In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Imposition of article 245 within Islamabad and insistence of Imran Khan to stage freedom march as scheduled makes the critical situation in the country more critical. The attitude of parties other than PTI and PAT is also ambiguous. In the prevailing conditions the situation maybe described as that of see-saw. The opposition parties are also in a situation of wait and see. On the one hand they try to please Nawaz Sharif by saying that they want to save democracy and the present system but in the same breath they express there displeasure on imposition of article 245. In this situation, they are behaving like a person who wants to please the garden owner and the one who wants to pick from there garden. This attitude maybe called hypocritical the politicians with this attitude are known for there intellect some for there piety and the others for there claim to be conscience keeper of the nation as per there own claims. Then why they are behaving so is the question which can be answered only with an objective version which means that public pressure and vested interest are at conflict with hypocritical parties. They cannot annoy Nawaz Sharif for the material benefit that they can gain from him at the same time they are afraid of public wrath for there support to Nawaz Sharif. The Nation which is left at the mercy of such leadership cannot sale out of the crisis with safety.

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