In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan

In Continuation of Crisis in Pakistan The key note in addresses of IK and TUQ numbering about more than 600000, that they will restore to the nation if they will come in power. Both of them are either ignorant or have been fooling the nation among others from the following reasons:- 1. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan consisted of the present Pakistan plus modern Bangladesh East Pakistan. 2. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan was not a sovereign state it was a British dominion. How these stalwarts will oblige Queen Elizabeth to oblige Pakistan as Such? 3. Quaid E Azam’s Pakistan has no constitution nor even the objective resolution, therefore, there were no fundamental rights of the citizen and the country was governed under Govt. India Act, 1935. 4. The crisis in Pakistan is due to the fact the leaders mislead the nation and force them to live in utopia. Is it possible for all of us in Pakistan to retrieve Bangladesh into East Pakistan or to regain dominions status or to forego Constitution 1973 and be prepared to be ruled by Govt. of India Act, 1935? If not so, why to be always guilty of self deception or of misleading the nation?

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