In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The development in shape of Azadi march and Inqilab march from Lahore to Islamabad if we objectively analyze, we come to conclude: 1) A major segment of society in Pakistan is definitely displeased with Shareef government and if the displeasure of this segment is not acknowledged by Nawaz Sharif or his proverbial Gullu Butts, the displeasure may develop into animosity of still larger segment of society against the government and the longer endurance of Sharifs in government may adversely affect the confidence of the people of Pakistan (god forbid). 2) The momentum required for such obstinate rulers has not reached that stage when the protest leaders namely TUQ and Imran may declare “Traitors to flee while going is good”. 3) Who brought Nawaz into power politics? The answer is, saintly devil, the most condemnable dictator Zia-ul-Haq. What guaranteed his continuity in power? One would say without fear of contradiction, corruption and state terrorism. Will Azadi and Inqilab marches bear desired results maybe they succeed but the goal is not so easy to achieve in Pakistan’s politics. Personality cult operates more effectively than bias ideas and virtuous deeds. During these marches the main emotive force is not exclusively principles and values which assume lesser importance than the two persons leading their respective marches. 4) People in Pakistan have never been told by any leader except Alama Mashriqi that the fault lies mainly with the people and unless the people reform themselves they cannot expect there rulers to be fair to them. The conclusion is that unless the people correct themselves they cannot expect themselves to be given the benefit of the honest rulers by the Divine steam.

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