How ostensibly anti-Iran outfits launched by Anglo-US block degenerated into ISIS and its prototypes?

Huntington’s Clash of Civilization, though a controversial thesis, yet it exposes mind of west, after ostensible defeat of communism, against Islam. Particularly when he says “to ignore the impact of Islamic resurgence on eastern hemisphere politics in late 20th Century is equivalent to ignoring the impact of Protestant Reformation on European Politics in the late 16th Century.” To arrest the Islamic resurgence movements West under intellectual leadership of England and material power of United States resolved to exploit sectarian differences among Muslims to a pitch equivalent to the horrible internecine conflicts of Muslims in the past. To achieve this objective, the evil offices of Saudi dynasty were already available and were trusted comrades. The Khomeini Revolution in Iran further enhanced the fears inhibiting West about Islamic resurgence. This revolution was rightly feared by West when Imam Khomeini kept no secret of his intentions to export the ideology of his revolution particularly to the Muslim world. To restrain the expansion of revolution to the Muslim World sectarian division of Muslims was most effective weapon and the agent was well-experienced to exploit it. It was in this background that on the one hand Saddam was prompted to invade Iran on the pretext that Iranian revolution was an ‘Ajmi’ conspiracy against Arbs and this propaganda was further supplemented by Saudis that success of Khomeini’s revolution meant domination of Shiites and subjugation of Sunnis by Iran. To achieve these objectives Saudi funds and propaganda resources of Anglo-American block were also put into action against Iran. The bordering countries of Iran, particularly, Pakistan and Afghanistan were felt amenable to Iranian influence. Therefore, political turmoil was introduced in Pakistan and the civilian government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was overthrown by priestly devil Zia-ul-Haq on 5th July, 1977. In Afghanistan likewise conditions were made volatile for any government in field. Thereto Shia-Sunni controversy was made ablaze. These objectives were achieved by Saudis, first by Saudi outfit Al-Qaeda, and later on by movements like Taliban, Sipah-e-Sahaba, etc. These organizations were made to carry out formidable and licentious to kill as many of pro-Iran communities as possible. The fact remains that the carnage and genocide committed by these outfits served the purpose of their masters to a great extent. This was not the age of World War I or World War II when information mediums were too poor and ordnance was a monopoly of West. This time these technologies were not a monopoly of any one country in the World. Originally these outfits were trained by US client governments probably with a bait that if they succeed in overpowering or eliminating the irritants which robbed West of its peace of mind they will be installed in power. By and by it came clear that after the success of these outfits not they but their secular rivals who are camp bearers of West would come to power as a reaction. The hawks of these outfits took revolt against their parent organization and now after having cause great damage to Islamic Resurgence have come up straight against the Western civilization, of course with a wish to have foothold in Islamic countries first. The cry of the Western Leadership and the Holy Pope that ISIS is an in-human movement seems to be too late. They created it for one purpose, which was aimed to be fatal to Islam, is now rebounding on the West. Maybe on a pretext like that of Bay of Pigs or Pearl Harbor, they conspire to wage war on the entire Muslim World. It is further more unfortunate that in the Muslim World there is no visionary commanding confidence of Ummah who may be able to put the Muslims to alert.

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