In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

There is a controversy as to whose responsibility are IDPs from Waziristan federal government or KPKs government. Its a fact that Waziristan is in FATA (an abbreviation of Federally administered tribal areas). Therefore the problems of FATA are to be solved by the federal government. Yet in case of influx of IDPs numbering about a million has uncovered incompetence of federal government when it did not prepare itself for accommodating IDPs well in advance. For there failure they have been trying to impute lack of responsibility to KPK government. Today the tragedy along coastal area of Karachi which has so far registered 31 deaths by drowning in sea there is a conflict among various institutions of federal government as to whose negligence has resulted in failure of precautions along coastal areas to prevent the tragedies. There are quiet a few departments of federal government each putting blame on the other. It means from Waziristan to the coast of Karachi federal government has failed even to identify its territorial responsibilities. The federal government had further abandoned its responsibility to protect the capital and has decided to handover charge of capital to the army. During his second tenure as prime minister, Nawaz Sharif has given task of collecting electricity bills and unearthing ghost schools to army and the Army ultimately ousted his government and the supreme court in a unanimous judgment including has declared that because of its Mal-performance and its failure to ensure life and property production to people of Pakistan the army has rightly came to people's rescue and ousted Nawaz Sharif in National interest. It is a fact that Nawaz Sharif did not challenge this verdict of Supreme Court and the present situation prevailing in the country is an irrefutable corroboration of the judgment of Supreme Court in Zafar Ali Shah's case. When such a government with all its demerits is stubborn enough to reform or to leave, the result will be collapse of the so called democratic system of which Nawaz Sharif a rightful successor to Zia-Ul-Haq per his own claim is attempted to be defended by imposition of article 245 of the constitution. He is bound to counter-blast and the sole responsibility of such undesirable situation will be on the black smith family of Raiwind.

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