In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Imam Ali had said "A nation is doomed whose ruler is a trader." How true it is of Pakistan. A trader is always interested in reeping profit from his merchandise and when a nation makes him its ruler the nation becomes a merchandise and is recklessly sold for the benefit of the ruler by the ruler. Whether there was a justification or there is a justification of invoking article 245 in the prevailing circumstances of Pakistan the fact remains that the ruler of Pakistan irrespective of what is happening in Pakistan has been enjoying Saudi Royal hospitality on the context that he is busy performing an optional ritual of Umrah whereas the obligatory of Haj is to be performed only once in life. The holy prophet in his whole life performed only one Haj but our rulers does not hesitate to describe his business tours to Saudi Arabia as an Umrah. The nation which elects or selects such ruler is certainly responsible for its doom. The photo shots projected on media in Pakistan show Nawaz Sharif in attendance in the Saudi Royal Court dressed in glamorous three piece suits. No photo shot of Nawaz Sharif has shown his presence in Ihram in Kaaba or paying any visit to Masjid-e-Nabwi. Even if one performs an obligatory ritual in ostentation like Salat he is condemn to hell in the code of Holy Quran. The issue of 452 has become for government like a chameleon in its throat which it can neither swallow nor it can vomit. Because if it swallows it will suffer laprocy and if it vomits it will suffer humiliation. Leaving aside the incompetence and the reckless greed of the rulers, people of Pakistan have been led into a confusion by TUQ into a revolution which will not be religious but a modern caliphate. If it is not religious how can it be in model of righteous caliphate. Another analyst of dubious antecedents Zaid Hamid is confusing intelligentsia about revolution he anticipates. He also courts Mao Za tun, Khomeini, Putin and others in the same breath as Hazrat Umer. Allah knows where our Kayas and Crisis will end up. There is saying of a persion sage. "If this is the seminary and this is the mullah. The fate of the disciples is doom."

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