Has Kashmir not been brokered at Jatti Umrah on Indian terms?

Such visits are never surprised ones. This visit was sponsored by United States because Obama and John Kerry repeatedly 'demanded' both Modi and Nawaz Sharif to come to terms. And the 'terms' as history proves means submission to Indian demands. Whenever a weaker party has to submit to the demand of the strong one it demands that the latter must come to its place so he could show that the stronger one has accepted his superiority and now the courtesy demands that the stronger one should be reciprocated in an honorable way. Hence it was a modality whereby Nawaz Sharif could boast later on that he was strong because Modi has come to his place and furthermore he was a civilized person that he honored his guest by showing him concession. India does not mince words on Kashmir which is the core issue between two parties. Indian foreign minister soon after her recent visit to Pakistan, stated, that whenever there is dialogue between Kashimir, India and Pakistan, India will stand by his claim that part of Jammu Kashmir in control of Pakistan is also part of Kashmir and property of India. Nawaz Sharif for his family friendship with Modi is the best reliable person to serve Indian demand. It is in this context that this so called surprise visit is being projected as an event without previous meditation, negotiation or arrangement between the parties.

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