In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

For about 64 years people have been hearing some so called Islamists that they are devoted for the revival of Islam in Pakistan. Jammat-e-Islami has been most conspicuous among them. When JI gained some ground on this slogan certain other clerics of Deo-Bandi and Brelvi sects under the banner of JUI and JUP also joined the race and when so far as to create scenes sectarian feuds in the country off course under the excuse that they are doing all that is being done including blood shed of muslim sects was for the sake of promotion of Islamic socio-political system. It has been a complaint by the general public that these parties are doing all that is being done by them for the sake of American Dollars, Saudi Riyals or Quati Dinaars. These allegations may not be 100% true yet they cannot be said to be devoid of veracity. It is off course an undeniable fact that human crisis and problems have their best solution, at least among our communities, in Islam. Yet of late JI, JUI, different factions of JUP and their likes have seized even talking off or about Islam. They have come up as defenders of Sharif dynasty and they find legitimacy in their exercise in there assertion. It is being done “for the sake of constitution and democracy”. To them Sharif dynasties continuity of all that is desirable. These people have always either created crisis in Pakistan or have helped those who generate or aggravate crisis in this country.

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