In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of crisis in Pakistan Today’s crisis which may by now be subject of an APC under the president ship of PM Nawaz Sharif which is expected to be attended by heads/ representatives of all considerable opposition parties (Minus Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad who is everything in his party from any ordinary member to every office which a political party may have).One is shocked to see the magnanimity and sensitivity of the issues and the intellectual caliber and moral integrity of the persons who would assemble to steer the vote of this country out from whirl pool of crisis. If Modi has the courage to undo Water Treaty signed by the leaders of the stature of Pandat Jawar Lal Nehru and FM Ayub Khan, which has been smoothly, peacefully operated for about more than half a century. Is our Prime Minister equipped of intellect and moral courage to say that Pakistan will not further go by Red Cliff’s Award which is the evil spirit of all crisis between India and Pakistan. I am sure none an opposition including the self-styled Captain IK or the leader in the bud who claims to be successor to Z.A. Bhutto his grandfather and his own mother Banazir Bhutto could do it,  a few hours earlier SiraJ ul Haq was on serene stage of Moudodi was Jumping to copy Bhutto and was apt to make another Pakistan within India will have the necessary potential  to stage a resolution in APC meeting that Gurdas Pur is ours and we don’t claim Red Cliff’s Award. I am sure that the very idea will make them suffer sleepless nights. Whether some the Indian Army personnel sneaked into Pakistan for a surgical operation or not?  Is an issue which should not consumed whole of our energy to contradict this lie. Modi who had the courage to say in public in Dhaka that India made Bangladesh was the choicest guest of our PM at a wedding ceremony of Sharif’s family. We are so divested of wisdom that we day and night lamenting that Bollywood refused to entertain our actors. This is other major issues with our media and politicians. We are in habit of dreaming of seven fleet to arrive at East Pakistan shores but defeat never comes and East Pakistan reduce to Bangladesh. We are in the habit of responding to the smooth eating up of our tail by the jackal and say like a lamb. “My Mamu is combing my tail”. China has since 2014 issue with India about diversion of a tributre to the Brahputra and not damming up Brahputra but unfortunately our media encouraged by the Govt. caused this issue between India and China. A retaliation by China to India in response of Modi’s threat to undo the Water Treaty. Only Allah knows when he will take account of our politicians who don’t hesitate to mislead the nation on trivial as well as major issues. The only solution to our problem is that everyone who has an influence big or small an authority mild or forceful must be honest to himself. This is all the more needed of constituent of today’s APC.   if you divide a community into different segments and say that only one specific target of your assault and rest remain assured of peace and community will believe in one by one, then these segments are eliminated, there is a proverb in agricultural community of our side which runs as under. Four sports boys trespass into the melon filed of a farmer, he could not combat with them all once and together. He made them sit under shadow of a tree and got them introduced them to himself. One of them said I am son of a cobbler, other said I am son of a farmer, Third said I am son of Imam  Masjid and fourth said I am son of Pir. Old farmer first addressed to son of Cobbler. Saying you son of cobbler how you dare to tress passed my filed. Other three were told they were better than the first one. He tied him with the trunk of the tree and then came to farmer son you being son a farmer did not know how cruel it is to trespass into melon filed. The other two are respectable people, they could have done it. Then after taking him to trunk of tree, he reverted to Imam's son. And said the fourth is a son of Pir I can sacrifice all for him but how you dare being a son of a Molvi became thief. And did the same with him. Then he came to Pir's son and said you being a pious man's son have become dacoit and tied him as well with tree. He took his whip and entertained all four. But we are not a community of thieves. We apprehend that relationship between Modi and NS unless reined by Pakistani’s made us in some big trouble. I had earlier also expressed my views that if peace and fraternity prevail between Modi and NS why two nations are under their control. Or thrown into theater of war. you may, the same question you may put to Modi who is too intelligent and too sharp as compare to our PM. He may be in position to render explanation to this anomaly.

Role of those who are responsible for the present crisis in Pakistan

Present crisis in Pakistan agitates one’s mind to locate as to who are immediately responsible for it to be honest to the doing of Sharifs, Imran Khan, Tahir Ul Qadri, PPP and those clerics who are always expectant for the fall of the lower lip of a camel walking in front of a Jackal . A parable goes that a camel driver was going on his journey and he saw a jackal following him but having his eye on the lips of camel. He asked it why you are so eagerly following us. The Jackal replied don’t you see the hanging lower lip of your camel which soon fall and I will enjoyed it. But here for the clerics the cash in hands of the giver and they need not wait for hanging of the lip. The politicians are as big thieves as the Sharifs. Therefore, all these factors join together to mislead and hooding the public who may wise to find solution via revolution for their miserable plight.

About gift of car by a U.A.E. Sheikh to the Daughter of our Prime minister.

About gift of car by a U.A.E. Sheikh to the Daughter of our Prime minister. Gift is always for certain consideration let the donee spell out the consideration which moved the donor to make the gift. The donated car was subject to payment of certain millions rupees tax where from the tax amount claim which cleared the car for use by the donee. Such a huge amount i.e. 37 lacs rupees should also have been paid by the donee from her own pocket. The source of huge amount of tax has not been disclosed to public moreover use of such a car without fuel is not possible what is the source which arranges for fuels and other services related to the vehicles. Supreme Court has disqualified a candidate because there was disparity of a few rupees in the assets submitted by him in his nomination papers and here is the huge of amount of rupees 37 lacs plus hundreds of thousands of rupees to make the car going and to go by the car. The excuse for the sin is worst than the sin. عزر گناہ بد تر از گناہ

Hullakus of Riyadh

It is stated that Hullaku and Khawaja Hafiz were contemporary. The former extended his empire to terrestrial limits known to him, by soaking the entire territory with human blood, demolishing citadels, seminaries and palaces, his army plundering millions of Eves of their chastity along-with all sorts of havoc which can be captured by human imagination only. The captured territory included Samarkand and Bukhara as well. Horrified by this all and having no arsenal to fight, Khawaja Hafiz chose to shoot a dart of words which remain classic. اگر آن ترک شیرازی بدست آرد دل ِ مارا۔ بخال ہندو اش بخشم سمر قند و بخارا را۔ If my beloved of Sheraz wins my heart. I will bestow upon her black mole Samarkand and Bukhara. He clearly retarded Hullaku that hundreds of thousands of souls killed by him was an act cruel to be justified because a black spot on the face of a man is much more precious than all these territories. Hullaku was enraged when he learnt of the verse. He summoned Hafiz to his court and asked him what that generosity was? The humble soul replied it is this well placed or ill placed generosity which makes my back naked. Let someone remind Hullakus of Riyadh how ignoble and ferocious they are when they are committing ruthless massacre of mankind in Yemen for capturing a territory of Yemen for their greedy objectives.

On my last article Zunbair Bacha put following question to me and my reply to the same.

Q: Zubair Bacha It's correct but make sure to tell way ways to confront Ans.: Zubair Bacha Sb we can confront this menace by strictly observing secularism, nationalism and democracy of course Islam is the best course but the clergy has so confused the Muslims that hardly a very insignificant percentage of people can discern Islam from what it is not. The confusion that persist is as old as 1400 Lunar years and by passage of time the vested interest has added to this confusion. Let us see what is contribution of the ideal Islamist party Jamat E Islami to the cause of Islam. Yesteryear Ameer says Islam can be forced through Jihad and Qataal. He further maintain that Muslim culture being corrupted by women participated in functions where men to throng. He further says Musical plays are adding to corruption of society yet he is blind enough to note the presence of Siraj Ul Haq the incumbent Ameer Who is inseparably connected with Imran Khan the founder of the culture in Pakistan which has been assailed by Munawer Hassan. If this is the mafia to whom Islam is interested the fate of the Creed is not in any secret chamber. Let the people rise to get rid of all those who are in power and the others who claim to substitute them because all of them from Parliament to Dharna are chips of the same block and to quote a British Governor Milkha Sing or Nathoo Sing are all bloody same thing.

In continuation of Ashara E Moharram.

In continuation of Ashara E Moharram. The style of the author is so beautiful that it can be described only as poetic prose. However, he is precise and always to the point. He enriches his discourses and writings with verses from the poets of highest caliber in both Persian and Arabic. It is our scheme to put into brackets the sense of the poetry embedded by the learned author. The substance of four verses from some renowned Persian poets quotes the author. (This is the time, when in zigzag of lamentation, the soul of the lamenter burns with the bitterness of his lament. This is time, when on the thresholds of those parda observers, angels would prostrate. They are rushing out of their tents to avoid being rendered into ashes. As their shelters have been torched and it is the smoke of the flames which served as their veils. Although souls have threats of incarceration All the hearts became blood with the grief of gloom about their release.) It is only Hussain s/o Ali who confronting awful ranks and files of the enemies calling out (Akbar where are thou. Abbas where to find thee). The fact is the dead hearts in wants of life who seeks pains and warmth and the souls who find solace, in beating their breast and those tongues whom wail and cry is beloved and whose eyes are fond of shedding blood for the life and charm of their mourning sessions, this only vibe suffices. If huge floods of blood assume current of an ocean and the earth starts trembling with the shivering of those buried in graves, even then the jolt and noise will not equal the one produced. (by a single phrase gushing out from lamentations sung in honour of Hussain. But Alas! How many hearts are there who have appreciated this tragedy, its lessons and implications? How many eyes are there who while shedding their tears and crying their wails? do realize the par excellence role played by Hussain, which remains hidden in this great tragedy. To be continued……


IN CONTINUATION OF ASHURA E MUHARRAM AND IMAM UL HIND. The author was during the period he contributed the subject Article had been at pain wrenching his heart because he was the champion of Khilafat cause and Muslim unity while the Khilafat was victim of the world powers of the day viz. the Great Britain and France. Within its own folds it was being eaten by worms like Ahle Saud and Faisal of Hijaz. This chaotic period was the harbinger of what we are experiencing today in form of terrorism, sectarian strives an blood shedding of Muslims by Muslims. It is in this background that writings and discourses of the author in that period are full of painful references of his time. Although a few sentences as a prelude to this article may seem out of place yet I could not venture to by the same. To start with in this article the author makes reference to the painful events of the recent of his recent past in context of Muslim society collapse and fall of its republic. The valour, the dignity and the self respect which were hallmarks of Muslim rule had almost diminish and Muslim world had been rendered into theatre of conspiracy and internecine strives. To briskly comes to the article it follows as under:- The article is captioned with a Persian number “I have taken candles with sincerity to the graves of the martyrs. It is for this that they have blessed me with a heart and soul shedding tears. Let us, first of all recollect a mourning ceremony which we have forgotten, how many days have passed that we have become ignorant of culture of mourning and lamentation. We do not hear a cry of wail nor a gathering, nor shedding of tears the charm of worries is forgotten and the Bazar of pain has no hustle bustle. No recent injury irritates nor does an old wound erupt. Oh Allah, give me a heart I don’t want the life less one in my bosom. We have forgotten the dessert of Tripoli; the people have removed from their memory, the painful story of holy Mashhad, Macedonia and Albania which are very recent tragedies nothing to worry if same are forgotten but there is a tragedy which dominates pages of history and shall continue to do so and even if some people try to forget it there remain multitude to celebrate it to refresh their injury. It is a grave tragedy which took place one thousand and two hundreds and fifty years ago. This time it so happened that issue of Alhilal was to be out exactly during Ashra E Moharram. I mean that great tragedy i.e is martyrdom of the Prince of martyrs, Hussain A.S. may Allah bless him, his ancestors and give us a share of His bounty as a seeker from among those who beseech salvation through him! To continue……………….

Syed H Naqvi my FB friend put a question to me and my reply to him as under respectively:-

Syed H Naqvi my FB friend put a question to me and my reply to him as under respectively:- Question: Does it mean that you are happy with existing system ? If not how do you suggest the change should occur ? Do you want to remain with in the system and suggest change from within ? My ideal is to achieve basic necessasities for the people, social justice, end to police brutalities no more loans from IMF, cheaper electricity, cheaper cost of can we achieve with in the system because you condem both the vehicles of change. Answer:- Had it not been a query about my personal view. I would have not stated what I am going to narrate below:- we are in politics for two generations and our politics is that of resistance. It was in 1914 that my father with great distinction passed entrance Examination of Punjab University when the subcontinent has only two universities. Sometimes later he was offered Tehsildar's post which was a service very coveted for by Muslims in British Raj. He declined it join Khilafat Movement and courted arrest and served Jail sentence of 6 months. He never regretted his decision at any time in his life. He one of senior most members of Jamat e Islami. Because of him and his friend of Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan of Dhok Sharfa. I got proximity with Moulana Moododi during my studies at UNiversity Law College Lahore I with other colleagues of mind had scores of visit to Moulana's head quarters and had direct question and answer session with him. I had very close association with Hafiz Kafaiyat Hussain and Allama Azhar Hassan Zaidi during the same period. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto made personal request to me to join his party on 21-04-1969 but I declined because grand Ayatullah Mohsin Hakeem had given Fatwa that socialism was Kufr. Begum Nusrat Bhutto was my guest at my residence during her campaign against Ayub Khan while Z.A. Bhutto was arrested by the Field Marshal. Chaudary Muhammad Ali the only valid coin in the pocket of the Quaid had been visiting my house during his campaign against Ayub Khan. In this back ground Ik and TUQ Nawaz Sharif and the like are the most insignificant pigmies for me. I am not slave of personality cult. Those who mount air conditioned container and live a luxurious life in a 40 acres house or enjoy their lives in Jati Ummrah palaces or live in self imposed exile in London are parricides and not national leaders. They cannot serve the nation and whatever they can do is in their personal interest. Every conscientious person would hate them for me they are rotten eggs and i wish somebody puts them in a single basket and the nation gets rid of them. Pakistan crisis will end when the alluded to basket of rotten eggs is exploded.

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan The key note in addresses of IK and TUQ numbering about more than 600000, that they will restore to the nation if they will come in power. Both of them are either ignorant or have been fooling the nation among others from the following reasons:- 1. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan consisted of the present Pakistan plus modern Bangladesh East Pakistan. 2. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan was not a sovereign state it was a British dominion. How these stalwarts will oblige Queen Elizabeth to oblige Pakistan as Such? 3. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan has no constitution nor even the objective resolution, therefore, there were no fundamental rights of the citizen and the country was governed under Govt. India Act, 1935. 4. The crisis in Pakistan is due to the fact the leaders mislead the nation and force them to live in utopia. Is it possible for all of us in Pakistan to retrieve Bangladesh into East Pakistan or to regain dominions status or to forego Constitution 1973 and be prepared to be ruled by Govt. of India Act, 1935? If not so, why to be always guilty of self deception or of misleading the nation?

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan One of the major factors of crisis in Pakistan is the tendencies of masses to worship their leaders and the attitude of the leaders is that they are not ordinary human under this complex they act really as inhuman. For instance the Senate committee on parliamentarian privileges after Arjamand Azhar’s confrontation with Rehman Malik demands that on air ports separate arrangements for registration, reception and departure must be separate and the people must be kept at a distance (though it may not be respectable distance). In this context the self styled revolutionary leaders like Ik and TUQ are not exception. Out of the two the former behaves like a despot of eighteen century behaves with his surfs are a third class a police head constable with suspect under investigation. Who will take the nation out of the multi dimensional crisis?

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. The problems resulting in chaos in societies has been among other factors due to personality cult. Pakistan is for its chaos and crisis has been victim of interalia personality cult. One of malefactors in personality cult is that those who worship a hero take all that the hero says as gospel and try to act according to it. By now the political struggle in Pakistan has divided the society participating in this struggle in three groups. according to one of them Nawaz Sharif is a here, the other two considered IK and TUQ as their respective hero. To me it appears that Nawaz Sharif is gradually fading out but the remaining two are according to their worshipers improving day by day their popularity. Leave a side TUQ for the time being because his fans are dogmatically committed to him therefore no amount of argument can make them believe that he is not capable of delivering. So far as IK is concerned he is also like Nawaz Sharif not that rapidly yet slowly loosing popularity and people are getting disillusion. His last night discourse (between October 1-2 2014) has been apology to an orator. He had little substance to say, little and little vocabulary to communicate but lot of music to play and lot of time to waste. His intellectual caliber matches Nawaz Sharif, his aggressive manner while making a speech may match a dictator he does not have courtesy to say dear, worthy honourable audience he addresses Pakistanis as if he is an S.H.O and the nation is suspected under investigation. How and by whom we will come out of crisis and when is yet a quest in hearts of the people with a dismal hope to have a deliverer.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan It is a well known fact that one of factor responsible for Crisis in Pakistan is a hypocritical a self contradictory stance taken by all the Governments and Parliaments about Islam and secularism. The 45 days discourses of self esteemed reformers- Philosophers viz. IK and TUQ has not taken a step forward and out of this hypocrisy. In one stance they say that Pakistan will be a populist state wherein everyone will be equal to all others without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion. These words hardly reach the ears of the audience when the next sentence is that they will establish a Govt. on the pattern of righteous Caliphate. It means that the so called reformers are no worse and no better than their predecessors from whom they want to take over the state power. This means that even if these self claim emancipators succeed the crisis which is the product of the above mentioned hypocrisy and contradiction shall perpetuate.

In continuation of Crises in Pakistan

In continuation of Crises in Pakistan Normally forty days struggle pays back the Bible also make mention of forty days in context of execution of his mission by Hazrat Mausa. Forty days have significance in Muslim cultural ritual. The agitation lead by IK and TUQ is to reach forty days after about 2,3 days, yet there are no sign of any fruitful result of this matchless struggle of people sitting-in under the leader ship of IK and TUQ. The Jirga formed with Siraj Ul Haq as its head does not seem to have any other ambition than to have them projected in media. The negotiation among the warring parties is also futile exercise. The politician in Pakistan all included involved in this turmoil are chameleon, lizard, vulture and wolfs none of them struggle for the people of Pakistan they do not hesitate to change colors and to intake what is forbidden in Islam and morality. To those who are in parliament Nawaz Sharif is = Islam +Pakistan + Justice +democracy Constitution and all that has been said by the sages about virtue; no matter he is tyrant a corrupt ruler a ruthless Governor and hot-less Chief executive of Pakistan and all that is evil personified. He is sometimes executing mission of Zia Ul Haq when it suits him and becomes a democrat when he has to deceive the public. He claims to be as power full as an atom Bomb and when in difficulty he behaves like a skinning snake. Those leading the agitation deserved appreciation yet they are most probably lacking capacity to be equal to the task they have assumed to themselves. Thus the crises in Pakistan become deeper by passage of every second.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The ouster, of present ruthless fraudulent and politically bankrupt sometimes, seems so close and likewise so distant. The leaders of the agitation also seem to be determined to execute their uphill task of ousting the tyrant, usurping the office with nothing moral but fraud. It sometime looks that the campaign launched by IK and TUQ continuing a period of one and half months may not sustain anymore, at every such juncture fresh energy is inducted by some invisible power into the mobs which may otherwise exhaust their stamina. The Government without any moral or Constitutional authority does not look to submit to popular will in-spite of the fact that Go Nawaz Go is the Voice of every Pakistani who has learnt to be vocal-----other than the chameleon, the vultures and the wolves haunting the parliament house. The interview of Governor of Punjab with ARY media channel lifts an onion layer from the formidable heap of the problems, which are individually and jointly capable of demolishing any citadel whereas ours is a crumbling edifice. The international community easily identifiable is playing in the back ground and our Govt. in particular and the agitators in general are believe to be fighting a proxy war in this whole trouble people are pointing their fingers towards Saudi Arabia ( without fear of contradiction) America, Iran, India and Russia. Will a tender maize crop be capable of resisting the fight of this multitude of wild boars? Only Allah can protect us.

In Continuation of crisis in Paksitan.

In Continuation of crisis in Paksitan. The developments rather stalemate in Islamabad sit-ins is evidence of the facts that the Govt. does not have any sympathy with the agitators nor they have shown any respect for human life and dignity for People of Pakistan to them the Constitution which is personified in Nawaz Sharif and the parliamentarians are is cronies if Nawaz Sharif is hurt the constitution is violated. Their performance shows that they take Nawaz Sharif and idol to be worshiped. It is strange that “luminaries” make orations some of them saying the Model Town tragedy is of the things “which must be in every great victory” (Court from Light Brigade) some of them make a fugitive reference in sympathetic words about the dead but briskly escape any productive criticism of the same. One had expected Fazal Ur Rehman to give some human expression but he too became a corruptive agent when acting like Rafiq Tarrid an emissary of Nawaz Sharif for corrupting Judges performed similar functions for purchasing Altaf Hussain to the Sharifs’ Camp. Altaf Hussain a self proclaimed emancipator could not resist the fragrance of crispy dollar notes brought to him by saint Fazal Ur Rehman and that was the sum total of the value of the escaped in London. There may be much more to write yet I think I cannot make my friends more knowledgeable than they are. Now about the container residents i.e. TUQ and IK by and large the common men who have been bitterly opposed to Nawaz sharif and has had sympathies with the agitation launched by them have been disappointed by the mode, pace and output of this agitation. These two persons leading their respecting mobs which they claim runs into hundred of thousand. While their opponents says two zeroes in their figure are spurious……… have failed to mobilize public opinion in the country because people have doubts about bonafides and source of inspiration. Some people say that this is yet another attempt by the powers supporting status quo in Pakistan to divert a genuine revolutionary movement of a kind of Kamalist’s revolution in Pakistan has people are fed up of slogan mongering and felonious performance by the Govt. for the last about seven decades. If intentions are to be gather from end product of an adventure then certainly Parliament of Pakistan is acting as an abettor of murderers, dacoits and anti nation inhuman elements. If performance is the yard stick to measure the competence of the performer then both TUQ and IK are rushing to prove their incompetence and inequality to the task they have chosen of their own volitions. May Allah disillusion the people of Pakistan so that they may be able to learn from their experience.

In continuation of crises in Pakistan 02-09-2014

In continuation of crises in Pakistan The Govt, the judiciary, the Arm forces, the parliament and the protestors in a bid to established their legitimacy and competence have now everyone taken up its position. And the nation is expecting a result without knowing whether it will be to its benefits or not. All the forces mentioned above are active/pro active to establish their legitimacy more than benefit of people of Pakistan. The judiciary notices to pieces of recently washed and spread on its fence for drying up, yet it fails to take notice of the blood on the roads of Lahore and Islamabad, shed by the system it wants to protect. The Army has not shown so far as to what are the considerations, before, it for solving the terrible crises. The parliamentarians only want to save their lawful or ill-gotten gains. The Royal dynasty wants to become Aale Saud by support of warlords, the Mullas and beneficiaries of the system like Zardari,Achakzai etc. The sycophants, the cronies and lackeys of the royal family beside. The agitators in containers have miserably failed to mobilize public opinion. The crises in Pakistan has reached a stage where the victim is suffocated, the dacoit let loose and watch dog is dosing in its den. Allah knows who is the sinner or what is the sin for which Pakistan is put in this hellish position. May Allah Save us for the sake of his holly Prophet.

In continuation of Sectarian Divides among Muslims……..

In continuation of Sectarian Divides among Muslims........ Syed H Naqvi Fighting in Iraq and Syria by these Takfeeri volunteers can be taken care of by forces of Ahlibait AS but in Pakistan we are not organized enough to counter them. Govt of Pakistan and courts must do their best to stem this trend. My dear Naqvi Sb let us examine historicity of Shias contribution in making of Pakistan as far as they were not led by their clergy. It would reveal without fear of contradiction that without active role of Shias Pakistan would have not come into being because Sunni effective sect by and large was against creation of Pakistan. To proof first part of my contention I would quote that Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Sir Sultan Shah, Agha Khan, Raja of Mehood Abad and other like them were spear heading Pakistan movement were Shias Mr. Jinnah and Raja of Mehmood Abad were Shias Twelvers whereas Sir Sultan Shah Agha khan was living Imam of the ever first splinter group of Shias who are called Sixer. In the second category quoted above Hussain Ahmad Madni( chief of deoband school), Abdu l Kalam Azad though liberal and exponent of Sunni, Anyat Ullah Mashriki scholar of high calibre belonging to Sunni school adds from his writing one draws irresistible influence that he was oppose to Shias concepts, Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari, and while short listing above all Mulana Modudi a renowned Sunni scholar were against Pakistan movement. However, it is significant to note that Shias leading Pakistan movement didn’t belong to orthodoxy nor they sort verdict of justification of their movement for Shia clergy. Soon after independence Shia clergy jumped in politics and established different groups rival to each other with claims to safeguard Shia interest and in this respect big names are Syed Muhammad Delvi, Hafiz Kafait Hussain\Muzafar Ali Shamsi, Mufti Jaffer Hussain and their rival Jamil Hussain rizvi and Hamid Musfi fought with each other collected funds in the name of Ahlibait AS and fought effectively promoting the cause of Shia interest in Pakistan. Leaving aside what were other demerits of their movement they divided Sihas into different personal groups causing each other to be agents of anit-Shia formations. The basic faults with these leaders were that they demanded separate syllabus for Shia students in courses about Muslim history. This unthought-of demand, I will say lay the foundation of Shia-Sunni conflict in Pakistan. However, conflict remains confined to debates without blaming Shias to be kaffir. Yet a greater harm and irredeemable damage to Shias was conspired and instigated by Zia Ul Haq and Mufti Jaffer Hussain was played manipulated by him when he on 6th of July 1980 organized Shia protest rally in Islamabad demanding exemption of Shias from provisions of zakat and ushar ordinance. This was what was required by Zia to isolate Shias and to expose them to criticism of the orthodox Deobandis and pro-Saudi group of Sunni clerics. It was at this juncture that Saudi lobby came into action and called Shias to be erratic. This was the time that Zia Ul Haq succeeded in twisting of Shias arms thinking that thereby he will weaken pro Iran lobby in Pakistan which was aim of USA because of Iran Iraq war. The still greater fault of Shia clerics who were by now rightly or wrongly occupied position of leadership of Shias resorted to collect funds and khums from Shias and misappropriated the amounts so collected and kept busy the milat in listening to their sermons least relevant to their problems faced by Shias in result of non payment of zakat as per the above mentioned ordinance. Yet they failed to make alternate arrangements for the financial assistance to the needy of the Shias in Pakistan. And further the hidden damage to the needy by this version of the Shia clergy, Sunnis became hostile to Shia alm-seekers and who so ever in earlier parlance (give me in the name of Allah and the five infallible) he was retorted.” Go to Mufti Jaffer Hussain who has decreed non payment of zakat as so your creed demands”. Gradually this parlance became obsolete and “Shias are heretic” became an effective slogan of pro Saudi. Wall chalking in the country got started by Zia Ul Haqs platoon of pro Saudi clerics speared no wall no poll no billboards were left to unlettered by these anti-Shias slogans. How grave is the crime of the Shia clerics is so evident that because of the unwise and corruptive conduct of Shia clergy the roads from Taftan to Hungu are daily found with the dead bodies of those slain for their love for Ahlibait As. As the clergy failed in providing alternate of zakat to the needy Shias in the degree worst than that they have made Shias vulnerable and without any effective measures to protect them. The Shia cleric has failed to compete Sunni clerics in providing the community any guideline for regulating their lives in a multi-creed society. There is no commendable literature produced by Shia clerics providing guied lines or solutions for socio-political problems Pakistan has been facing. There only role is to wear their brrowed clothes, look like Irani Mulas use alien phraseology which is Greek to the audience and pose themselves as saviours of the community under assault by the rivals and in some way or the other attributable to these clerics of Shia community. They have failed to make arrangements for creating harmony in Shias rather they are responsible for intra Shia fights. They have made the community indiscipline, arrogant and satisfied with the slogans they raise and fell that these are the measures of their salvation. New trend in Shia clergy is that he must appear on tv and make false statements about their stature and scholarly authenticity, where as they are completely ignorant of the current problems. They boast to liberate Al-Quds and destroy America with the only justification that they are copying Iranian’s. Unless the Shia Mula is kept at a respectable distance from the society Shias cannot expect any relief from the relentless victimisation they have been facing since Zia’s time.


IN CONTINUATION OF CRISIS IN PAKISTAN Yesterday Zaid Hamid an analyst vehemently (as it is usual with him) stated that Pakistani volunteers are operative in Iraq siding I.S.I.S and also in Syria siding with the rebels there. Though obviously in furtive tone stated that some Pakistani are also joined Hizbullah in the troubled areas, this part of the statement is rather an attempt by him to appear just though without facts. How these elements have gone there. Who provided them the space and the facility to travel that far. Be as it may there will be  many dangerous suspicion about Pakistani Government being slack or accommodative to those who are interested in sumugling of these elements to the troubled areas of Iraq and Syria. One may say that Nawaz Govt. reluctance to launch timely operation in Waziristan and that was the reason that his defence minister and other Vocal members of his cabinets were under mining the efforts to launch an effective and timely operation in North Waziristan. This phenomenon will yet be another aggravating factor in chaos and crisis in Pakistan.


The pace of chaos has become quicker than it used to be since 1947. The massacre of seventhieth June perpetrated by Muslim League who claim to be mother of Pakistan. Such treatment is not given even by step mother to the children of her husband from another wife. What was the justification for hitting in the mouths of ladies clad in classical Islamic dress and staying in a seminary though the sharp shooters might have had any sectarian bias against them. Why innocent people were killed and ruffed up as enemies by govt. of Mian Nawaz Sharif whose party men call him Quaid E Azam sani may be he himself believes to be senior to Quaid Azam himself because he says he could not be daunted by U.S. while he expressed his determination to explode his so called atom bomb. He has behaved like the hawk of a waiver which would always catch the chickens of the masters when thrown to prey a patrage . The verse part of the story is that the whole of the nation and the leader who deem it to be catastrophe verse than that of Jilian Wala Bagh committed by General Dire. Have so far not reacted to the tyranny even as meekly as Shias do. This reaction to tyranny speaks of total loss of self respect by the leaders of the country. Making speeches holding press conferences enjoying Iftar parties and giving lectures full of verbosity is no contribution to the cause of the slain without any fault and the emancipation of the nation from its enslavement by Sharifs of Raiwand. It appears in days to come. which will not be too many, the nation will be reduced to a colony of Sharifs.

Shia victimization in Pakistan its causes and remedy.

Shia victimization in Pakistan its causes and remedy. Syed H Naqvi Bukhari Sb Please see my latest post on my perspective of shia killings. PLease suggest any organizational or leadership measures to change the situation. Do you think UNO is the forum OR that too is a tool of the international establishment? Naqvi Sahb, I was intending to write on this subject with as much of objectivity as humanly possible. For that purpose I wanted to have chronological data of Shia and anti Shia strife. It is not possible that I could do it without plenty of time for this purpose at my disposal, however, in view of urgency express by you i would mention some activity but without dates when the same took place. It will be under various headings that follow:-  
  1. In recent past i.e. in Zia ul Haq’s period when he enforce Zakat and Ushar ordinance most probably at the inkling of some agencies that manipulate chaotic situation in the country for the advantage of the Rulers, Mufti Jafar Hussain was prompted to launch protest against the ordinance. Shias like other Muslims are quick to rise at emotional instigations at still quicker to subside and forget the issue. The folly in this agitation was that Shias refuse to pay Zakat but did not make any arrangements as an alternate for the help of the needy of the community. On the other hand lot of Sunnis rushed to swear false affidavits to the effect that they are Shias and thereby evaded payment of Zakat on their bank accounts. The anti Shia forces thought that by this devise the Shia whose are in minority may exceed numerically and be a threat to a Sunni majority benefits. In the same context Shia law of inheritance favouring female has also been exploited without bonafides by certain property owner without a male issue to falsely assume that they are Shias also aggravates the issue.
  2. It is my personal  experience and I can say without fear of  contradiction that Shia clerics having licence ۔(اجازہ) from grand mujtahideen for collecting Khums misappropriate the amount spend it on their luxuries and live a life which is enviable to feudal lords. They talk in a parlance which is more than hypocritical and is often couched in phraseology alien to the people of Pakistan. They pose to act like Irani clergies or Iraqi Scholars with all the deficiency of their own knowledge about the problem faced by the Shias.
  3. These facts make Shias vulnerable by those who serves on Saudis agenda to minimise Shia’s population in Pakistan.
  4. In these circumstances the most regrettable lapse of Shia leadership is that it never cares for economic problem of the Shia community and do not make capable of defending themselves.
No doubt solidarity of Iran for its being our neighbour and for its being first country to recongnised Pakistan and to have stood of great assistance to Pakistan during Indian aggression. Air Marshal Asghar Khan  has often quoted that in 1965 War he was sent by Ayub Khan to seek Iran’s support for Pakistan and he says when he reached the royal palace he was without any diplomatic formalities was granted interview by the Shah who summoned his defence minister without any loss of time and ordered him to put all Air Force resources of Iran at the disposal of Pakistan. This was not because Shah was a theocratic cleric but it was for the reason that he considered solidarity of Pakistan to be in the interest of Iran. In the same spirit Shias must not boost slogans in favour of Iran. For the reason that its present government is led by Shia theocracy, their stance should be that we support Iran because peaceful Iran and peaceful Afghanistan will insure peace and prosperity in the region. The empty slogans mongering by Shia cleric glorifying Iranian cleric is taken  as provocative by the above anti Shia segment of Pakistani society.
  1. Until Shia leadership identifies needy Shias’ financial problems and create means to eradicate deep sense of deprivation among Shia  have-nots. The vulnerability of Shias in Pakistan will remain intact.
  2. Allah says ان لیس لاانسان الا ماسعی ۔  and Allah does not change the fate of a nation unless it strives for its change. Don’t look towards United Nation or any other agency for your protection and safety. Because you are made vulnerable either because of your behavior or because of your weakness coupled with a sting to others.
  To continue after any query or criticism.


The recent Serious Debate about an honourable Judge of Supreme Court and majority of media group is threatening the social fabric of Pakistan. The earlier decision in political cases particularly Tamiz Ud Din Case, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto case ( which is commonly known as judicial murder), Zafar Ali Shah’s Case, justifying Musharraf takeover of Nawaz Government has already eroded people confidence about judicial verdict when it involves the interests of power that matter and the principles of citizens’ rights now the more serious situation has arisen when the code of conduct of Supreme Court Judges is ignored and not correctly quoted by the honourable Judge himself. What is going to be the end result is not a mystery? The people losing confidence in government, legislature and courts will probably soon rise to get rid of what????????????????

May Tahir Ul Qadri Explain!

طاہر القادری صاحب کے نام! بقول شمس تبریزطاہرالقادری کی جلد میش میں تو بہت کچھ ہے جلد خویش میں کیا کچھ ہے۔ اس کی ایک مثال جس کا میں خود چشم دید گواہ ہوں:- پرویزمشرف کے اقتدار میں آنے کے فوراً بعد جو یوم حسین کی تقریب معین الدین حیدر کی زیر صدارت منعقد ہوئی۔جس کے مہمان خصوصی طاہرالقادری صاحب تھے اور سٹیج سیکریٹری غضنفر مہدی صاحب تھے۔ ہوٹل کا ھال سامعین سے بھر ا ہوا تھا۔ جب طاہر القادری صاحب کی باری آئی تو انہوں نے فرمایاکہ پرویز مشرف کا وہی ایجنڈا ہے جو امام حسین کا تھا اس پر میرا بیٹا بلال حیدر جو اس وقت اے لیول کا طالب علم تھا اس نے چائے پر طاہر القادری صاحب سے پوچھا کہ کیا حسین یزید کا برخاست شدہ سپہ سالارتھااور انہوں نے اس کے خلاف بغاوت کی تھی ۔ حسین اور پرویز مشرف میں کیا مماثلت ہے؟ تو طاہرالقادری صاحب بعد میں ان کے پاس حاضر ہونے کی تلقین کرتے ہوئے چل پڑے۔البتہ اس اثناءمیں جب معین الدین حیدر صاحب کی تقریر کی باری آئی تو انہوں نے بڑے دل پذیر انداز میں کہا کہ حسین بننے کے لیے نانی خدیجہ ہو۔ ماں فاطمہ ہو۔ نانا محمد عربی ہوں باپ حیدر کرار ہو۔ دادا ابو طالب ہو۔بہن زینب ہو تو حسین بنتا ہے۔ایک مہذب شخص کی طرف سے طاہر القادری صاحب کے لیےمعین الدین حیدر کی یہ باتیں میرے بیٹے کی تلخ باتوں سے زیادہ وقیع وموئژ ہیں۔کیا طاہر القادری صاحب کا آج بھی یہی عقیدہ ہےکہ مشرف اور حسین کا ایک ہی ایجنڈاہے ۔ خدا کے لیے تمھیں اگر اتنا علم ہے جس کے تم مدعی ہو تو اسے اپنے عمل سے ظاہر کرو۔ یہ قوم صدیوں سے لچھے دار خطبے سن رہی ہے۔ ناموس رسالت کے لیے اپنا سر دو اور اس کے لیے کسی مجمع کا انتظار نہ کرو۔

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan Storm in tea cup of Imran Khan, Tahir ul Qadri and their prototype is a device which a hunter plays with the game birds, he instructs his pointer to comb the bushes in the hunting field and locate game birds. The game birds scared dash out of the bush and the hunter who is a shooter successfully aims them and enriches his bag. Imran Khan or for that matter Tahir ul Qadri are just pointers to expose the genuine revolutionary people for their being short by CIA so that it could either eliminate them or make them ineffective for a real revolution in Pakistan. They all i.e. the Sharifs, the Bhutto and all the agitators on TV are the litter of the same mother so far as politics in Pakistan is concern. It is for these reasons that their call for eleventh May does not attract the opinion makers in the country. They deem it to be an exercise in favour of status quo. This hoax if enacted will only add to the magnitude of the prices which is already feared to be fatal to Pakistan. It is alarming to note that these days Nawaz Sharif with his younger brother and Chief of Army Staff are absent from Pakistan while the country cannot be left uncared for in these precarious movement.

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. Sixty thousand estimated to have been killed by those who are now brotherly to Nawaz Sharif, but there has been no mourning about any of them and the space given to their News is far less than the incident of injuries cause to one of media man who according to Moulana Moududi are prototype of Mirasi (مراثی) of Royal Darbar. Nawaz Sharif found himself obliged to seek appreciation of the media house and walked to his bed in hospital with bunch of roses. The politicians even besides him have been no less crazy in this exercise. The abuses heard by Hamid Mir on the strategic institution of the country and his ceaseless effort to cause sectarian strives is no secret. One wonders while the victims of abuses of Hamid Mir are so docile. They should either retaliated or resigned.

In continuation of crisis in pakistan

In continuation of crisis in pakistan:. The on going controversy about hamid mir and Armed Forces is unnecessarily Monopolizing people`s anxiety in fact hamid mir and nawaz sharif are one and the same frequency, the principal aim being to harness the forces steed . pramafacia the forces are also not in a mood to react and appeared to be reconciliatory with nawaz sharif. let the people show their usual indifference to this issue also and have peaceful sleep because even if they like they can not get rid of the cobweb woven around them by saudi`s and USA. The whole of the game is to keep people absorbed in NON ISSUES and to stealthily create an autonomous zone for saudi agents to operate in pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The forces and the facts which could make Pakistan a strong nation have brought to such a pity condition as prevail today. This is all because of incompetence corruption and timidity of political leadership whether in Govt. or besides it. Geopolitically Pakistan is so situated that it could avail itself of its neighborhood and also the states that had ambition to have access to the Subcontinent whether through sea or land for trade but not for aggression. The other strong force was the religion which if used as a medium of harmony it could blessed a nation with invincible solidarity. However, by playing agents of foreign powers Pakistan Govt. have threaten the solidarity of the country and by using religion as a medium to devoid and rule they have force the country to the brink of anarchy and the present govt. is now anxious to lie down in front of terrorists.

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The Nawaz Govt. in Pakistan looks like a forsaking child who depends on the enemies of his family for existence. Its irrefutable defeatist attitude towards the terrorists is evidence of not only its timidity but also of its indifference towards the very existence of Pakistan. It is now being claimed by Nawaz Sharif that he and the forces are one and on the same page if this assertion is true then it is beyond any doubt that he is going to give final shape to Saudi script of the drama. The shocking phenomenon is that those who claim to be leaders of public opinion whether Misters or Mullas are worse in their integrity than Nawaz Sharif himself. This critical situation is almost similar to the one which prevail in the Muslim world during the fall of Othman Empire. If one has a chance to go through “MIDDLE EAST FROM MUHAMMAD TO MUSTAFA KAMAL” BY SIDNEY NATILTON one will confirm that Pakistan’s present day situation is worse than turkey of Sultan Abdul Hameed. But to save turkey God sent Mustafa Kamal Ataturk.


The total submission of Nawaz Govt. to Taliban pressure is either because of the PM and his colleagues timidity or because of faithful compliance with Saudi Dictates. These dictates require PM to carve out an autonomous zone within Pakistan territory for Taliban to rule and operate there-from. The release of terrorists from jails is not under authority of law but under royal decree from Riadh. Because neither procedural laws of Pakistan nor the Constitution gives the any authority to Pakistan Govt. to behave like a licentious despot. It is all the more pity that no one from amongst the politicians could take courage to effectively oppose such blatantly unlawful abuse of power by the Govt. On this issue prima facie the Govt. and the Army are at variance, however, it is yet to be seen which of the variant forces become effective. It appears that the Govt. of Nawaz Sharif is an accomplice with Taliban when they assassinated mercilessly 60000 Pakistan from suckling babies to senior citizens mainly of a minority sect. It is stated by people that Rana Sana Ullah the law minister of Punjab is secret general secretary of Sipah e Sahaba and his cousin the retired CJ has been the most favourite person of terrorists as claimed by Shahid Ullah Shahid himself. In-spite of surrender to Taliban massacre of innocent people of Pakistan has not stopped and the interior minister of Pakistan says it is failure of previous govt. because they did not maintain scanners to hunt out devices of destruction and therefore, the incumbent Govt. is not responsible for vulnerability of people of Pakistan. How long the people of Pakistan survive under such Government? Allah alone knows whether the angles will come to the rescue of the people or not. Whose leaders are busy in blame game for what is happening to the masses.

Engineered confusion about Musharraf’s Fate.

Engendered confusion about Musharraf's Fate. The clamorous confusion relentlessly being created by Govt and Media is not without ulterior motives whenever our Govt act to the disadvantage of Pakistan under the command of their foreign Masters they purposely involve people of Pakistan in non issues. This practice is the classic pattern of those who are or have been in power in this country it is trivial matter whether Mushharraf or Nawaz Sharif are alive or not. The important matter is as to what destination the train of Pakistan is being steered to. It is genuinely apprehended by people that the present Govt works as agents of Saudis. In this background it is feared that part of Pakistan may not be allotted to Saudis influence while people of Pakistan is busy in development about Mushharf's fate.

In reply to a post on Express Tribune

Express Tribune 'If Musharraf is allowed to leave the country, it will give a wrong impression that there is separate law for the powerful and the weak,' says Rafique Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari This impression is already deeply engraved on the mind of sane thinkers when they turn pages of supreme court judgment granting relief to Sharif Brothers and even accelerating Prudential's election for the benefits of Sharifs' of Raiwand. Supreme Court judgement in Zafar Ali Shah's case is also intact and Nawaz Sharif is also occupying the highest office in the country.

What is significance of sect?

Dear viewers please guide me on the following subject. What is significance of sect? Page 434 Commentary on the holy Quran:- In the holy Quran believers are categorized for the quality of their faith into Muslims, Momin and Munafiq For their differences they are classified as طائفہ, Shia and Firqa according to some of commentators Shia and Firqa are almost synonymous while طائفہ means a small group i.e. a branch of larger group. The Quran discourages dissentions resulting in feuds among Muslims. Some of the Historians one being Mote Gumhri Watt in Muhammad at Madina designate Munafiqeen as proto type of these days opposition party in his state. I for myself do not agree with this definition of Munafiqeen because according to their description in holy Quran they lack sincerity of belief in Islam and in fact they are 5th column and have their deeper commitment with anti Islamic forces and are in fact spurious believers while they act to the disadvantage of the Muslim Ummah. Page 434 Commentary on the holy Quran:- In the holy Quran believers are categorized for the quality of their faith into Muslims, Momin and Munafiq For their differences they are classified as طائفہ, Shia and Firqa according to some of commentators Shia and Firqa are almost synonymous while طائفہ means a small group i.e. a branch of larger group. The Quran discourages dissentions resulting in feuds among Muslims. Some of the Historians one being Mote Gumhri Watt in Muhammad at Madina designate Munafiqeen as proto type of these days opposition party in his state. I for myself do not agree with this definition of Munafiqeen because according to their description in holy Quran they lack sincerity of belief in Islam and in fact they are 5th column and have their deeper commitment with anti Islamic forces and are in fact spurious believers while they act to the disadvantage of the Muslim Ummah.


IN CONTINUATION OF WHY PAKISTAN IN QUAGMIRE. The performance of Pakistan Govt. at home is poor and miserable while in consideration of some amount of dollars they bartered away National integrity and sold Pakistan sovereignty just to please the barbarian Saudi dynasty and the petty Emirate of Bahrain and feel happy and Jubilant for their defeat and surrender before Taliban in the noise and clamor of being atomic power. Their capitulation to be signed in the so called peace talks will be to confer title of autonomous region on north Waziristan and handed over to Taliban. This is prelude to acknowledging temporary nature of Durand line and gradually to surrender the Pakhtoan belt of the state to the rebels. Whenever someone will object it they will say Gurdaspur was surrender to India to please Redcliff arbitration commission and flag of Pakistan which was hoisted on 14 August, 1947 which was removed from Govt. building on 17 August 1947 yet no heaven fell and there was no criticism of it. In 1971, 65% of Pakistanis were handed over to Indian army and the richest province of the country was allowed to become a seceding state yet we digested it. “The Sharifs’ of Riawand by their own claim benefactor of this nation as they are reducing the burden of nation by slicing away the country and my amassing dollars in their own coffers wherefrom they will give alms to the poor Pakistanis.” The continuation of Sharifs in power is resulting in recession of Pakistan into quagmire by Kilometers deep every day.

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The poor Pakistani Nation deserve pity from all sensible people on the globe our leader ship misleads us, corrupts the society, pushes us into hell of fire, keeps us ignorant about their misdeed and make us belief that what is being done by them is to our benefit whereas the same is disastrous for us. Allah's curse be on those who support this leadership, get them elected and make them sustainable. How cruel it is that the nation is being sold to barbarian kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the pity Emirate of Qatar and people are being told that they are our benefactor. If creating Usama by Zia to please America and perpetuating him by Musharraf has been so disastrous what will be the result when our govt. is playing with fire believing that Saudi and Qatar Umbrella will guard us against the impending disastrous.

In Continuation of debate, about Shariah and the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973.

In Continuation of debate, about Shariah and the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973. As stated earlier Shariah is a course to Deen. The word Deen has various connotations. Deen Covers the whole of an individual personal Public and social life. It requires a believer to be mindful of the fact that he has yet another life wherein he will receive the reward of his performance in this life or get punishment for the misdeeds here. This reward and punishment shall be perpetual and never ending. To explain the exact nature and significance of Deen one may say that Salaat is Deen while mode time and the manner of its performance is Shariah. Salaat is ordained by Allah and how often and in what manner it is to be performed is ordained by the Holy Prophet. Zakat is ordained in the Quran and who is accessible to Zakat, who is the collect it and how it is to be utilized is regulated by the Holy Prophet commands. The assassin is to be beheaded a thief’s hand is to be chopped of and the fornicator is to be lashed but when can a Qazi administer the punishments to delinquent is determined by the Holy Prophet. Hajj is to be performed but its rituals are specified by the prophet Ibrahim, his wife Hajra and refreshed by the Holy Prophet. These instances may give me courage to say that Deen is the Holy Quran and Shariah is the Sunnah of Holy Prophet and a Muslim is answerable for his performance in life only on the yard stick of the Quran and the Sunnah. May be for managing his temporal affairs a Muslim is bound by the verdict of ا ولی اللمر . Who is living and believes in Islam because He is to be منکم and not who had been, therefore, the command of the late اولی اللمر i.e. the one who used to be is not binding. However, if the اولی اللمر goes astray from Quran and Sunnah he has not to be followed. The Constitution if analyzed for its consistency with the Quran and the Sunnah one reaches a conclusion that although it has an anxiety to be subservient to the Quran and Sunnah yet this anxiety is not wholesome because there are occasions where one finds it to seek exemption from the Quran and the Sunnah even Article 2A introduce in 1985 does not completely bind down the legislature or the executive to completely submit to the Quran and the Sunnah. It may be painful surprise to many but it remains as stated herein. To continue…..

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan-03-03-2014

Today's alarming catastrophe in Islamabad has exposed the Govt. of Pakistan vulnerability, its timidity its idiocy its corruption and above all it subjugation under Saudi Arabia day before yesterday a call from Jeddah by a cleric of Pakistan obliged Pakistan govt to declare cease fire, little knowing that TTP has more than one hides to wear and impersonate.The boastful rhetorical of interior Minister couched in borrowed phraseology has been miserably rendered into ashes in the very capital whom he said was all peace.Now stage has reached where in Pakistan cannot be said to be a safe country from it capital to its remotest corners may be in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan or KPK the capital is littered with dead bodies yet the govt can do nothing but to ask for report from IG Islamabad. The govt prompted its for turned friend i.e TTP to declare its innocence in the blast in district Courts of Islamabad and the media has lost no time to drum beat it.If TTP really innocent than who are so forceful that they can humble down the govt and the TTP itself. with whom there has been ceasefire? TTP? but they say we are ineffective. The govt who cannot locate the potential terrorist is surely to be defined as an incompetent State manager. some total of what has been happening in Pakistan is what is stated in the opening sentence meaning thereby that we are unfortunate to have the idiot the corrupt the coward the enslaved to rule us.

Express Tribune Constitution of Pakistan: Part IX – Islamic Provisions: “All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah”

Constitution of Pakistan: Part IX - Islamic Provisions: "All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah"Read:
Constitution of Pakistan: Part IX - Islamic Provisions:<br />
"All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah"</p>
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  • Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari
  • Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Islam is simultaneously a moral code and a secular dispensation. Its claim is that it has solution for mankind in what ever culture or clime they are. It has basic norms which are touch stone for validity of any irritant in a given society. It does not mean that Islam compels us to follows Arab's culture. If this was the imperative then the difficulty would be culture of which tribe to be followed because varieties of culture among Arab are as numerous as the number of tribes. It is available in the Sunnah of Holy Prophet that he adopted an existing element of a particular culture when ostensibly that element was supposed to be an irritant in a puritan society. It was both in case of jubilance and sorrow i.e. when the holy Prophet Madina for the first time he was welcome by a group of young girls beating drums which the fundamental is now do not accept as an Islamic act secondly when he came back from Ohd to Medina lamentations were audible even more than hundred meter distance from the extreme of town. The limitations were by the ladies whose men were martyred in the battle field of Ohd; the holy Prophet stopped and bade that he will not enter the town as long as he does not hear lamentation mourning Hamza assassination. But the fundamentalist of today says that the mourning of dead is heretic. These are the routine matters which are make bone of contention by the clerics of different denominations resulting in tragic event often witnessed in Muslim society in Pakistan and particularly during Moharram. It is not for offence or flattery to any site yet it is an instance which shows that interpretation of Sharia has so far not been available in unanimity in these more than fourteen centuries. A group of clergies insist that whatever in Saudi Arabia i.e. is sharia and other say that whatever is in UAE that is Sharia and the rest maintain whatever is in Iran that is Sharia. In my view Sharia for Pakistan is which does not offend basic human values as prevalent in our own culture in different zones. We are not answerable to anyone or any state; our transferability is only to Allah and the holy Prophet. For us the decrees and addict of those who have gone by and no binding authority may be they have some persuasive value. If there is any class of clerics who intent to make a submit to someone who is not living (except the holy Prophet) as our final legislator or arbiter it will not be an Islamic demand no group of individual and no individual has the authority to compel us to frame or formulate our culture according to his or their inhibitions. Constitution of Pakistan is very vocal to have the laws consistent with the Qur'an and Sunnah. There is very significant and important departure from the constitution of 1956 because the mandate of that constitution was Qur'an and Sunnah as interpret it by each sect. The framers of 1973 Constitution consciously and rightly rid the injunctions of Islam to be interpreted in sectarian bias. Those who are raising claimer that they are should be Sharia they mean Sharia of their choice and the mandate of Quran and Sunnah.

My interview was taken by Specialcrime news paper on 26-12-2013 MY interview was taken by specialcrime news paper on 26-12-2013. Here in this interview some correction are necessary. i.e. 1. please read Punjab Univesity instead of Punjab board. 2. Sardar Mumtaz Ali Khan instead of Sheikh Ammar Elahi. 3. وہ تحصیلدار رہے کی بجائے انہین تحصیلداری کی پیش کش ہوئی۔ 4. Instead of Paris university read SEATO Cultural programme.

Are you in ‪#‎Pakistan‬? We want to hear what you think about today's peace talks between the government and the Taliban. The first formal meeting between the Pakistan government and a Taliban-nominated team has begun at an "undisclosed location". They are due to start charting a "roadmap" for peace talks to end a decade-long insurgence. Are you hopeful or cynical? Let us know what you think about the talks. ( Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Are you in #Pakistan? We want to hear what you think about today's peace talks between the government and the Taliban.

The first formal meeting between the Pakistan government and a Taliban-nominated team has begun at an "undisclosed location".

They are due to start charting a "roadmap" for peace talks to end a decade-long insurgence.

Are you hopeful or cynical? Let us know what you think about the talks.

( Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
  • Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari
  • Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari It is infect an intra Taliban talks they are proceeding according to the script handed over to them by Saudi Arabia. The talks are being monitored by the relevant division of Saudi Government. This cat was never a secret and it was always mewing from with in the bag, but yesterday it was dauntlessly emerging when Imam e Kaba declared that he can intervene in these proceedings.


The force of dialogue which apparently  not between Taliban and someone else is infect  an intra Taliban dialogue. It is now crystal clear that the whole drama is being enacted on a script prepared by Saudi Arabia. The ceaseless chain of Saudis dignitary visit to Pakistan in the near past and immediate future coupled with visit of Pakistan Army Chief to Saudi Arabia and delay of intra Taliban dialogue on childish excuses speak volume to corroborate those who maintain  the who of unrest in Pakistan is Saudi contrivance to prepare the ground to make Pakistan a Pro Wahabi State. The new version of Taliban that they abide by the Constitution which mandates promulgation of Sharia is obviously a manipulated narrative. Till yesterday for them Pakistani Constitution was secular and today it has become a document demanding Sharia of Taliban to be  state system of Pakistan. America for accommodating Saudis is showing leniency in its serious persuit of drone attacks which is further evidence of US Saudi collaboration for achieving the aforesaid end in Pakistan. It is apprehended that when Nawaz Govt. signs capitulation there will be violent uprising in the already volatile areas of Balochistan, Karachi etc. In that case  what will Nawaz Sharif surrender to be BLA and  the likes.

In continuity of Crisis in Pakistan

Moulana Sami Ul Haq says that he is ثالث بلخیر One thousand three hundred and ninety seven lunar years ago there were ثالث in Battle Field of Safin. Moulana Sami Ul Haq will agree that they were people of for higher caliber than he. The arbitration failed. As a result of failure of arbitration Ummah has been disintegrated irreversibly. Muslims since then have been profusely bleeding as result of the wounds caused by disintegration. There are people who believed that the party whom Moulana Sahib represent is ideological descendents of one of the groups who on their plea of ان لحکم اللہ للہ rose in arms against the central authority of Islamic Republic. They wanted their own Sharia and revolted against Islamic authority and are called Kharjites. Let Moulana Sami Ul Haq know his limits and he must be sure that if this fake device of his arbitration fails he shall be held responsible for the results generated by his efforts.

In Continuation of Secatarian Divide Among Muslims….

Among the sects the basic issue is, as stated earlier, personality cult. There are about 9 personalities around whom the controversy among sects revolves. These personalities are closely related to the Holy Prophet. Three of them are his fathers in Law, Two of them are his sons in Law, One of them is his brother in law, among the three ladies Two are faithful’s mothers and One is his beloved daughter. The fathers in Law are Abu-Bakr, Umar and Abu Sufiyan. The sons in law are Ali and Usman. The brother in Law is Muawiya. The Mothers of faithfuls are Ayesha and Hafsa. The daughter is Fatima. The Shiites dispute dejure status of Abu-Bakr, Umar, Usman and also Muawiya. They recognize only Ali as a dejure Caliph. The Sunnis belief is that Abu-Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali are Righteous Caliphs. The Kharjities acknowledge the first two caliphs but in the case of Usman their belief is that when the Egyptian protestors were defrauded secretary Mirwan and he was not taken to task for that by the Caliph, the Caliph lost validity for holding the office and he was no more a true believer. About Ali they say that when he failed to repent on acceptance of arbitration mentioned earlier he too was neither thereafter rightful in holding office and he ceased to be a true believer. Ayesha when she appeared in masses during battle of Jamal, she too lost her status as a believer. About Muawiya their belief is that he was never rightful and held the reins of Islamic state as a usurper. There are Nasibis who believe that Yazid was a prophet and those who opposed him are infidels. We have quoted earlier from Adul Kalam Azad that according to Imam Ibn-e-Tahmiya the identification of this sect is in their glorifying shimmer, Ibn-e-Ziyad and other atrocious generals of Yazid’s army. This sect for centuries was in hide-outs and rarely appeared in public but after Saudi dynasty was established through British device as narrated by Humphrey in his confessions (These Confession’s Urdu version is available on our website) They gradually surface and are now quiet visible, vocal aggressive and the source of inspiration for the terrorist who threaten the very existence of those who do not believe in the home grown version of Islam of Saudi’s. But for Shiites and Sunnis as stated above all the other sects are opponents of Ali. Thus the sect formation is result of personality cult and Islamic teachings have nothing to do with it. Islam is only, what is the command of God in the Holy Quran and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. Muslims are required to obey Allah, his prophet whole-heartedly and in the case of authority of their temporal affairs they are to obey him only if he is from among them and he follows the commands of Allah and the Holy Prophet. If he does not do that, the Muslims are free to disagree with him and refer the difference to the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. At the time of assumption of his office Abu-Bakr said ‘Obey me as long as I follow the commands of God and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet but when I deviate from this course, set me right.’ It means that personality cult is not sine-quanon of Islamic belief. The Muslims have been warned by Allah not to get divided in sects and to hold-fast the divine rope and this is the only solution for all that has been and is happening as tragic events among Muslims. Otherwise as stated earlier or elsewhere, no one can block the course of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk. At least in Pakistan.


SORRY, CHIEF MINISTER OF PUNJAB BECOMES GRAND MUFTI. Amidst volatile sectarian tensions the Chief Minister of Punjab either because of idiosyncrasy of purposely has launched a new controversy in the county by saying that in the Quran their is only one Eid for Muslims. Whether he said so to please his master Saudi Arabia but unfortunately more faithful to the crown and the king because they celebrate and uphold celebrations at two occasions and called them Eid on at the end of month of Ramadan and the other after Hajj. God knows for whose sake the CM added fuel to the fire. certainly his utterance to be least appreciated

IN continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

IN continuation of crisis in Pakistan. Next comes assassination of Ch. Aslam Murder. The investigation of this case is also apprehended to unfold mystery of alarming nature. As disclosed by his widow Ch. Aslam never provided bullet proof car by the govt. and the car lent to him by his friend was also withdrawn by the donor. His revolver worth hundred of thousand is also missing. All these intriguing elements in the tragedy deepen the crisis which is due to laxity of the federal and the provincial govts. in matter of combating terrorism.

Hasina Wajid’s reaction to Pak. NA resolution.

Bangladesh's prime minster Hasina Wajid  has done well. Jamat e Islami was so jubilant at execution of Bhutto and were offering thanks giving prayers when the world known Bhutto were hang following a controversial verdict by Supreme Court and now they have been crying for Mullah who was not known till his execution was covered by media. Sages have said don't feel jubilant at the death of your enemy tomorrow it will be your turn but Jamat e Islami was too quick to endorse Zia's murderous designs.

Mullah Abdul Qadir execution in Dhaka and a Pakistan’s NA resolution.

Political Parties whether with religious bias or otherwise are always victim of duplicity. It was much later than December 1971 that Bhutto was hanged sequel to verdict of Supreme Court which one of its own judges classified as product of army pressure; Jamat e Islami was jubilant on Bhutto being executed on the basis of this verdict. Would it lie in the mouth of any responsible self respecting person to grudge and identical treatment given to his compatriot. Pakistan Govt. when it had extended recognition to the State of Bangladesh more than forty years ago was not wise to interfere in the affairs of Bangladesh. We are already suffering from gradual isolation in the community of nations, therefore, such emotional and hasty steps are certainly to the disadvantage of Pakistan.

Can Beggar be Chooser?

A beggar cannot be a chooser. Can Nawaz Sharif  dictate his choice to those from whom he begs? Those  to whom while bowing submits his bowl they will like a naughty sheep will fill the milk with the foul and it will be difficult for him to take the milk without the foul.

Docility of leadership in Pakistan

Unless, there is a reformer who dauntlessly and without mincing words tells the people that it is you who are corrupt, therefore, your choice is always similar to the values your cherish for yourself. I have in these 80 years of my life have seen only two persons telling the masses "it is you who are coward it is you who co-exist willingly with injustice" It was said by Molana Abu Kalam Azad in his presidential address in annual convocation in Shia College, Lakhnow. The other stalwart was Allama Mashraqi who asked people you will triumph when you are virtuous and united نیک بنو ایک پنو۔ . To quote Jawahar Lal Nehro politicians have nothing but lips service for people when they go to villages they says we envy rural life but never leave their urban palaces. In Pakistan people liked to be be fooled and their leaders spare no opportunity to make their folly aggravated when they are told طاقت کا سرعوام چشمہ ہیں۔”. This flattery always fattens them more. This is what is meant by a divine script of Holy Christ “Many were called, few were chosen, and majority are always bad” refer Mathew Arnold’s discourses in America.


All Self-Proclaimed Scholars must pledge that no word escapes their lips which is not befitting of the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) status and they must avoid making the Holy Personalities, the subject of their controversial debates.