In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Tahir Ul Qadri syndrome is an aggravating factor to the crisis of Pakistan. Part of what he said yesterday was critically appreciated with an independent post by me. It was also sent to his wall but he has not replied to it. Today he said that he will solve economic problems of Pakistan and will alleviate the fate of the poor by utilizing multimillion dollars misappropriated by the sitting rulers or those presently out of power. This formula is least viable because stocks exhausts. For permanent solution we need to have permanent source for creation of wealth/ capital. TUQ certainly has so far-failed as to how he will generate capital to meet the recurring demand of for implementation of his utopian revolution. Maybe he succeeds by emotional exploitation to gain his objective but soon people's hope will be dashed to ground and the resentment than created will definitely endanger the national solidarity. He is better advised to be less provocative and more careful that he not giving false hopes to people who have already been much exploited by men like him. By the spurious saviors like him. Let him not divert genuine peoples wishes to have a revolution which would uproot every fraud and fallacy.

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