In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Who said and about whom is not precisely known yet the saying, “traitors to flee while going is good”. Today Shahbaz Sharif acting upon this advice of a sage better known to him has left the country along with one of his principal accompolices Rana Sanaullah for china for more than a week. It is coincident that Zardari whom he had vowed to drag on roads is also on his way for the same destination. Has he anticipated that the Lahore high court is going to decide the FIR writ petition by Saad Rafique etc. against the petitioners and that the note of Justice Najafi commission is also to implicate him along with others in case of murder of 14 innocent persons including two women whom he got killed on 17th of June 2014. God knows what Shakespeare would have called this killing who had once said “Like venton boys, we are to gods and they kill us for their sport.” Have his venton boys killed the innocent people for support of Shahbaz Sharif. Did he want to intimidate TUQ whom he might have considered as fragile in courage as he is in his physique? The evasive attitude of Sharifs about their facing the legal consequences is worse than that of wretched criminals who after killing their enemies gallantly faced the police and don’t feel afraid of coining false defense. The behavior of Sharifs in this fashion has been fortified by Mahmood Achakzai, Fazl-ur-Rehman, Siraj-ul-Haq, Asfand Yar Wali and their likes. To them Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan personified. These Nawaz Sharif supporters are more concerned about their personal benefits then rule of law but what a paradox when they claim that they want Nawaz Sharif to remain in power because according to them his removal is equivalent to demolition of the system from which they are main beneficiaries. The more dangerous aspect of this confrontation between human dignities, chastity of women folk, innocent opponents right to breathe freely and the ugly vested interest mentioned above is a dangerous alarm and a cause for further deterioration of crisis in Pakistan.

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