In continuation of crisis in Pakistan

If one has a look on sociopolitical developments and has a survey of economic picture of Pakistan one is apt to conclude that every dawn of Pakistan has been darker than yester-dusk. It was so up till 5th July 1977, when priestly devil Zia-Ul-Haq imposed martial law and thereafter Pakistan has been gradually pushed into 24 hours dark. After then reins of the country came in hands of his self-claimed spiritual son Nawaz Sharif, the darkness is deepening by passage of each second and that time is not very far when the country will be in bottomless abyss. In 3 wars in India, the number of defense forces casualty taken together was not as high as it has been from Nawaz Sharif’s taking over till today’s (20-1-2014) dawn. This is because of cerebral sterility and the cowardice possessing his heart. If it is not that then Nawaz Sharif is agent of some enemy of Pakistan and fast friend of Israel. Such figure can be found easily either in America or among Saudis. Saudis want to make Pakistan a pro-Wahabi state where from Shias and Sunnis maybe either eliminated or forced to convert to Wahabism. This is declared agenda of Taliban who are the promoters of Sharifs and it is alleged that they have also become relatives of Saudis in these years. Sharifs of Raiwind live about in leisure guarded by hundreds of security personals at the cost of poor nation which has become vulnerable to the wanton zealots i.e. Taliban. Let Sharifs prove their patriotism by sending their young ones to check posts at Banu and Aaray Bazar like targets of the terrorists; if Queen Elizabeth’s sons are available to lay their lives for the sake of defense of Great Britain, Sharifs are no superior to them. They themselves and sons of the companions of the Holy Prophet are amidst the defenders of the faith, how the sons of Sharifs are more sacred then these personalities? If the Holy Prophet himself and his entire family is available for defense of Islam in Karbala, how Sharifs are more precious and more honorable and more sacred then these Holy Personalities. Has anyone from Sharifs even as a lip service offered himself to be at such places which are favorite target of terrorists. Likewise PTI leadership particularly Imran Khan should also announce that he will stand shoulder to shoulder with the targets of the terrorists and should not be so docile as he has been. If such a declaration is made by Sharifs and Imran Khan maybe the terrorist will think more than twice before hitting vulnerable sons of Pakistan.

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