Don’t be too fool to throw country into an Abyss for Saudis.

Pakistan is a country which by its leaders, since 1948, has been so mismanaged that by now it has been reduced to the status of a beggar. To add to this anomaly, the present regime is financially so corrupt and intellectually so bankrupt that it looks that the Nation is being dragged, driven and pushed into flames of other's fire. To start with Liaquat Ali Khan, to win British Crown's pleasure preferred to annoy Moscow and fly to Washington in spite of earlier having accepted the former's invitation. Throughout the years to follow successive government in Pakistan was so helpless that it could not remain in office until and unless it was so blessed by United States. The most effective instrument in the hands of US to mold the Governments to serve its ends was the Establishment of the country. There were frequent rapid and unforeseen changes of government in Pakistan from Khwaja Nazimuddin's downfall to Ayub Khan's taking over that Nehru had to say I do not change my dhoti with that frequency at which governments are changed in Pakistan. Ayub's installation in government by the power that mattered further nurtured seeds of disintegration in Pakistan which could not be withheld by himself or his successors and ultimately Pakistan disintegrated when it was being ruled by Army which was in office since October 1957. Overtly though Army's manipulation in government was earlier to that when Ayub Khan as C-in-C was Interior Minister of Pakistan with a civilian PM who had the cabinet. The effect of this misrule in the country created a healthy genuine movement to replace the government through elections. To this end Maulana Maududi and Chaudary Muhammad Ali had great contribution. When the fruits were about to become mature, United States through its CIA managed to launch Ayub Khan's favorite child, Bhutto with revolutionary slogans. Borrowed from Mao-za-tung and other leftist revolutionaries. People who wanted to get rid of repressive government were exploited by Bhutto with his emotional rhetoric. This unpredictability of the masses scared away patriotic leadership from political arena and now the field was monopoly of the leftists. Bhutto's regime for all the laurels given to him ushered in Pakistan the culture of indiscipline and disrespect for the seniors, as students would fight against teachers, employees against employers and children against parents. The society with such a shattered fabric was further made susceptible to any malady. Bhutto was made to go and Zia-ul-Haq came in. Earlier to it Army had ruled Pakistan for 13 years even if Bhutto's two-year rule of civilian Marshal Law is excluded. Zial-ul-Haq's demise created a sensitive position for the C-in-C to takeover. Therefore, Ishaq Khan was permitted to continue as stopgap arrangement obviously the reins were in the hands of the C-in-C. General Elections were held, People's Party came into power with fragile majority. Which was ultimately made to go by a decree of President under constitution’s article 58-2(b). Now it was designed to block the way of PPP to power for good. For this purpose, with the active patronization of Saudi Arabia, IJI was created. At that time Osama Bin Laden was a blue eyed boy of Saudi regime. He actively engaged himself in formation of IJI as per Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Osama was taken to Nawaz Sharif for confidence building. Earlier to fabrication of IJI, during crisis between National Alliance of Pakistan against ZA Bhutto, Saudi Ambassador Riaz-ul-Khatib was openly engaged in internal political affairs of Pakistan. After fall of Shah of Iran, Saudi Arabia became the sole Muslim country to have dominant role in internal affairs of Pakistan. So much so that it would seek respite for political convicts and give them asylum in Saudi Arabia for example Nawaz Sharif’s fate, when Musharraf took over, was in the hands of Saudi Arabia, who came to his rescue. With this background Sharifs are personally indebted to Saudis and have been openly saying that they can sacrifice Pakistan for Saudi sake as said in public by Khwaja Asif the Defense Minister of Pakistan during early days of Saudi-Yemen crisis. By this time because of their controversial dogma the Saudis are probably like US, the regime most disliked by Pakistanis, because it is rightly believed by Muslims that all trouble made by outfits like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Muslim countries is making of Saudis. Having created unrest and destruction in Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Muslim countries and for animosity with Iran it has made every Muslim nation apprehensive of its nefarious designs. This is the picture which reflects what is reality in the Muslim world. Forging of a unity by Saudis is certainly raising a gang against those Muslim states who do not see eye to eye with Saudis. Pakistani ruler’s personal indebtedness to Saudis should not be repaid at the cost of people of Pakistan. The alms so far receive by Sharif’s are not equivalent of sovereignty of Pakistan and peace and dignity of people of Pakistan. Therefore, Sharif government must refrain from throwing the nation into this irreversible default in an abyss.

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