Crisis in Inception.

Mian Faridudin Masood sb: if we will adopt methdology about mukti bahni, then the results will no more different. Mqm should be technically knocked out from main stream national politics in the same way as the same way mr zia ul batil ur rajeem has inducted them to neutralize the effects of ppp in Sindh. Where is Hameed Gull? Syed Muhammad Ayub Bukhari Dear mian sb. Unless the people themselves change they cannot expect change from Heavens. After Quaid-e-Azam every one who has held or has been holding power is chip from the same block. I am eye witness to election rigging in the days of Liaqat Ali Khan at Hazro during ever first election after partition to Punjab Legislative Assembly, Liaqat ali Khan visited Hazro and gave directions to district authority for making sure that Muslim League candidate Muzaffar Khan Jalalia gets more votes than Maulana Ayub Khan of Jammat-e-Islami. In those days ballots were dropped in boxes different in color for each candidate Muslim League candidate had green color box while Jammat's candidate had brown color box.Ballot papers were not marked. In the presence of polling agents of the parties a police officer name Shahzada Tahawar Zaman attached with hazro P.S would throng polling stations and would break open brown box and take out handful of ballot papers from it to be dropped in the green ballot box. Sardar Muhammad Akbar Khan and my father were supporting Maulana Ayub. Both of them reached the deputy commissioner Attock his name was probably Mr. Hardy. I was with them when they called upon DC and protested about the conduct of the police officer who had had an interview with Liaqat ali Khan during PM visit to Hazro. The DC after hearing them said with a smile "now you are azaad and the government is in your own hand we are just like spectators..........." At that time my age was about 20 years and now i am about plus 80 and i have seen with my own eyes how deterioration and corruption have infested our Socio Political system and if we have an objective approach and be honest to God we will find that after the Quaid no one up till now has ruled this country honestly, sincerely and in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Every one has been grinding his axe. Off course the earliest people were anxious to hold power alone and were not corrupt. Corruption came in our governments some where earlier but became a culture since second half of Ayub Khan era. Now manifesting in insatiable greed and lust of our rulers. This miss rule produce Mujeeb ur Rehmen and now some say Altaf beats the same line. What is the difference between Nawaz Sharif appeasing Modi and Altaf fleecing Modi both to the detriment of honor and dignity of Pakistan. But Mian sb what to do today the voters have not the belief that the vote is trust of the nation. He too treats it as marketable commodity to meet his personal ends and not to keep in consideration national issues.

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