In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Peshawar tragedy which is proof positive of the fact that the federal and the provincial governments are no different from each other in matter of incompetence, lacksity and playboy attitude towards the most serious issue facing the nation. After this tragic event the nation realized that the internal jealousies and strifes of the politicians for achieving there greedy and viscous goals must come to an end. Under this pressure PAC has been put into gear with very express support of the army. For a day or two it appeared that a national cohesion may sustain. But after the crucial issue of military courts to takeover terrorist cases was tabled the inherent differences in the political parties came to surface. The demand of military courts to takeover and try terrorist cases was a natural outcome of failure of our judicial system to tackle these issues. The failure of the civil judicial system was result of corruption and timidity of the relevant courts who often attributed there incompetence to 'defective' criminal procedure code and 'Kanoon-e-Shahadat'. It can be maintained without fear of contradiction that the courts very often departed from the provisions of these laws. As and when they so desired and mostly in cases of political nature. Many precedents of such departures can be located without loss of much time. However whenever it came in the matters of terrorism, the niceties of these laws were more faithfully complied with then even required by the relevant statue. Kanoon-e-Shahadat has often been made in such cases a play thing of the courts. Yet whenever a minor lacuna was noticed in the trial of terrorists the lacuna was made into a mountain out of molehill. Tonight, an ex-chief justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Tassaduq Hussain Jilani was implicitly admitting failure of the judicial system under the prevailing law to cater for dispensation of justice in terrorism cases. In spite of these hard facts some political elements who feel not at comfort if the nation is comfortable have come out with there reservations about introduction of Military Courts for the aforesaid purpose. Among these elements JI tries to be more conspicuous without looking to its own background. When it remained in deadlock with a martial law regime for eleven years and had been adoring Zial-ul-Haq as there ideal Islam inspired ruler. The other party is PP who want to gain there lost ground by making themselves different in such circumstances. It is now the test of veracity and vision of Nawaz Sharif- whose intellectual capacity has never been appreciable- how he maybe able to keep intact the first day resolve of political parties to put up a united front to terrorism.

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