Do you think the former chief justice requires security?

Maybe for his performance as judge or chief justice of Pakistan he feels that he has not been just and fair. Particularly his leaning towards terrorist organization. He apprehends a backlash from those who have been victimized and targeted by the terrorists. His son has amassed billion of rupees. He can provide himself cover of any scale and standard therefore chaudary iftikhar must take pity on this poor nation and arrange for a security through the ill gotten sources of his son who is always keeping company with him at public occasions. In my experience of fifty years at bar we have always found people respecting the retired judges with greater veneration then while they were in chair. Chaudary Iftikhar has always been citing though without meaning it, Hazrat Umer as his ideal. It is a fact that Hazrat Umer never kept a security guards regiment with him while he was in office. Although this great caliph was assassinated yet the caliphs succeeding him also did not maintain any security guards. Though the third caliph Usman was also martyred and his successor the 4th caliph whose enemies were Kharjites always boasting of their designs to kill him. Yet Ali did not recruit anyone to give him a security cover. Therefore no righteous person and no righteous judge apprehend harm from the society if he has any apprehensions he should not burden the exchequer of a poor nation. Like · Reply · A few seconds ago · Edited

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