IN CONTINUATION OF ASHURA E MUHARRAM AND IMAM UL HIND. The author was during the period he contributed the subject Article had been at pain wrenching his heart because he was the champion of Khilafat cause and Muslim unity while the Khilafat was victim of the world powers of the day viz. the Great Britain and France. Within its own folds it was being eaten by worms like Ahle Saud and Faisal of Hijaz. This chaotic period was the harbinger of what we are experiencing today in form of terrorism, sectarian strives an blood shedding of Muslims by Muslims. It is in this background that writings and discourses of the author in that period are full of painful references of his time. Although a few sentences as a prelude to this article may seem out of place yet I could not venture to by the same. To start with in this article the author makes reference to the painful events of the recent of his recent past in context of Muslim society collapse and fall of its republic. The valour, the dignity and the self respect which were hallmarks of Muslim rule had almost diminish and Muslim world had been rendered into theatre of conspiracy and internecine strives. To briskly comes to the article it follows as under:- The article is captioned with a Persian number “I have taken candles with sincerity to the graves of the martyrs. It is for this that they have blessed me with a heart and soul shedding tears. Let us, first of all recollect a mourning ceremony which we have forgotten, how many days have passed that we have become ignorant of culture of mourning and lamentation. We do not hear a cry of wail nor a gathering, nor shedding of tears the charm of worries is forgotten and the Bazar of pain has no hustle bustle. No recent injury irritates nor does an old wound erupt. Oh Allah, give me a heart I don’t want the life less one in my bosom. We have forgotten the dessert of Tripoli; the people have removed from their memory, the painful story of holy Mashhad, Macedonia and Albania which are very recent tragedies nothing to worry if same are forgotten but there is a tragedy which dominates pages of history and shall continue to do so and even if some people try to forget it there remain multitude to celebrate it to refresh their injury. It is a grave tragedy which took place one thousand and two hundreds and fifty years ago. This time it so happened that issue of Alhilal was to be out exactly during Ashra E Moharram. I mean that great tragedy i.e is martyrdom of the Prince of martyrs, Hussain A.S. may Allah bless him, his ancestors and give us a share of His bounty as a seeker from among those who beseech salvation through him! To continue……………….

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