In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan It is a well known fact that one of factor responsible for Crisis in Pakistan is a hypocritical a self contradictory stance taken by all the Governments and Parliaments about Islam and secularism. The 45 days discourses of self esteemed reformers- Philosophers viz. IK and TUQ has not taken a step forward and out of this hypocrisy. In one stance they say that Pakistan will be a populist state wherein everyone will be equal to all others without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed and religion. These words hardly reach the ears of the audience when the next sentence is that they will establish a Govt. on the pattern of righteous Caliphate. It means that the so called reformers are no worse and no better than their predecessors from whom they want to take over the state power. This means that even if these self claim emancipators succeed the crisis which is the product of the above mentioned hypocrisy and contradiction shall perpetuate.

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