In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

The ouster, of present ruthless fraudulent and politically bankrupt sometimes, seems so close and likewise so distant. The leaders of the agitation also seem to be determined to execute their uphill task of ousting the tyrant, usurping the office with nothing moral but fraud. It sometime looks that the campaign launched by IK and TUQ continuing a period of one and half months may not sustain anymore, at every such juncture fresh energy is inducted by some invisible power into the mobs which may otherwise exhaust their stamina. The Government without any moral or Constitutional authority does not look to submit to popular will in-spite of the fact that Go Nawaz Go is the Voice of every Pakistani who has learnt to be vocal-----other than the chameleon, the vultures and the wolves haunting the parliament house. The interview of Governor of Punjab with ARY media channel lifts an onion layer from the formidable heap of the problems, which are individually and jointly capable of demolishing any citadel whereas ours is a crumbling edifice. The international community easily identifiable is playing in the back ground and our Govt. in particular and the agitators in general are believe to be fighting a proxy war in this whole trouble people are pointing their fingers towards Saudi Arabia ( without fear of contradiction) America, Iran, India and Russia. Will a tender maize crop be capable of resisting the fight of this multitude of wild boars? Only Allah can protect us.

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