In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

A major irritant in our politics is MQM. They introduce ethnicity in Pakistan they launched campaign of dead bodies packed in gunny bags to deter there opponents. They are authors of Urdu-Pushto conflict whenever there interest demand they collaborate with PPP and if PML-N is in power and Altaf Bhai is under threat of arrest in London they rush to fall in the lap of Nawaz Sharif as it is now. They have lost there credibility among masses other than part of Urdu speaking community of Karachi and 2, 3 towns of interior Sindh. They are self-proclaimed emancipators of the lower classes. They exploit class conflict in the country and they are potential law breakers but are organized enough to get there law breaker's immunity from process of accountability. They feel that they alone are advocates of neglected class of society and no one else has the right to become popular among Pakistani masses. The proposed Azadi march of Imran Khan may not be agreed with by many people including myself but to depry Imran Khan of his right to protest in a peaceful manner to achieve his proposed objectives or to be his ruthless critics is evidence of MQM's hypocritical stance with the masses but there clandestine conspiratorial agenda with Nawaz Sharif. The MQM was baby of Zia-ul-Haq for dislodging PPP in Karachi politics. There birth is not in this manner a normal political process, they are brought into being by a dictator and they cover up there dubious inticident by lip service to cause of people. There history is a record of vacillation and infidelity with what they claim to project.

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