In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

After the registration of criminal case about Lahore tragedy there remains no doubt that State of Pakistan is hostage to families interest of Sharifs, there courtrie, the outgoing Chief Justice, the adherence of Status co and anti people handful of persons. It is strange that prior to enacting the gory scene in model town. The CM of Punjab made a call to corp-commander of Lahore and sought security of his family by the armed forces. Why so? The other telltale event is alibi of Nawaz Sharif from Pakistan on the fateful day. Both the CM and the PM will have to explain that these steps taken by them. The Khwaja Sarahs and Rana Sana Ullah are just the musallis of the feudal lords who do not hesitate to commit any inhuman act to please there master. Scaring away Sheikh Rasheed (another bonga of Pakistan) from taking his train march is also indicative of the fact that either he was in league with them or they had over odd-him not to take this exercise. He easily submitted to the threat. To achieve this and the lethal weapon of Police might have been shown to him and all his chivalry faded away so much so that he was not seen in media giving his rhetoric and exposing his chest to receive the bullets of police.
Thank god Imran Khan his showing his muscle to stand with the victims of genocide by the Sharifs. The Chaudaries of Gujrat have not come up with any appreciable reaction. The religious parties but for Hamid Raza's Sunni formation look active and MWM is also trying to show there presence. However the religious parties with street power like Jammat-e-Islami and JUI-F are posing as silent spectators with lip service for the victims of the tragedy. This phenomena is most probably the product of sectarian jealousy of religious parties against one another. This confusion is deepening the crisis to its worst. People speculate that army may take over whether they will do it or not or they can do it or not is not a question to be necessarily explored because imposition of martial law will certainly result in disintegration of the country. This is because Baluchistan the largest province of Pakistan and the repository of gold, copper and oil is already on the hit list of India (The most favorite nation of Nawaz Sharif), Russia and Afghanistan. At this critical time absence of a national leader is a tragedy still greater. The author of present crisis is the government who according to there claim are genuine Muslim League.

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