In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. Today's mammoth gathering in model town was addressed by mainstream leaders with variety of political taste namely Chaudary Pervaiz Ellahi, Sheikh Rasheed, Allama Nasir Abbas, Mahmood Rashid and the last and longest of all TUQ. This gathering which despite Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif's oppressive measures like creating blockades on highways, main roads and town streets, coupled with baton charges, tear gas shells by the ruthless licentious police of Punjab whom Sharif's utilize as there private servants, was by no honest estimates less than 70 thousands vowed to struggle till last to eradicate blacksmith family's iron rule. The gathering also vows to fight till death or victory which means uprooting atrocious rule of Sharif family. The Sharifs hired Jammat-e-Islami's Siraj-ul-Haq to neutralize apprehended effect of model town gathering by facilitating Siraj-ul-Haq to address a rally in support of Gaza victims and by providing officially procured audience to him. The crux of discourse of Siraj-ul-Haq was that he wishes both sides to come to an agreeable settlement of political issues. He to decorate his in-consistence, incoherent and shallow discourse by quoting Morsi of Egypt we have somewhere said it is irony of fate that Maulana Maudodi is succeeded by Siraj-ul-Haq while Shaheed Hasn-ul-Banna is succeeded by Morsi. The whole effort of Siraj-ul-Haq was to please Nawaz Sharif and to win his favor as if he had let himself on rent to Nawaz Sharif. His whole effort was and hypocritical attempt to help out Nawaz Sharif from the crisis. While listening him a quotation of Dante came to my mind where he had said "Hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who preserve there neutrality in time of crisis." Nawaz Sharif's catching at straws while drowning will not save him particularly when TUQ and Imran have joined forces. Ouster removal or resignation of Sharifs is almost eminent and it is in interest of Pakistan that it happens as early as possible. The real crisis after dismissal of Sharifs from power seat, shall start when the stage comes who to succeed. Some people apprehend that Army shall takeover without any disguise, Some people say that Army will remain in the background and have a junta of technocrats of integrity to rule the country for a shorter period where after some sort of representative government maybe introduced. In these circumstances there is an alarming declaration by Mahmood Achakzai that he will riot in rebellion in Balochistan if Marshall Law is imposed. There is another dangerous view voiced by some Pakhtun elders in a Jirga that Durand line is not acceptable to them. I am sure that Pakistan Army being fully cognizant of all these problems and there own preoccupation may not venture to serve the wishes of people who either for there lack of Knowledge or with there desire that ouster of Sharifs should not be in the benefit of TUQ and Imran would wish the Army to play Zia-ul-Haq or Musharraf but i don't feel that such wishes will make horses. Have the two adventurers quoted above a per-planing for running the country after the removal of undesirable Sharifs. Imran seems to make existing system so amended as to serve his plans that is creation of an independent Election Commission and mid-term elections under the 1973 constitution. But what within the period that intervenes the ouster of Sharifs and the holding of the midterm elections has not so far been not diverged by Imran Khan. The judiciary in Pakistan since the Mal-adventures of Chaudary Iftikhar after his restoration has lost prestige and confidence and is being publicly criticized for its roll since 2007 till date therefore neither Imran nor TUQ will like to trust Judiciary for any formative roll. In these crisis. TUQ is for all his scholarship and depth of Knowledge has so far only spelt out a Utopia and not any practicable formula for the running of the state. We have seen a revolutions in these days. One in Iran and the other in Afghanistan. Iranian revolution succeeded was triumphant amidst multiple crisis and imposed war by Saddam at the behest of Saudis and US. The reason for the triumph was that Khomeini's personality, his edict, his even gestures were taken as divine Commands. His revolutionary guard-corp was so well organized from grass root to the highest level. His country was materially politically and in all respects self-sufficient. While in case of Afghanistan the revolution was almost brought in the circumstance as prevail in out country. We are a poor country down to the level of destitute. We are almost a crowd and not a nation with mutually conflicting and divergent religious beliefs, languages, races and cultures. There is no national personality in this country whose voice maybe the voice the whole nation. Nor the nation is one integral whole. The spurious slogans of multiplicity of clerics that they want Islam is also neither genuine, nor sincere nor true. The donot want to give true version of Islam and Muslim's role in its implementation or in its violation. Instead of Allah and his prophet. They have imposed on the minds of Muslims personalities. Today Siraj-Ul-Haq claims to be the most knowledgeable about Islam was referring to Mahmud Ghaznavi as his ideal ruler along with Salahudin Ayubi. If Islam is to bring Mahmud Ghaznavi then why should we oust Nawaz Sharif. Let us hope for the best and expect that Allah may guide us to a safe course.

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