Engineered confusion about Musharraf’s Fate.

Engendered confusion about Musharraf's Fate. The clamorous confusion relentlessly being created by Govt and Media is not without ulterior motives whenever our Govt act to the disadvantage of Pakistan under the command of their foreign Masters they purposely involve people of Pakistan in non issues. This practice is the classic pattern of those who are or have been in power in this country it is trivial matter whether Mushharraf or Nawaz Sharif are alive or not. The important matter is as to what destination the train of Pakistan is being steered to. It is genuinely apprehended by people that the present Govt works as agents of Saudis. In this background it is feared that part of Pakistan may not be allotted to Saudis influence while people of Pakistan is busy in development about Mushharf's fate.

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