In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

It is strange that both political and religious leadership of this country is least worried about the atrocities being committed on its citizens by its citizens (of course non-state actors or terrorists). It is not understandable that why MWM particularly is not mourning what has been happening and continues to happen against Shia community. Its voice is not heard but for once what has been happening in Taftan, Quetta, Lulusar and Gilgit wherein scores of Shias have been murdered for there only fault that they profess in Shiaism. These MWM people in there zeal to be visible on TV rush to be present in host organized by TUQ whereas the fact is that he or anyone from his party was not seen in Quetta, Taftan, Lulusar and so many other places which are soaked in blood of Shias. I don't say that model town tragedy is not to be condemned. It is a national tragedy but unfortunately it has been misappropriated by TUQ and he alone wants to harvest its after-effects. Therefore he has made it his own cause which is unfortunate. There is always voice against Israel which off course is commendable. Yet Pakistan alone is not of any effect to have a fruitful protest for Palestine and against Israel because Arabs in general and Saudis in particular are in clandestine manner, Hand and Glove with Israel. In such circumstances Pakistan must act in a manner which is of benefit to the Palestinians and raises Pakistan's stature in International politics. The result of solo-flight of Pakistan in this context adds to its already aggravated problems and the Muslim Ummah also does not acknowledge Pakistani efforts in this regard. There is a behavior of Pakistan's present government which agitates every sensible mind that its fore-ranking leader talks of infanticide of Palestinians by Israel but never talks of infanticide of Shias in Pakistan. It reminds one of a Potowhari idiom: "Chastisement for family and prize for the outsiders" In this self-contradictory behavior our voice looses weight because when we say Israelis have murdered so many Palestinian children the people say what about your own country. This foolish attitude of Political and religious leadership instead of being effective has raised many questions in objective minds.

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