether the constitution submits to the supremacy of Islam without any reservation. 2. Whether the constitution keeps any type of legislation outside the ambit of supremacy of Islam. 3. Is there any repugnancy to Islam in any of the provisions of the constitution? Maybe during my exercise in this regard some suggestions, or criticism is forthcoming that also will be catered for at relevant time. To be continued…