In continuation of Ashara E Moharram.

In continuation of Ashara E Moharram. The style of the author is so beautiful that it can be described only as poetic prose. However, he is precise and always to the point. He enriches his discourses and writings with verses from the poets of highest caliber in both Persian and Arabic. It is our scheme to put into brackets the sense of the poetry embedded by the learned author. The substance of four verses from some renowned Persian poets quotes the author. (This is the time, when in zigzag of lamentation, the soul of the lamenter burns with the bitterness of his lament. This is time, when on the thresholds of those parda observers, angels would prostrate. They are rushing out of their tents to avoid being rendered into ashes. As their shelters have been torched and it is the smoke of the flames which served as their veils. Although souls have threats of incarceration All the hearts became blood with the grief of gloom about their release.) It is only Hussain s/o Ali who confronting awful ranks and files of the enemies calling out (Akbar where are thou. Abbas where to find thee). The fact is the dead hearts in wants of life who seeks pains and warmth and the souls who find solace, in beating their breast and those tongues whom wail and cry is beloved and whose eyes are fond of shedding blood for the life and charm of their mourning sessions, this only vibe suffices. If huge floods of blood assume current of an ocean and the earth starts trembling with the shivering of those buried in graves, even then the jolt and noise will not equal the one produced. (by a single phrase gushing out from lamentations sung in honour of Hussain. But Alas! How many hearts are there who have appreciated this tragedy, its lessons and implications? How many eyes are there who while shedding their tears and crying their wails? do realize the par excellence role played by Hussain, which remains hidden in this great tragedy. To be continued……

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