Do you think a man should seek permission from his wife before taking a second wife?

The constitution under which Islamic ideology council came into being enjoins that it will be the duty of the state to make laws to enable Muslims to order there lives according to injunctions of Islam. No doubt a Muslim may have four wives at a time but it is imperative for him to do justice to every one of them. Whether his another marriage will ensure justice to the first wife or the senior wives is the duty of the state to see. If the cause for taking another wife is epicurean or the husband will fail to do justice to each or everyone of them, the state may disallow him to take another wife. Because causing injustice to any one is an un-Islamic act and the State of Pakistan is duty bound to preempt such designs and to prevent injustice to any one of their citizens male or female. The version of Islamic Ideology Council is simply absurd.

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