Hullakus of Riyadh

It is stated that Hullaku and Khawaja Hafiz were contemporary. The former extended his empire to terrestrial limits known to him, by soaking the entire territory with human blood, demolishing citadels, seminaries and palaces, his army plundering millions of Eves of their chastity along-with all sorts of havoc which can be captured by human imagination only. The captured territory included Samarkand and Bukhara as well. Horrified by this all and having no arsenal to fight, Khawaja Hafiz chose to shoot a dart of words which remain classic. اگر آن ترک شیرازی بدست آرد دل ِ مارا۔ بخال ہندو اش بخشم سمر قند و بخارا را۔ If my beloved of Sheraz wins my heart. I will bestow upon her black mole Samarkand and Bukhara. He clearly retarded Hullaku that hundreds of thousands of souls killed by him was an act cruel to be justified because a black spot on the face of a man is much more precious than all these territories. Hullaku was enraged when he learnt of the verse. He summoned Hafiz to his court and asked him what that generosity was? The humble soul replied it is this well placed or ill placed generosity which makes my back naked. Let someone remind Hullakus of Riyadh how ignoble and ferocious they are when they are committing ruthless massacre of mankind in Yemen for capturing a territory of Yemen for their greedy objectives.

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