In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif and his younger brother who happens to be CM of Punjab and who has not so far chosen his second name after his failure to perform according to his tall talk. First wanted to overawe TUQ and Imran Khan by boasting that they will launch a counter celebration of independence day i.e. 14th August. To counteract Imran Khan's call for freedom march, later on Nawaz Sharif attempted to give an impression that the arm forces are with him and that on 14th August they will act according to his wishes and lead armed forces' celebratory parade. The Sharif brothers thought that by show of such a force they will scare away Imran Khan's march which was first Tsunami and later on freedom march. To impress upon people that the armed forces are to act as desired by him he had quiet a few meetings with a chief of staff and last of all he paid a visit to GHQ where he was given a customary reception. Through out the day his cabinet members who like himself are divide of any vice and sensible demeanor have been boasting with implications that Nawaz Sharif will be saved by the armed forces. The latest news items in National media show that Nawaz Sharif has miserably failed to achieve his desired end and now he has given his schedule to hold his celebrations in the night between 13th and 14th of August and that also from 10 pm to 00:00 hour and int that ceremony only 160 personals from the armed forces will give a guard of honor. It means that he has surrendered the theater carved by himself for a bout with Imran Khan. First taking a desperate stand and then giving in proves that he is a bully, he shouts at the weak and submits to a forceful encounter. This weakness of a government will have another counter-productive effect that all the potential law breakers will be emboldened to intensify there anti-social activities.

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