In continuation of Crisis in Pakistan.

The operation aimed at eradicating terrorism from Karachi is wisely initiated from its very birth place; as it was Muhajir Qaumi Movement which started ethinic controversies degenerating into dead bodies wracked gunny bags. However the sectarian terrorism initiated by Zia-ul-Haq has assumed formidable proportion and so far it has not been seriously confronted by the state. PML-N which is a legacy of Zia-ul-Haq by its very nature is sympathetic towards sectarian terrorist of one block and it was by the blessing of such terrorists that it emerged triumph in 2013 elections. Although the interior minister had to say that there are more than two score seminaries with nexus with terrorism but he has not named them which means that they are so dreadful that they can overawe even the ministry of interior. Until and unless such terrorists are also traced and dealt with the similar force which has been used to deal with MQM the menace of terrorism may not be effectively controlled or eradicated.

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