In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

As and when history of crisis in Pakistan is traced, it will appear that crisis and Pakistan are twins. Simultaneously with creation of Pakistan, Radcliffe award delivered the perpetual problem which appears to co-exist with the new born state. It is the main cause of Kashmir problem. Had Gurdasspur district three days after its inclusion in Pakistan was not excluded from Pak-territory there would have been no Kashmir problem. The pressure on Pakistan to accept Radcliffe award was so inevitable that even the founders could not resist it. Along with partition of the sub-continent the largest exodus of human population burdened Pakistan beyond its capacity. Although Allah almighty as ordained in the Holy Quran that He does not place obligations to be as burdensome as to be beyond the capacity of a human. Yet Pakistan offered itself to be the guardian and protector of Muslim countries and population on the whole of globe and tried to be the sole leader of the Muslims of the world. Pakistan took upon itself liberation of Palestine and Kashmir and as a result had to forfeit East Pakistan briskly. Coming to recent years Zia ul Haq who was a priestly devil simultaneously, pretending to be seeking divine pleasure was praying to idols in Thailand for their blessings. He beguiled the people that he had taken over from Bhutto just to hold free and fair elections within 90 days of 5th of July 1977. He repeatedly made this assertion time and again at every place including the Holy Kaaba in Makkah but he continued his treacherous and despotic rule for eleven years till he met his end in an air crash. During these eleven years besides corrupting Pakistani systems and sowing and nourishing seeds of sectarian feuds. He brought in Kalashnikovs and heroine culture in the name of Islam and Jihad. He threw Pakistan into a fire which shall continue for long times to come. He brought in afghan problems to Pakistan simply to please United States. In all his evil efforts and misdeeds he was fully corroborated by Saudi Arabia. The wounds caused by Afghan Jihad are still bleeding when successor of Zia-ul-Haq to whom the dictator was god father viz Nawaz Sharif is pushing Pakistan into a hell when he proclaims to eliminate the freedom fighters in Yemen and to defend Saudi borders. This is what he is doing beyond capacity and without realizing the attendant disastrous results. For showing this officious service to Saudi Arabia his plea is that holy sites are to be protected at all cost. He cannot throw dust into Muslims’ eyes who know very well that the biggest violator of sanctity of Holy sites in Makkah and Medina are Saudis because uprooting Holy sites is article of their faith. Can he tell us who has uprooted the Mausoleums of the Companions of the Holy Prophet and his Family in Jannat-ul-Baqi in Medina and Jannat-ul-Muala in Makkah? He claims to have been to Haj and Ummrah more than couple of times, does he not know how pilgrims offering veneration to such holy sites are called polytheists by Saudi Shurtas. Emotional exploitation of Muslims is the most effective weapon of the exploiters of Ummah. He may support Saudi Arabia for his own personal, family and commercial reasons but he should not make fool of the Muslims that he is going to defend Saudi Arabia for sake of Holy sites. The adventure of Nawaz Sharif is going to aggravate the crisis already rampant in Pakistan by many times. He can only promote the ‘Fassaad’ launched by Zia-ul-Haq to whom as stated above Thailand as dear as any --. It may be recalled that ex head of Thai government was fast friend of Nawaz Sharif. Saudi Arabai is guilty of massacre of religious community of Hothis and United Nations is not taking notice of it. Let this post be sent to United Nations Human Rughts Cell in New York and in Islamabad.

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