In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan Storm in tea cup of Imran Khan, Tahir ul Qadri and their prototype is a device which a hunter plays with the game birds, he instructs his pointer to comb the bushes in the hunting field and locate game birds. The game birds scared dash out of the bush and the hunter who is a shooter successfully aims them and enriches his bag. Imran Khan or for that matter Tahir ul Qadri are just pointers to expose the genuine revolutionary people for their being short by CIA so that it could either eliminate them or make them ineffective for a real revolution in Pakistan. They all i.e. the Sharifs, the Bhutto and all the agitators on TV are the litter of the same mother so far as politics in Pakistan is concern. It is for these reasons that their call for eleventh May does not attract the opinion makers in the country. They deem it to be an exercise in favour of status quo. This hoax if enacted will only add to the magnitude of the prices which is already feared to be fatal to Pakistan. It is alarming to note that these days Nawaz Sharif with his younger brother and Chief of Army Staff are absent from Pakistan while the country cannot be left uncared for in these precarious movement.

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