In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

No one with an objective mind can deny the fact that Pakistan is suffering deep crisis and it has reached a critical stage. In such situation adventurers do emerge to reap some harvest from the declining house. In Pakistan one of such adventurers is obviously TUQ. He claims to be the ultimate authority in Islamic teachings but says his revolution will not be based on religion. Tonight his speech on ARY he has unfolded as to what would be the shape of post revolution Pakistan. He has talked about form of government devolving state authority to grass root. How clumsy it is we will discuss it some subsequent post. Presently we want to inform the self esteemed visionary that the post revolution judiciary highlighted by him is neither feasible nor of any benefit to the nation. He says that he will establish as many supreme courts in the country as there will be divisions therein he must know that every court of appeal must have not less than 3 judges. Where from he will bring the number of judges to meet his requirement. He further says that he will establish as many high courts as there will be number of districts. The number of judges required for such high courts may far exceed 4 figure digits. Where from he will bring such qualified persons he says he will have as many session judges as there will be number of union councils. God alone knows where is the stock pile of men or women to meet his requirement. He further says he will appoint as many civil judges and magistrates as there are villages in the country. Again the number required for manning the posts of civil judges and magistrates will be the in-imagination of the visionary alone. What will be the finances required for these projects and where from he will generate the same is yet in his dreams. The self-styled sage probably does not know that there is probably only one Supreme Court which has the population of 1 billion humans and that also it sits and holds sessions only in Delhi. He also does not know that British empire had only one preview-council to cater for the Kingdom from Canada to Cape Town and it would always sit in London. Even today taht council is one and that also in London. The sage must know that it is always the quality of dispensation and not the host of judges. If such visionaries undertake adventures the results will be all worse than we are facing at the hands of fools and the greedy persons ruling our country for the last 67 years. May Allah save us from such reformers who are only adding to our crisis and are making our future far more gloomier than we are in our present.

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