In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif thinks that he can be-fool everyone but in fact as stated in the Quran he deceives himself. He says that he is Hatim Tai and has bestowed major minerlas statedly found in Chiniot, on all the provinces of Pakistan. He fully knows that major minerals are the property of the state and not of province where they are found. He tried to hoodwink the people that it is he who is benevolent to 18 carore people when he says that all will be the beneficiary of what 'belongs' to his province. The province which he treats as his estate and the people there in are as if serfs to the Raiwand dynasty. Gold has already been found in Baluchistan and Reko diq is a commonly known story. Whether his claim will prove similar to ZA Bhutto's claim when he tossed a bottle full of petroleum, claiming that locating oil in the Dakhni fields will make Pakistan self-sufficient in Petroleum needs. This he had stated in Parliament. Such like boasts are not new to the people of Pakistan and the same incase of Shahbaz Sharif are no less than dozens which are always disproved by his own conduct. The exercise of two brothers from Gobi Palik to gold hunting is just another device to keep people of Pakistan involved in matters which cannot be physically verified. By such devices the crisis cannot be resolved. The crisis author whereof none else but Zia-ul-Haq the benefactor of Sharifs of Raiwind.

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