IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

IN Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan. The problems resulting in chaos in societies has been among other factors due to personality cult. Pakistan is for its chaos and crisis has been victim of interalia personality cult. One of malefactors in personality cult is that those who worship a hero take all that the hero says as gospel and try to act according to it. By now the political struggle in Pakistan has divided the society participating in this struggle in three groups. according to one of them Nawaz Sharif is a here, the other two considered IK and TUQ as their respective hero. To me it appears that Nawaz Sharif is gradually fading out but the remaining two are according to their worshipers improving day by day their popularity. Leave a side TUQ for the time being because his fans are dogmatically committed to him therefore no amount of argument can make them believe that he is not capable of delivering. So far as IK is concerned he is also like Nawaz Sharif not that rapidly yet slowly loosing popularity and people are getting disillusion. His last night discourse (between October 1-2 2014) has been apology to an orator. He had little substance to say, little and little vocabulary to communicate but lot of music to play and lot of time to waste. His intellectual caliber matches Nawaz Sharif, his aggressive manner while making a speech may match a dictator he does not have courtesy to say dear, worthy honourable audience he addresses Pakistanis as if he is an S.H.O and the nation is suspected under investigation. How and by whom we will come out of crisis and when is yet a quest in hearts of the people with a dismal hope to have a deliverer.

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