In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

This blog is intended to give the causes of birth of Crisis in Pakistan, the factors responsible for the development of Crisis and the present status of the crisis, To briskly recapitulate what we have written so far on the subject we would see that Pakistan has problems which are peculiar to its very inception namely, the problem of Durand line which was in fact the hesitation of Paktuns in erstwhile NWFP of British India and British Balochistan to join new born Muslin state of Pakistan, necessitated a referendum to solicit opinion of the majority living in these two provinces. The Durand line controversy as per the agreement between British government and Ameer of Afghanistan was to be revisited after about a hundred years from 1980s. The issue still remains in slumber and occasionally reechoes for instance Mullah Umar while in Power had condemned this line by saying that it was device of Kaffirs to divide Muslims on its either side. Recently a Jirga of a section of IDPs has also voiced similar feelings. 2) The Radcliffe award virtually caused vivi section of Pakistan had to be accepted by Pakistan and the country which came into being on 14th of August 1947 was deprived of its most strategic part i.e. Gurdaspur district which was handed over to India. This cruel solution sought by Radcliffe award to please India has virtually cause Pakistan permanently irreparable damage. That is Kashmir problem which always remains unresolved. 3) National language issue which resulted in disintegration of Pakistan that east wing separated into a sovereign state Bangladesh. 4) The in fight between Liaquat Ali Khan and Hussain Shaheed Soharwardhy, Mumtaz Daultana and Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot, The ceteral Muslim League and Qayum Khan, Problems created by Ayub Khoro in Sindh with his Muslim leaguer colleagues, the central government and Nawab of Kalat. All these problems have their roots in adventurism of Muslim League everyone trying to capture the principal seat in government. 5) Now comes judiciary with Mauli Tameez-ud-Din’s case which put seal of sanctity on a ruthless, unconstitutional and immoral act of crippled Governor General and validated the dissolution of Constituent assembly. 6) Among others these problems created chaos in the country resulting in imposition of Martial Law by Skiander Miraz, the first president of the country in collaboration with commander in chief of Pakistan Army Ayub Khan. Ayub Bukhari just in weeks’ time ousted Sikander Mirza and usurp the entire state authority. The constitution had already been abrogated by proclamation of Marital Law. The country was now to be governed by the decree of Chief Martial law authority and the subordinate Martial Law administrators. For about 4 years when it ended with enforcement of one man made constitution of 1961. Ayub Khan to redeem his prestige which he had lost because of rigging presidential elections and thereby defeating Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Quaid-e-Azam, created volatile situation with India hence 1965 war. In this war India committed aggression in West Pakistan (present day whole of Pakistan) and did not cause any threat to East Pakistan. In this manner India had shown to the East Pakistan disgruntled elements that it has all sympathies with them. To rule Pakistan label of Muslim league is essential, therefore, Ayub Khan organized Muslim League somewhere in early 60s and it got the name of convention Muslim League. Its general secretary was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who called Ayub Khan ‘Dady’. To continue tomorrow which will include effect of Gullu Butt release on bail by the Lahore High Court.

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