In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Today London Police has with a prick of pin blown out all air from the fragile citadel of Nawaz Sharif’s government about RAW hoax pertaining to its financing MQM. No doubt MQM is as close to India as Nawaz Sharif is. The difference is that India channels its money to Raiwind via Sharif industries there while MQM receives it without any device other than from one hand to the other. Is it competitor’s rivalry which is usual in such trading? There is always vast gulf between manifestos given by politicians to people and what they have manifested since October 1948. Death rate increasing which is evidence of the fact that load shedding is decrease. Woe to Mian Nawaz Sharif. Karachi is probably in geography of Sharif's is not a part of Pakistan. Where are his boasts that he will be responsible for the death of a thirsty dog on the shores of Euphrates, most probably he believes in being answerable for death of thousands of innocent people killed by his favorites party's terrorists like Sipah-e-Sahaba and Al-Qaeda of Usama Bin Laden whom he had the honor to meet courtesy of Qazi Hussain Ahmed and then he became fond of his hero. Hundreds killed by mal administration of his power minister in Karachi too is not his responsibility. But shame is not something which irritates him. Nawaz Sharif is at the top of those whose slogans and performance are poles apart from each other telling lies repeating Insha Allah and performing to the detriment of the nation is his distinction. He is practically true only to Zia-ul-Haq who taught him hypocrisy, black mailing in the name of religion and using terrorism to ensure perpetuity in his rule. When one sees Nawaz Sharif standing on the presumptive grave of Zia-ul-Haq and making his mission public that he will continue agenda of the general, god knows where his dead body is and what does the grave contain. If people do not realize that it is also their own fault that these rulers are imposed on Pakistan through the conspiracy of those who are Pakistan’s enemy and who exploit simplicity of people and there susceptibility to emotional exploitation. Crisis of Pakistan will continue if such rulers have no fear of their accountability.

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