In continuation of Ashra-e-Muharram.

The greatest moral lesson from this great tragedy which is audible in reverberation even today is in course of trial and jihad for the truth, patience, resolve, courage and steadfastness are required. The Quran says those who say Allah is our lord and then stand fast and at another place it says stand fast as commanded (The face should be open and the forehead be spacious. To sustain sallies of divine hand.) In fact this greatest of martyrdom the charm and specialty is that he was stranded along with his near and dear ones, his families and his progeny and friends in the wilderness of desert and amidst anguish and saw his dear ones suffering and crying from severity of thirst, hunger and all of them one by one having been slaughtered and he too lift their dead so much so that he had witnessed his own suckling son hit by arrow of barbarism and cruelty. Yet in spite of this all in the course of love and fidelity the covenant he had made with patience and resolve he did not tremble for a moment or a nanosecond. Rather all those miseries, pains and anguish that he had to experience he bore them with grace and gratitude. He was happy with his fate as determined by Allah and became patient to the hardships he had to bear. (I am purchaser of thy arrow in consideration of my life. I do not beg healing from the stranger.) A cup full of poison from the hands of a friend for the people, thirst for water prefer to a cup of honey and sweets from the hands of the rivals. Even if the ears fond of hearing the reality are open they will hear from each atom of the desert of Karbala, the behest of patience and resolve. (We have been turned to dust but from our grave, the perfume amidst you can identify that seeds of chivalry, emerge from here) Alas it is not intended to go into details of the significance and the time and capacity requires brevity and precision. If you want to see the role model of patience and resolve then ramble in the story lands of history and for me suffice it to narrate a single event which will bring to the notice of claimants of love with the family of prophet so that they consider that claim of love without obedience is of no use. Imam Ali bin Hussain famous for his epithet Zain ul Abideen says the one who claims to be lover he must be the one who offers obedience. After quoting in entirety a passage from one of his long discourses the author sums up the passage as under: “The night preceding the morning wherein theatre of war was to assume its heat an incident happened I was lying sick in bed, my aunt Zainab was busy attending me when Imam Hussain entered our tent. He was reciting some verses listening to them I could realize what his intentions are. Tears frankly flew out of my eyes and I was convinced that divine trial is to devolve on us and we would not escape from it. Zainab could not resist because ladies are naturally of tender heart. She got up wailing and crying. ‘wa hasrata wa museebata’. Today, Fatima, Ali and Hassan bin Ali are no more. But when Imam Hussain saw this all he reverted to Zainab and said ‘O my sister why this impatience and how this lamentation and crying. Beware of God death is certainly to come and there is no escape from it.’ However she was in deep anguish and pains therefore impatient. She was visualizing that the next morning the day will dawn with gory events. In deep pains she started beating her face. Tore of her shirt and started crying ‘O bad fate, O misfortune’ She fell senseless in the arms of her brother seeing this Imam Hussain sprinkled water on her face and when she regained sense he said ‘O my sister what type of remorse and anguish is being expressed.’ You must adopt the manner of expression of grief and sorrow as prescribed by Allah and his prophets because the Prophet’s example for every Muslim is the best course to follow.” Allah O Akbar look to the high degree and great standard of family of Prophet who follow his glorious examples even in grief and anguish because the best model to follow for the believers is that of the prophet of Allah and to his command they even make their wishes and emotions subservient. In these times of anguish and grief they did not like to adopt that course of lamentation which was not consistent with the command of the Prophet. Yet today how many claimants of love with the family of the Holy Prophet who could prove by their deeds that they follow this sublime role model. The End.

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