Crime rate in Punjab and nature of the crimes.

Sexually abused children and Law Minister of Punjab. It was Harun-ur-Rasheed who had appointed an idiot as Governor of Egypt. The Nile surged in flood and washed away cotton fields, taking the crop to the high seas. Farmers went to the governor and asked for relief. His reply was why did you plant cotton, you should have better planted wool. The protestors organized a deputation to Baghdad. The deputation registered their complaint with Harun-ur-Rashid and asked for the removal of an idiot who did not know that wool is not planted on land but it grows on sheep. Hearing their complaint Harun-ur-Rashid said that he knew the worth of the governor, yet I appointed him as a punishment on your soil where Pharaoh became as haughty and insolent as to assign himself Divinity. I wanted to convey to Pharaoh that the land which had made you so haughty that you dared to called yourself The God, here is your Egypt which is being ruled by an idiot and this is the punishment of god for the Egyptians who acknowledge you as deity. We are afraid that for some grave sin of ours Allah has imposed on us the rulers particularly in Punjab where crimes of heinous natures are being committed by the offenders under the umbrella of legislatures belonging to ruling party. Moreover the Law Minister of Punjab becomes an officious defense witness of these criminals.Rana Sana-Ullah, who is custodian of Law has tried to exonerate the criminals. He is a gift of Sharifs to the largest province of Pakistan, which province they say mandate to rule whole of Pakistan. Crimes in Punjab are most abominable nature which defy the crimes being committed in Karachi. Allah knows how long is going to be this rope to hang the devil ruling our country particularly Punjab.

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