In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

There is definitely some serious defect in political system of Pakistan and its governance. The main reason is that here politics is a methodology whereby personal benifits are the main considerations with the politicians. Let them be secular people, clerics, bureaucrats or any other walk of life. There are so many inevitable in Pakistan without whom there followers believe that the country will be in peril. Today the performance in the joint session of Parliament. It was noticeable that only about 33% of the members of the joint house were present in the session. Nawaz Sharif will make a claim that he has confidence of full Parliament, which will be a blatant lie. Yesterday sycophants of Nawaz Sharif besides the hero of the day Eitizaz Ehsan were not less than a self-seeking person. He blamed the Sharif's governments for there misrule, including massacre of Model Town, yet in the end he said that he has to support the Prime Minister who had almost declared to be the most arrogant e.t.c. It means that he condemns a person as a thief, yet he says that he should be accepted as a keeper of the house because removing him will be equivalent to condemning the house. What a pity. There is a number in person in Persian meaning if this remains the seminary and he remains the Mullah the fate of the disciples will be doomed.

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