In continuation of crisis in Pakistan.

Today Nawaz Sharif visited Karachi but he had no time to come true to his slogan that he would be responsible and answerable if a dog dies along Euphrates. He was on the shores of Arabian seas but he did not feel any responsibility to console with bereft of hundreds of people who died of heat stroke and the allegation is that it was the result of mismanagement of Federal Government vis-à-vis Breakdowns and Load shedding in electricity systems in Karachi and the system falls within the responsibility of federal government. His royal arcade past by the hospital where patients of sun stroke, hundreds in number, were admitted for treatment. He did not have time even to ask the authorities of the hospitals about the welfare of the patients there or give instructions for their adequate treatment. Could there be a person as faithless to his words as the PM imposed on Pakistan is? This is not the first occasion in the history of Pakistan. Very often people have been betrayed by false claimants of popular leadership. Pakistan has since been ruled by a system which can be called ‘zulm’. It was this ‘zulm’ which disintegrated Pakistan although some fourteen hundred years ago Imam Ali had warned. ‘A state may survive with “kufr” but not with “zulm”’. Theoreticians wrote about the causes of disintegration of Pakistan, commissions did brainstorming to locate the causes but none said it was because of “zulm” that Pakistan had disintegrated and as stated earlier “zulm” started soon after the demise of the Quaid. There is a classic definition of zulm in Arabic which means zulm is placing something or someone at where it misfits i.e. if a person is misfit to be a doctor and you make him so it is ‘zulm’. If a person is misfit to be a lawyer and you make him so, it is a ‘zulm’. If a person is misfit to be the master of destiny of nation and you give him command of a nation, it is ’zulm’. Likewise if you apply this test to anyone or anything you will find that in Pakistan in some cases ‘zulm’ is validated by law. One of such instances is ‘Quota’ system according to which for a job or for a place not the merit but the domicile or sect or cast is better qualification. ‘Zulm’ maybe eradicated by ‘adl’ and compassion (Ehsan). In the Quran it is provided as an injunction (verily Allah commands you to do adl and ehsan). To add to the agony of Pakistanis themselves instead of taking recourse to adl, they act contrary to it. Even the common voter is not following this rule and he casts his vote for serving his petty interest bypassing national issues. This all-encompassing character is among principal causes of chaos and crisis in Pakistan. Unfortunately required leadership to reform the society and make it realize that all there problems are product of ‘zulm’ and denial of ‘adl’.

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