In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The sit-ins in Islamabad which were autonomously functioning with implicit coordination have now announced to work overtly in unison. On the other hand the Prime Minister who was sufficiently embarrassed by his own conduct backed of Army Chief to help his government out of its crisis which is baby of its own misdeeds. The Army Chief called upon the two leaders of the agitators whether they were prepared to accept him as arbitrator and a guarantor for deciding the dispute and for getting implemented the decision. TUQ and IK both consented to it with the condition that Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif must respectively quit the office of PM and CM Punjab. The request of the Prime Minister to the Army Chief went as a wave of shock to his supporters beyond PML-N and forming formal opposition in the National Assembly wherefrom IK’s party had already assumed distance and TUQ had no representation there in. When the PM was confronted with this situation he rushed to the National Assembly and fabricated his own version preceding the Army’s assumption of the role of arbitrator/ facilitator and said that this role was not solicited by him it was rather asked for TUQ and IK. This statement has created a stormy debate in media and opinion makers of the country. There has been a visible credibility gap between people of Pakistan and the Sharif’s for their blatant lies spoke recklessly as and when their interest so required, this controversy has degraded them in the public eye with rapidity and his Goebbels namely Chaudary Nisar rushed to hold a press conference to say that the statement of PM in the NA was in consistency of ISPR’s version. This press conference created another wave of debate in the country and by this time the ISPR has said in its tweet that whatever has been said by Chaudary Nisar is in the mildest words not the truth. The Holy Prophet has shunned of all the evil deeds, lie the most. But unfortunately the government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the leadership therein whether theocratic or secular recklessly practice telling lies. How unfortunate it is that Bilawal whether Bhutto or Zardari or both has started supporting the liar, the oppressor, the corrupt like his father and the assassin of innocent Pakistani’s on the pretext that he is saving the constitution. His father has become mercenary of Nawaz Sharif and he becomes the cupbearer of his father. It is unfortunate that his father has got him nipped in the bud. People say that Asif Zardari was afraid of his wife and his latest associates Chaudaries of Gujrat were declared by him Qaril league that his league of Murderers with reference to Benazir’s assassination but by now he has all friendly and social relations with the Chaudaries of Gujrat so much so that he made the younger one deputy Prime Minister while he himself was the resident of Pakistan. Muslim League N and other parties accomplice with him have little chance to play any role in future politics of Pakistan yet whether the void so created will be filled-in for the better by TUQ and IK remains in doubt. Their role so far is appreciable but the circumstances in which they are performing lend a doubt to their independence. Their supporters maybe 25 to 30% of the population of the country and the rest very much doubt that there agenda maybe alluring but whether they are what they seem to be or they too agents of sum powers which are sometimes visible and often obscure. In these circumstances the recent upheaval in the country seems to lead to greater confusion in the near future only at aggravating the crisis in Pakistan.

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