In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

About two months old agitation in Islamabad has so far not been as productive as it has been expensive. What we got as an output of this agitation so far is slogan 'Go Nawaz Go', ouster of Rehman Malik and an MNA of party in power from the aircraft flight where of was delayed because of there aristocratic attitude of not caring for the wastage of time of others. Some people say that reduction in petroleum products is also a benefit from this agitation. Maybe they are correct. Yet this much of output is not commensurate with the wastage of time, resources e.t.c. TUQ has said that all his campaign is for avoiding a bloody revolution. Of course he has wasted lot of blood of those who followed him but has failed to bring in any revolution; instead of that he has joined the race where in those whom he opposes are already in for decades. These two leaders that is IK and TUQ accuse their rivals of wastage of national wealth on there protocols while they themselves are addicted to the same in there performance. There haughty attitude no different than that of spurious royal princes of Raiwind. Nation is yet to see a deliverer. If the ideal stock is not available change of face will not be if any effect and plight of the nation will be the same as it is today.

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