In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

There is a classic parable in this part of the world;- A potter went to a mullah and asked his opinion as to whether eating donkeys meat is Halal? The mullah replied you should come to mosque tomorrow (because it was a Friday) and I will tell you about it? The following day the inquisitive potter reached the mosque in time. On seeing him the mullah cried: "Here is a person who lives in days of ignorance(Jahilia), he does not know whether meat of a donkey is Halal or Haram. It is for this reason that the nature is so wrathful and even the monsoons failed. He should repent and you all too with him." The questioner said "My donkey which died, its meat was chopped, roasted and eaten up by my son and your son Mian Laal." Mullah replied "Let me bring my red book!" On opening the book he asked whether they ate its ears also. The answer was no they had eaten the leg piece. The Mullah said "If the meat was eaten among others by Mian Laal then the donkey and the ass are all Halal." If Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif incite the public against there rivals government it is all Halal but if somebody else is against there tyrannical rule it is Haram.

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