In continuation of crises in Pakistan 02-09-2014

In continuation of crises in Pakistan The Govt, the judiciary, the Arm forces, the parliament and the protestors in a bid to established their legitimacy and competence have now everyone taken up its position. And the nation is expecting a result without knowing whether it will be to its benefits or not. All the forces mentioned above are active/pro active to establish their legitimacy more than benefit of people of Pakistan. The judiciary notices to pieces of recently washed and spread on its fence for drying up, yet it fails to take notice of the blood on the roads of Lahore and Islamabad, shed by the system it wants to protect. The Army has not shown so far as to what are the considerations, before, it for solving the terrible crises. The parliamentarians only want to save their lawful or ill-gotten gains. The Royal dynasty wants to become Aale Saud by support of warlords, the Mullas and beneficiaries of the system like Zardari,Achakzai etc. The sycophants, the cronies and lackeys of the royal family beside. The agitators in containers have miserably failed to mobilize public opinion. The crises in Pakistan has reached a stage where the victim is suffocated, the dacoit let loose and watch dog is dosing in its den. Allah knows who is the sinner or what is the sin for which Pakistan is put in this hellish position. May Allah Save us for the sake of his holly Prophet.

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