In continuation of Crises in Pakistan

In continuation of Crises in Pakistan Normally forty days struggle pays back the Bible also make mention of forty days in context of execution of his mission by Hazrat Mausa. Forty days have significance in Muslim cultural ritual. The agitation lead by IK and TUQ is to reach forty days after about 2,3 days, yet there are no sign of any fruitful result of this matchless struggle of people sitting-in under the leader ship of IK and TUQ. The Jirga formed with Siraj Ul Haq as its head does not seem to have any other ambition than to have them projected in media. The negotiation among the warring parties is also futile exercise. The politician in Pakistan all included involved in this turmoil are chameleon, lizard, vulture and wolfs none of them struggle for the people of Pakistan they do not hesitate to change colors and to intake what is forbidden in Islam and morality. To those who are in parliament Nawaz Sharif is = Islam +Pakistan + Justice +democracy Constitution and all that has been said by the sages about virtue; no matter he is tyrant a corrupt ruler a ruthless Governor and hot-less Chief executive of Pakistan and all that is evil personified. He is sometimes executing mission of Zia Ul Haq when it suits him and becomes a democrat when he has to deceive the public. He claims to be as power full as an atom Bomb and when in difficulty he behaves like a skinning snake. Those leading the agitation deserved appreciation yet they are most probably lacking capacity to be equal to the task they have assumed to themselves. Thus the crises in Pakistan become deeper by passage of every second.

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