In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

As posted sometimes earlier Muslim League after the demise of the Quaid-e-Azam instead of behaving like a mother has been acting like a step mother. It was in this background that the stalwart Muslim Leader almost among the champions of the movement Sardar Shaukar Hyat had said about Muslim League that the mother has become tubercular and she must leave the children other wise the entire Nation will be effected. Had the old 'Leaguer' been alive till date he would say. Here is Nawaz Sharif who proves my contention. He has afflicted the Nation with poverty and has reduced it to the status of a beggar and he himself has become the Karoon of this age. His latest anti-national and selfish project is to soak the roads of Islamabad with the blood of innocent Pakistanis. Where was Nawaz Sharif last year on the 14th of August. Surely he was leading the government. Why didn't he celebrate 14th of August as a National event in public and felt content with celebrating it in his hideout. His excuse is worse than his sin. Such designs Nawaz Sharif have been aggravating the crisis in the country. He is blood thirsty. Model town genocide could not satiate his thirst for human blood. He has already to his credit 60,000 innocent peoples blood shed by his brothers whom he now calls the terrorists.

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